The Gift

What would you do if you were given an extra day, 24 whole hours? Would you carry on without even noticing? Would you even consider an extra day as a gift? Or would you take the time to contemplate the chance to make the most of this opportunity?

February 29th, happens every four years. We know it is coming, but so often we forget about it and just keep on keeping on with life: with chores, and with the routine that we find ourselves in, day in, day out. Yet, why not make this February 29th a little different? Why not take out even a little time to go within and to re-connect to your true essence and to your true sense of Self? Why not use the gift of this day to do something different or to re-affirm your true goals and dreams to the Universe?

So often we become lost in the somewhat chaotic ebb and flow of life, and we lose touch of the magic all around us. Life does not have to be mundane, and whilst there are always bills to pay and jobs to do, we can still inject some sparkle and ‘va-va voom’ into life.

In some ways, this is all a matter of perspective, for if we see life as a precious gift to value, celebrate and honour, then an extra day feels wonderful and amazing. Yet if we get lost in the humdrum of life (and who doesn’t?), it is easy to feel overwhelmed with burden and responsibility, and never truly feel the joy or bliss of what life has to offer.

With the pace of change and awakening speeding up, it seems clear that the more aware we become, the more we can live consciously and mindfully in the present moment with joy in our hearts and a true sense of life, energy and interconnectivity.

Perhaps this year, we should be mindful of February 29th and every other day as a gift. Life is precious, but we so often take it for granted. We can never know what is around the next corner, so embracing the moment can be so important. A life of regrets and ‘what if’s’ is not a life any of us would wish to live…

When we begin to see life as a gift, our perspective shifts and we see just how important embracing our full potential actually is. Life is not a rehearsal, nor can we put it ‘on hold’ until the perfect set of circumstances arrive (for they may never come).

So, this February 29th can be a day to remember, how you choose to spend it is up to you…