The Joy of Love

Venus moves direct on the 18th November. In retrograde, Venus (the Light of Beauty) moved her focus to within, and her qualities became internalised. So, the past few weeks have been a time to go within to honour and love our own beauty.

In many ways, Venus moving direct correlates with a need for each of us to honour ourselves more and to achieve a sense of balance in all areas of our lives. Venus Direct asks each of us to believe in ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and to love ourselves unconditionally. It is only once we truly love ourselves that we can love others freely and without condition.

This is an extra special day as mighty Jupiter also moves direct on the 18th (more on this soon), but we can expect to feel a huge surge of power and energy which will begin moving our lives forwards once again with passion, creativity and vigour.

As mentioned before, Venus’s celestial dance around the Sun weaves threads of learning, insight, self-discovery and a good smattering of challenges as well. As planet of love, she may seem all pink, soft and fluffy, and in many ways she is. However, Venus’s power goes much deeper than this, and she takes us to that place where we stand naked and exposed (not necessarily literally!) with our vulnerabilities and imperfections on display for all to see. Venus represents an inner strength to love ourselves and one another despite such imperfections. She asks us to see the perfection and joy in imperfection.

As she moves direct, it is a time to think about the ways in which each of us can become more whole and complete in our Selves. We may need to change our inner dialogues and we may need to re-think our lifestyles; but one thing is for sure, Venus wants us to freely accept ourselves, to love ourselves and to honour the beauty within, and without.

Mahatma Ghandi once said ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’. That starts within, and Venus is giving us an opportunity to ‘be the change’ now…