The Potential Within

Retrograde Jupiter moved back into Pisces on the 9th September, joining Retrograde Uranus who moved sign last month. These two planets are once again building up to another powerful conjunction on the 19th September.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, growth, expansion and abundance. Over the past weeks, whilst in Retrograde, we have been turning our focus within to understand, embrace and to honour the wealth and abundance that resides there.

Whilst in Aries, Retrograde Jupiter was the fire in our bellies, giving us a strong sense of adventure and new beginnings. There was a real awareness of the beginnings of forward movement in our lives. Yet, before this truly has the chance to get off the ground, Jupiter dips back into Pisces for a spell of reflection and self-honesty, before things really start to move forwards again by the end of the year.

So, now is the time to honour the abundance within, and to be appreciative of all that we do have in life. We may not have everything we want, we may see our lives as far from perfect, but the more we can appreciate even the little things we do have, we can begin to honour ourselves and ultimately attract more abundance (of all kinds) to us. Remember, like attracts like – positive thoughts feed positivity, negative thoughts feed negativity.

The mighty Jupiter is now giving each of us the chance to contemplate our paths ahead in order to be absolutely clear about what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. Each of us may have many goals and dreams, but it is time now to focus on what’s truly important and life affirming, and to have faith and self-belief to step into the unknown.

Jupiter is about adventure, growth, expansion, wisdom and new beginnings, yet in order to truly grow and become wise, we need to push our boundaries, to step beyond our comfort zones and to explore pastures new.

So many of us, remain paralysed in indecision in life, unable to follow our dreams through fear of letting go, taking a risk or walking away from something familiar. Yet, this leaves us feeling somewhat empty and unfilled as we long to walk our paths and live our dreams. It is hard to walk away from routine, regular (although unfulfilling) work and income, and familiar friends and environment.

Yet, we walk our paths in life alone, each of us are unique Beings, with unique goals and aspirations. To live life as a sheep following the flock because that it the easier and ‘safer’ choice is an option, but Jupiter now wants each of us to go within to realise just how much potential resides there.

Jupiter is asking us to awaken from the slumber of routine and familiarity, and to have the courage of our convictions to take that first step towards our dreams. There are no guarantees in life, and so success is not inevitable, but when we see the world through Jupiter’s eyes and realise just how much we have in life even when we are not ‘living our dreams’, we see that the word ‘failure’ loses its power and even if we do not achieve the success we hope for. By taking that chance and stepping into the unknown, we have moved ever closer to our dreams, aspirations and freedom of Spirit.

In short, we become more alive, more aware and more empowered….