The Sacred Dance

As promised in my horoscopes at the beginning of the month, here’s more on the special celestial event happening right now in the skies above us…

There is a sacred dance taking place in the heavens at this time, and this involves a triple conjunction between Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. All three planets are in Aquarius, and at present they are in perfect union with one another.

Firstly, a few words about Chiron. Many astrologers disregard Chiron, for he is a planetoid, not a planet. Yet, this little planet plays a major role in the lives of all of us, particularly those of us on a spiritual path. Chiron lives between Saturn and Uranus, and it is believed that Chiron did not originate in our Solar System, and that one day he will up sticks and leave again.

Chiron was the King of the Centaurs; he was half-horse, half-human and was an immortal. He became friends with Hercules, but one day Hercules accidentally scratched Chiron with the point of the arrow used to destroy the monster Hydra. There was no anecdote to the poison, but, as an immortal Chiron could not die. Despite his great wisdom of plant and animal lore, he could not find a cure and heal his wound, so he was faced with living in great pain for eternity. Chiron then had a choice, to retreat into the pain or to use his suffering as a way to help and heal others. Fortunately for us, he chose the latter.

So we all have our own ‘Chironian’ archetype – he represents our healing gifts. And these gifts come from our own ‘incurable wounds’ – that experience in life although traumatic, which marked a turning point within. It marked a time where we decided to use that wound to make a positive difference to others.

So, in many ways Chiron helps us to connect to our inner strength and ability to turn negatives into positives.

Combine this with Neptune, Jupiter and Aquarius.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, new horizons and abundance. Neptune is the planet of mystery, spirituality and the unknown. Aquarius is the humanitarian – a freedom seeking, individualist who is a child of humanity.

Quite a combination!

This celestial dance is having a powerful impact on all of us, and yet there is something vague and undefined about these energies which make linking in to them quite difficult.

These energies combined mark a special sacred dance of energies for the next few months. These planets seem to be paving the way for a transformational and joyous time. Seems strange in these dark days of world recession, but with so many institutions crashing, politicians being outed for misusing public money and countries getting into more and more debt.

Yet, this highlights an important lesson for humanity – we cannot rely on money, power and greed to sustain us, or to give us meaning in our lives, and whilst the planets are forcing our hands with this, the time will come where more people turn towards spirituality to once again find meaning to their lives.

This triple conjunction seems to be the key that releases a huge surge of transformational energy out into the cosmos for each of us to bathe in. This energy continues to grow in strength over the coming week as the 29th sees Neptune and Chiron move retrograde, closely followed by Jupiter two weeks later.

This is truly a special time, and we would all be wise to go within to clarify our goals and dreams, to visualise them and to believe that they will come to pass.

Both collectively and individually, we are changing and shifting. There is a sense that our inner guide books are being re-written and we have been blessed with some new directions connected to creating a positive and bright reality, not only for ourselves but for everyone.

We have long forgotten just how powerful our minds are, and if we choose to focus on the lack and darkness around us at this time, then this will grow. But, if we choose instead to grab our inner Chiron with both hands and turn any negatives into positives, and to make a difference, then we will see a global shift in attitude towards harmonious living. Jupiter and Neptune will help this energy to not only expand, but to reach deeply into all of our psyches over time.

We each have a mission at this time, and this mission is to do the very best we can, not to underestimate ourselves, not to undersell ourselves or our potential, and to believe that anything is possible.

To be continued…