The Sacred Dance Continues…

As discussed last week, there is a special triple conjunction in Aquarius at this time. Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter continue their sacred dance through the Heavens, and today Chiron and Neptune move retrograde. Jupiter follows suit on the 15th June.

These transformational energies are starting to move within, to stir up our inner worlds, and to infuse their power into every cell of our Being.

The effect of retrograde Neptune is likely to be quite subtle, for Neptune is such an ethereal energy, most people would not even notice it was there! Although subtle, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is an energy to be ignored – oh no, Neptune is likely to stir up deep feelings within each of us that some may find hard to bear.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality, mysticism and psychic gifts, and this special retrograde phase is likely to see many of us feel our connections to the Divine in much stronger and clearer ways.

The reason it may be hard to bear, is that with the Light comes Dark, with the Love comes Sorrow, with the Positivity comes Negativity. This is not to say that life will become terrible or unbearable, but rather we will start to see the ‘bigger picture’ of life and fully realise that to have balance and harmony, we must experience the two polarities.

Neptune is very wise and helps us to love unconditionally. He is the light of inspiration, the celestial musician, the keeper of Cosmic Truths, and the link for each of us to sacred channellings, inspired writing and prophetic visions. All of these have great power and significance at this time, and yet there are many of us who doubt that they can receive such Divine Guidance.

This retrograde phase will enable anyone who truly believes, to be inspired and guided by Sacred Truth. This will be enhanced by retrograde Chiron who will allow each of us to find our inner strength and re-connect to our ‘incurable wounds’ in order to see just how we can help others and the world.

Blend this with Jupiter – who for the next 2 weeks remains direct – and Jupiter acts as a conduit between the inner and outer landscape of our lives. We will get a brief insight into just how to move forwards with our lives, and then when Jupiter moves retrograde we will have a strong inner focus to turn our lives around, to let go of those things, which no longer serve us (and Retro Pluto is certainly helping with that!), and to start believing in our Selves, our true gifts and our true purposes or destinies.

The effects of this will last for a few months, but by the time these planets start moving direct again, each of us will have transformed at quite a deep level and be ready to step back on the path again with love in our hearts, joy in our souls and confident that we are being guided towards our destiny…