The Storm Within

As we stand on the precipice of shift, it can be hard to remain sure-footed and confident when the winds of change are gaining strength and the healing rain is lashing down bringing all manner of thoughts, feelings, memories and pain to the surface. The precipice can feel like a lonely place, and as we stand waiting for the sunshine to break through, it can be hard to maintain the faith to keep on keeping on. Sometimes, the darkness gets too much and we have to step back from the edge in order to find shelter; sometimes, we just have to walk away. Yet, for most of us, here we still find ourselves: soaked through, cold, exhausted but still standing, poised and ready to step forward when the time comes.

Who knows what lies beyond the mists beneath our feet, but instinctively we know that we have to have faith and step into uncharted territory in life for that is the only way to evolve, learn and grow. Spiritually and energetically, we know that in order to step closer to our dreams and to our souls, we have to step away from the comfort blankets we have created in life that have softened the longing for something more.

As we shiver in the rain, we may wonder what on earth we are doing; we may feel like we are standing on the outside looking through the window into life where everyone else is cosy and warm by the fire. Our perception can make us feel like we are the only one struggling, going through shift, exploring the soul. Yet, we are not alone, for the precipice is a place where so many find themselves now; standing between where they once were and where they want to be. The precipice is a kind of no-man’s land, and whilst we can feel isolated, when we look up through the wind and rain, we can see hundreds of other faces standing there beside us.

Seeing so many others standing in a similar place warms the soul, for it helps to know that we do not walk alone. Whilst our journey to Self is unique to us as individuals, collectively we are re-awakening and moving toward a new dawn where we step beyond the precipice and find ourselves standing in new, exciting and fertile uncharted terrain. The reward for faith and belief, self-knowing and trust is the promised land. Perhaps the biggest reward of all is the realisation that the promised land is not some distant pasture, but it is within us, around us; it is us.

When we feel battle weary and tired, we can struggle to stay aligned with Spirit and we feel out of tune with the orchestra of life. Whilst we all participate in the orchestra, over time the orchestra has lost its edge, for the magic has ebbed away. Each participant has grown tired simply keeping on keeping on, and bad tuning and duff notes have started to dominate.

And yet, once we connect to the promised land and to the sunlight within, the energy and exuberance returns bringing the orchestra back to life! In essence, this is a time to stop fighting, to start trusting and to reconnect to the light within to guide us through these stormy, yet important times. The more of us that do this, the more the orchestra will regain its strength and form, and will begin to play a sweet and wonderful tune that awakens all the sleepwalkers and brings about lasting Universal change. We may be individuals, but we are all part of the bigger jigsaw puzzle of life and every action we take and thought we have shapes the Whole.

It is when we feel that connection to the Whole, that we feel our own Divinity and our magnificence rising up with passion and power; for we begin to realise that we are our own Creators. We then start to realise that all those dreams of a better life can become reality, for once we let go of the fear we change the dynamic, stop chasing and start creating instead. We remember the mirror effect, and that everything around us is within us; every thought we have shapes our lives, and once we realise the enormity of this, we can begin to change the energy to transform our lives.

We need to let go of fear now, and to realise that the winds and rain of change are a necessary step on the path to Self. The journey to Self begins and ends within, and whilst we may feel exhausted from the journey, we should never lose sight of the destination, for the light will guide us and show us the way. The more we can love and honour ourselves, and the more we can trust the process, the quicker we will move beyond the precipice and find ourselves bathing in the beautiful light of a brand new day…