The Sun

We are fast approaching the Summer Solstice on the 21st June; therefore the solar force is very strong at the moment. It is an important time to re-connect to our solar energy – our individuality. The energy is building up to a very special solstice this year – more on this later this week.

Today, let’s think about the Sun and its role in our lives. The Sun shows us the unlimited potential of our growth. It is the centre and life giver to our Solar System, it is the source of all life as we know it, and within us all is a spark of this light (spark of the Divine) that makes us individuals.

The Sun is the core of our birth chart – it is our essence, our inner light, our spirit. From this it is clear that the Sun represents our need for individuality – to shine. The Sun gives us the urge to truly know ourselves. It is hard to remain loyal to our hearts desire due to pressure to conform to others ways/ideas, and this can partly or wholly block the Sun’s light from shining in our lives.

In addition, failing to conform to the ‘norm’ can make us feel bad or selfish, and fears of others criticism or envy can also shroud the light of the Sun. Anyone who strives to express their inner nature and values will sooner or later meet opposition from those who resent individuality and individual excellence. Yet, deep within us that spark continues to burn brightly, to glow and that urge to shine never truly vanishes.

At this time of the year, the power of the Sun is much stronger than usual, and with all the other celestial goings on at the moment, there is a very strong need to re-connect to our cores, and to rest in the stillness and power that resides there.

Think about meditating with the Solar Energy:

Meditate, tune into the power of the Sun, ‘feel’ the Sun shining brightly onto your body, feel the warmth. Feel this warmth within you, filling your body. Sense the light of the Sun within you – filling your body. This light represents your connection to the Divine – your life spark. This inner light represents your core – your essence. Feel the power of this inner light in its purest form – unadulterated, free of the distortion from others. Feel yourself immersed in your essence – your true individuality.

Try doing this every day this week, reaching a crescendo on the Solstice on Sunday. It is a powerful time, and a time to make dreams come true. How exciting!