The Warrior Charges Ahead

Mars is finally moving direct today – the 10th March.

Over the past couple of months, Retrograde Mars has focused the attention to our inner worlds and to the power that resides there. It has been a time for introspection but also a time for re-evaluating our paths ahead. Mars is the planet of focus and drive, and so it is important for each of us to be clear about our way forwards as we each look set to be propelled forwards with great force and drive when Mars moves direct.

It is time now to honour the power within and to step forwards with courage, passion and confidence. It is time to let go of self-doubt and negating thoughts and to remain true to our Selves and our paths.

Hopefully each of us has now been given the chance to think about power, Truth and balance in our lives. When we are truly in touch with the well of power within, we are able to make ideas become a reality, and to propel forwards with conviction and certainty. Doubt is not a word in Mars’ dictionary.

Still residing in Leo, we each need to take a lesson from this powerful and graceful animal. We each need to roar like the lion, to let our manes glisten in the sunlight, to stand proud and to honour the power we all have. Of course, this does not mean that we should become elite hunters and wield Mars’ sword to destroy or control others. This is a personal journey (and a metaphor!).

It is important for each of us to acknowledge our anger and to find positive ways in which to channel it. We each need to stop giving our power away, and to find ways of becoming more assertive and more in control of our lives. It is time to be true to our Selves and our paths.

So, now is the time to take those ideas and make them happen. It is time to let go of doubt and to start believing. It is time to affirm and visualise, but most importantly to do.

Breathe in the life force, the fire of Mars and Leo, and let the life force flow through your veins. It is time to feel alive.