The Warrior Returns

Despite the somewhat confusing myriad of energies that seem to be bombarding us from all directions at the moment, there is a growing sense of strength emerging. Although we can feel whole and complete in one moment, and lost and discombobulated the next, through the mists of confusion, the sun is rising up like the sunrise of a new dawn piercing through the mist bringing clarity, stillness and energy.

The sun is our strength, our passion and our essence; and despite the challenges that life and the universe still continue to throw in our general direction, the light is growing in warmth and intensity. Of course, the sun never truly leaves us, for even in the darkest days of winter, it is still burning brightly, but during such times we can lose the connection and feel lost, alone and without hope. It is only when we can feel the sun warming our skin that the feelings of hope and possibility begin to re-emerge.

For many, this is a time of facing the full Truth of our reality; it is a time of opening up all of those locked inner closets in order to de-clutter on a grand and epic scale. Whilst this process is part of the natural progression of things, it is hard and it is an arduous journey, for these closets contain memories, traumas and pain from the past. It is easy to say that in order to heal the present, we need to heal the past; but saying this and actually doing it are very, very different.

Healing the past means facing the Truth, taking responsibility for choices made, facing the pain, letting go of guilt and accepting that whilst the past has had a profound impact on the present, the time has come to be liberated, healed and set free. Wanting this and achieving this are also very different things, but where there is a will, there is a way! Perhaps the biggest step one can make is to have a true desire to want to heal; this may sound strange, but so many seek out sticking plasters and quick fix solutions which barely cover the cracks. Wanting to heal comes from a deeper and perhaps truer place, where we go beyond surface issues right to the core of things; and it is from here that true and lasting healing takes place.

Yet this takes courage and it takes strength, and this is where the warrior comes in. We all have a warrior within us; we all have that fighting spirit that can see us keeping on keeping on even when the going gets tough. However, sometimes things get too much and like the long dark winter days missing the sun, we lose the connection with our inner power and fighter. Yet, the warrior remains within us as he/she always has; it is simply up to us to access this part of our being. Sounds easy, and in some ways it is, for this is about having a clear intention, but at the same time, it can be hard to call the warrior when life feels like a prison cell, with infinitely high walls and dense, immovable bars. When we feel trapped in life events, it can be hard to even feel a connection to the warrior, let alone embrace the energy.

Sometimes where there is no clear escape route from the situations that we find ourselves in, to continue to struggle seems fruitless. Yet, think warrior, think passion, think personal power, and when we re-focus, we somehow find a little more energy to keep up the fight. Perhaps looking at life as a battle or a fight gives it a more challenging energy? Maybe we need to see that life is but a journey, with undulating hills, tricky mountain passes and white knuckle rides down twisting rivers? We all have a mixture of terrain in life, and whilst there is a strong sense that at the moment the energies are a little too confusing to make sense of, perhaps we need to stop battling ourselves in order to find answers? Maybe, just maybe, if we can give our inner warriors the time and space they need to heal and re-build then we can, in our own time, get back up on that white horse, with charger in hand and ride off into the sunset with peace in our hearts and strength oozing from every cell.

Knowing whether to fight or whether to refrain is such a difficult question at this time, for each of us is a totally unique individual. Yet refraining from ‘fight’ is not about giving up, it is about surrendering to the flow of life in order to ride the currents rather than fighting them. Sometimes we have to trust the flow and know that we can escape the prison cell and the darkness, and as the sun continues to rise up within now, the warrior will show us the way…