To Infinity & Beyond!

Neptune Goes Retrograde

On the 31st May, Neptune moves retrograde until the 7th December. Neptune is a subtle, ethereal planet that goes unnoticed by many, yet he is of great importance and significance to many people on the pathway towards enlightenment.

Neptune is the dreamer, the sage, the visionary, the psychic, the artist and the bestower of Universal Love. Neptune is that subtle thread that connects us all through a beautiful cosmic dance of energies that swirl and flow within and around each of us connecting us to the Universe and making us One.

In retrograde, Neptune asks each of us to look beyond our material lives towards the bliss and joy of being a part of something much bigger. It is when we are truly connected to this Source that we overflow with Universal Love, inspiration and creativity. It is from this space that we can heal and reach out to others to make a difference.

Over the coming weeks and months, Neptune wants us to seek the peace and solace within and to truly connect to the love that resides there. Neptune wants us to bathe in the light of creativity, spirituality, compassion, inspiration in order to find a sense of wholeness within.

We each have the Universe within us, and yet at the same time, as human beings we are but tiny dots in the bigger picture. This is a paradox, yet being open to this is vital if we are to become illuminated, enlightened and inspired to become whole.

Neptune often caused confusion and fear within us; we can feel lost, without direction with our paths swathed in mist and fog. Yet, we need to go into this space to find ourselves again. When we are lost, we need to ask ourselves if we are asking the right questions for guidance, are we truly ready for change and are we truly open to receive the guidance of the Universe.

Sometimes our confusion, indecision and uncertainty comes from a more logical need for guarantees about the outcome, but Neptune takes us beyond that need to a place of knowing and trusting that the outcome will turn out as it is meant to. This is akin to surrendering, but it is not giving up, it is about truly stepping into Source and letting go of doubts, fears and indecisions and trusting the Universe to guide us.

It is time now to awaken our inner Selves and to dive into the deep well of inspiration, creativity, love and compassion that resides within each of us. Sink through the confusion and try not to let the fog disorientate you, try to let go of the need to control so as to avoid getting lost in the mazes we all have inside of ourselves (the mazes are a method of protection and of avoiding Truth – we all do that!).

Retrograde Neptune will encourage each of us to journey deeper and deeper within so that we can find our centres and gain a crystal clear sense of vision. If the Inner Voice does not immediately call, don’t try to force this, just be patient and the time will come. Sometimes the Voice is there, but with so much ‘noise’ around us, we simply cannot hear it. So, we need to have patience and learn to cut out the clatter in order to fine tune our souls to hear our own unique notes (inner voices).

It becomes clear when we have reached this goal, as a calmness and serenity overcomes us, and we begin to feel nurtured and sustained from within, not from without (the material world). Of course, living in the real world, we cannot let go of the material or physical world completely, but we will begin to witness a significant shift in how we relate to this part of our lives. The greatest riches come from within.

Neptune wants us to honour our divinity and to connect to the infinity that resides within us all. No mean feat, but the coming months look set to be quite a journey!