To Infinity & Beyond…

Time and Permanence. Both seem hugely important now, and have both featured on the Blog this week. Why?

The summer of cosmic highs and lows has been quite a roller coaster ride for so many of us. Some have faced emotional upheaval, some have faced physical fatigue or illness, some have faced mind-based confusion, and others still have faced spiritual upheaval and shifts. Of course, there are also those of us who have faced all four!

Digging deep within to the dark recesses, nooks and crannies, it seems clear that everything within us is seeking the Light now; it wants to be felt, witnessed, experienced and acknowledged. This is hard for so many of us, but at the same time there is a strong sense that this is cathartic and necessary for us to be free of the ties that bind us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

For too long, many of us have felt trapped within our bodies and our lives have been dictated to us through the constraints placed upon us. Realising that we are not the sum of our physicality opens each of us up to the infinity of the Divine, of love and of the Universe.

At the same time, we see that in terms of Time, we live in this moment, in the blink of an eye. Geologically, of course, our lifetimes (or even the time since humans first came into being), are miniscule moments on the Universal timeline. Yet, we all know that we consist of energy, and quantum physics tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, and using that theory we are timeless, we are immortal, infinite. Confused? You are not alone.

Of course, when we think in terms of our existence in the Universe, we are tiny microscopic dots, but at the same time we are everything and infinite in size and potential. So, in many ways, this all comes down to how we think about our place in the big scheme of things. Think small, and we tend to stay confined by our physical limitations. Think big, and we go way beyond our wildest dreams to a life of enrichment and fulfilment.

This sounds simple, but in practice it is not. It goes beyond thinking; we have to ‘feel’ this as well, and we have to believe it and know it. Not easy on 21st Century Earth. But is that last statement really true? Does it have to be so hard? Surely it can be that easy? Maybe we complicate things too much? Perhaps we let the weight of our worries burden us and weigh us down, when we could move beyond these to a place of knowing?

This goes beyond affirmations and positive thinking, this is about positive Being, positive existence and breathing in the life force. This is about feeling vibrant, truly alive and connected with All There Is.

Our thoughts and beliefs are going through a major shift and transformation now. Despite the upheavals and struggles we face, it is time to think big, to see the glass half full, and to realise that we are vast, limitless wells of potential, love and energy. When we truly shift into this phase, our struggles and pain will start to shift and move, freeing each of us up to fulfil our destinies and to help us to embrace our infinite potential and limitless sense of Being.

It’s time to feel, believe and to live this infinity now. Once again, it does come down to choice, and we can only shift when we are truly ready. Yes, it is taking a huge leap of faith into the unknown, and yet, do we really have the option of staying put?

So, despite the state of confusion that so many of us find ourselves in now, if we can slow down and find solace in the stillness, in the peaceful moments between the confusion; we will start to connect to the infinity of our existence, and our perspectives and beliefs will start to shift…