Touched By The Silence

In the busy-ness of day to day life, it can be easy to get lost in the chatter and buzz of things to do, places to go and people to see. We can become so entrenched in routine and so focused on keeping on keeping on that we lose sight of the bigger picture and instead become fragmented and disconnected from our true essence.

At the current time though, there is a very tangible ‘gap’ in the chatter, and many of us have become deeply aware of this. As a result, so many are feeling this within and this is creating unrest and uncertainty, for such a gap gives each of us time to face the Truth of our Selves and our lives. It is easy to bluster through life never really stopping to contemplate the path we are walking or to even notice the amazing magnificence all around us, so when we come across a gap, it can feel slightly alien and strange.

Of course, such gaps are to be welcomed, for even though they can bring up fears, doubts and uncertainty to the surface, it is only by allowing this process to happen that we can find a clearer path to joy. The current gap is a representation of the silence and the stillness that each of us has within us; it is not some external force, it is part of who we are. Yet, because we spend so long in the chatter and noise of everyday life, the silence can feel threatening for it encourages us to look more deeply within. Whilst intuitively we know that there is nothing to fear within, as human beings, we do worry about the unknown, for by its very nature, it is unknowable.

The source of the gap is perhaps a result of the lull after the cosmic ‘storms’ of 2012; a time to re-gather our thoughts and to process the shifts and changes. Yet, the source seems unimportant in many ways, for trying to understand the gap takes us away from stepping into the gap and simply being with it.

Whilst many of us carry pain, we often try to push this away, but every single experience is a part of our own unique Whole, and it seems important now to embrace these experiences as integral parts of the Self. This is not suggesting that we give up in any way shape or form, but it is asking that we weave together all of the many different fragments of our lives in order to love ourselves wholly and completely. By opening up to re-incorporating the pain more fully into the Self and welcoming it as a part of the Whole, that we can begin to fully settle into our true state of being.

It seems clear that the current state of uneasiness that is reaching deeply into the hearts and souls of so many is creating ripples in the pond of life. As we each dig deeply to face our fears, to acknowledge our Truth and to pause for a while to re-connect to the Whole, there is a powerful sense of shift occurring enabling each of us to consciously choose to step into the ‘gap’ for it represents the present moment.

The present is all that we have; this is not a new concept and intuitively we can all understand this, but understanding it and living/being it are quite different things, for the chatter and noise of everyday life can keep us locked in linear time working through the past, focusing on the future and not really noticing the present moment. It takes strength and courage to step into the gap, for it shows a willingness to let go on so many levels. Many of us have been pushed into situations in life where we are now faced with a choice of either fighting the currents or letting go and trusting the flow. The more stubborn amongst us are being cajoled and shimmied into situations where we end up feeling cornered; although some choose to keep on fighting, most of us realise that the only way is to let go, which, on many levels, isn’t pleasant, but intuitively we know that we need to stop resisting, step into the gap and be present in the moment.

Of course, many will resist this, but when we pause for a brief moment and realise how amazing the present moment truly is, it becomes easier to embrace it. It seems important to be grateful for this opportunity to step into the gap, for life rarely presents such golden opportunities to step into the flow, and even though we may feel that we have no other choice, there is always a choice. Even if this choice is simply about how we choose to perceive such situations; we can decide to feel disempowered or we can embrace the Divine nature of this time and feel the power and strength rising up from within as we take the next, natural step forward.

In the ‘gap’ or the silence, it is important to acknowledge that whilst retreat is about withdrawing into our Selves, it is not about becoming disconnected, isolated or feeling less, retreat is about feeling the full glory and wonder of our Divine connection and feeling a deep and very real sense of knowing that we are an integral part of the Whole. The Universe wouldn’t be the same without us here, and although we are but tiny specks in the bigger picture, every speck has its place.

So, as we make the decision to consciously step into the silence (the gap), we need to open up our hearts, minds and souls and genuinely feel the Divine connection; we need to let the Divine in, let it flow and feel it blossoming from within. We should enjoy the connection, bathe in it, sink into it and, most importantly, be grateful for it. It is always with us, but we so often forget, particularly when life gets hard or challenging (the times when we need it most), but the more we open up to our own Divinity, the more we reconnect to our true and natural state of being.

Instead of focusing our energies on trying to do more, be more and achieve more, if we can let go and step into the moment, we can feel the joy of the silence and the power within gently wrapping their arms around us. As a result, we can then re-focus in very different ways, for everything that once seemed so important, now changes, for our vibration and energy has shifted enabling us to step back from chasing horizons to having the confidence to rest fully in the present moment with trust, faith and belief. Such a shift can create profound change, for we step fully into living consciously and we can truly begin to re-shape and re-define our lives and our paths from the inside, out.

Even though there is a strong sense of uneasiness around at the moment as each of us find our own way forward, there is also an undeniable sense of excitement and liberation. Therefore, offering gratitude for life and for all that we have can help us to galvanise this powerful time for it keeps the focus on the present moment and helps us to rest fully in the ‘gap’ and become One with ourselves and our true nature…