Truth Rising

As shift and transition continue to filter their way into the collective consciousness, it is hard to deny the intensity and the spiritual/emotional extremes. As we become increasingly more at One with ourselves and our Divinity, there is a sense that we are opening up to consciously merging with the Whole in order to find the stillness within. Shift creates movement on many levels, and as we look through the window into our lives, it is hard not to miss the earth rumbling, the volcanoes bubbling, the rocks metamorphosing, the ocean currents twisting and turning, and the mountains rising up from the earth with silent majesty and beauty. Yet, despite this shift, it is the stillness that shines through brighter than anything else, for it is the stillness that lies at the heart of everything.

As we stand and try to make sense of our lives, our paths and the universe, it is easy to feel very small and insignificant as we try to work out how we ‘fit’ into the scheme of things. Although intuitively we may sense that we have a ‘bigger role’ to fulfil and explore in life, it can be hard to gain a clearer sense of this when so much is happening on so many different levels. Yet, it is the knowing of this ‘bigger role’ that inspires us to keep on keeping on, even when the going gets tough.

It is as though we are standing on a bridge at the moment, and the bridge spans the conscious with the unconscious, the darkness with the light and the macrocosm with the microcosm. We are standing in-betwixt the two and this creates the feelings of confusion and discombobulation as we struggle to make sense of what we are experiencing and sensing. However, trying to make sense of the unknowable is like pushing against the currents of life, for until we are ready to make sense of what we see, we cannot make sense of it.

This somewhat frustrating realisation doesn’t soothe the mind, but it can help us to let go of the need to keep chasing ‘awakening’ and realisation. Once we let go and step more consciously into the flow knowing that, whilst it doesn’t really make sense, it intuitively feels right, we can begin to open up our minds, bodies and souls to becoming One with the Universal Whole; at this point, the bridge stops spanning two polarities and instead merges together into a more fluid Whole. Even though we may not fully understand this ‘Whole’, intuitively it feels right to stop resisting and struggling.

For so many souls, this is a confusing, inspirational, overwhelming, fragmented, unifying and empowering time. With so many mixed and extreme emotions and experiences, it is understandable that some feel more alone than ever before. At the same time, we can feel like we are endlessly treading water, trying to stay afloat but feeling like we are expending all of our energy keeping our heads above water and staying in the same spot. Yet, the currents are shifting even when we don’t sense them, and our perseverance to remain still is beginning to reap reward now as we can see, in the distance, a new destination.

This new destination feels like ‘home’ on so many levels, and even though, the details may not, as yet, be clear, in the stillness we can sense that we are moving in the right direction. When in the stillness, the power of our intent is growing as we re-connect to Truth and open up to the magnificent wonder of what lies ahead. Whilst this is not to say that the path ahead will be easy and paved with gold, in many ways, this is all a matter of perspective, for the more we expect challenge, the more we seem to face.

Treading water may feel like a pointless exercise, but when we step back and see the bigger picture, we realise that we are simply preparing ourselves for the journey ahead. We can sense the anticipation and the tingling skin as we become One with the change and open up to living the best lives possible.

Standing in the centre of such a tumultuous maelstrom of energies and shift, there are times when we feel isolated, alone and confused. But, at the same time, there is a growing sense of connection and unification as we open up to ‘the bigger picture’. This is a time to stand strong and to open up to the strength and courage within as we realise our true strengths, gifts and dreams. Truth is now leading the way to Self, for Truth is the force shaping and defining us on all levels of consciousness and awareness. We can choose to turn away from Truth, but this is a time to face our fears and to lean into the discomfort in order to fully illuminate All that we Are. Truth brings us an awareness of our Selves and a connection to our true power and presence.

As Truth continues to rise up from the depths of the soul, it is important to focus on the stillness, for if we become lost in the fast flowing currents, we can become disconnected once again. In many ways this is a time to batten down the hatches within in order to connect to the stillness and the quiet. As we surround ourselves in tranquillity and gentle peacefulness; stillness and serenity, the howling winds and the shifting currents become less disturbing as we re-centre and become Whole…