2015 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2015

The shift from one year to the next is something we should be used to, after all, it has happened every single year each of us has been alive, and for many, many years prior to that. And yet, there is a sense that few of us have ever really paused in the brief moment in-between the end of one year and the beginning of the next in order to sense the bigger picture both within, and around, us. Few ever notice the brief pause or the silence; it is as though life itself takes a moment to breathe out before breathing in and carrying on for another year.

It seems important for each of us to acknowledge more of the silent moments and the pauses over the coming year as the more aware we are of them the bigger they will grow in our lives. Whilst in real-time they will remain brief flickers, in our consciousness, they look set to expand, enabling us to connect even more deeply to both ourselves and the universal whole. It’s easy not to notice the stillness and those little bits of life that exist in-between the things we do: the moment before light becomes dark (and vice versa), the moment before a thought turns into a conscious idea or the moment between breaths. Yet, not to notice is to miss out on those little bits of life that have the power to remind us just how precious, amazing and incredible life truly is!

2015 looks set to be a year for profound inter-connection as each of us opens up our hearts and souls towards living more consciously in each and every moment, even in those moments never before considered ‘moments’. This may sound a little confusing to some, but let go of the mind chatter and instead feel the words and let the energy of becoming more conscious lead the way. In other words, don’t think it, become it.

Life and it’s unpredictable twists and turns can be a maelstrom of confusion at times, yet the more we are able to appreciate the silent moments and the spaces in-between the spaces, we feel less like pawns in a game of life but more like awakened souls riding the waves of life. Of course, we can never know what’s around the next corner and we can never know exactly what lies ahead, yet the more conscious we become of now, the more alive and interconnected we begin to feel as we realise that this moment is all we ever truly have. This is not to say we should let go of dreams or aspirations for the future, but we should acknowledge that the future is not now.

It’s easy to get lost in linear time as it constantly reminds us of where we are, where we were and where we want to be, but such a focus instils a sense of lack within us as it shows us the difference between here and there rather than showing us the richness that’s here already. This isn’t to say that life is perfect now, just that it is the life we truly have; the future hasn’t happened yet and however hard we try, we cannot make for a better past as it is in the past. By appreciating the magic of this moment more and embracing the moments of stillness, we look set to find a brand new way of living and being. As a result, every sunset expands, the sunrise enriches, a birdsong nourishes, and the breath allows us to feel truly integrated and connected. I wish you a bright, blessed and joyful 2015.

With love,



2015 looks set to be a year of inner revolution and profound change as you make some major shifts in the way you live your life. Whilst a great deal of this change is likely to be internal (your thoughts, beliefs and philosophy in life), there is a sense that you will begin to walk a new pathway that feels both inspirational and empowering as you embrace a brand new way of living and being. Of course, in many ways, you have always done this, as you are forever changing and evolving, yet this coming year feels different as the over-arching energy is one of running towards something new rather than running away from something old. The difference may be subtle, and the outcome may be the same, but the dynamic is extremely important as it shows a change in your demeanour and reveals your true tenacity, self-belief and courage.

As a result, your year ahead of inner revolution looks set to be one of re-definition and re-birth as you re-shape your world. This could be a spiritual re-birth where you open up to some new ideas and beliefs, but more likely is a multi-levelled re-birth which reaches deeply into every aspect of your life. Although change is not always easy, there is a sense that you are more than ready to ring the changes. Just remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground as you establish that new terra firma beneath you; you may be ready to fly, but take your time and make the most of this powerful and amazing opportunity to re-write your life from the inside, out…


Looking back over the year now behind you, there is a sense that you have achieved much, travelled to new depths/heights within and discovered a great deal about your true self. Yet, when you add up your achievements, you can’t quite equate this feeling with your reality as, in many ways, you feel as though you spent most of 2014 running on the spot. Of course, running on the spot means you haven’t gone backwards, but it also doesn’t suggest a great deal of forward movement either. However, despite what you see with your own eyes, you can’t help but feel a sense of achievement. Whilst the illogical logic of this niggles at you, it seems important that you stop trying to measure your life on how much you do or achieve and instead realise that a good life is based on a life well lived, one where you feel alive, inspired and awake.

You know only too well that life can become a treadmill of things to do, people to see and places to go if you let it, and you also know that the sparkle of your true essence can get lost under ‘stuff’ and responsibility if you lose your focus and sense of self by trying to be everything to everyone. 2015 looks set to be a year for consciously connecting to loving the life you live and to living the life you love. These do not have to be mutually exclusive as you can have your cake and eat it; after all, you are the chef, so you decide…


2015 looks set to be an inspirational year of breakthrough and release as you finally step from where you were to where you want to be. There is a sense of liberation of your mind, body and soul as you shed the skin of old beliefs and embrace a new way of living and being you. This inspiration feels infectious and, the more you embrace the spirit of adventure, the more likely you are to dance and shine. You’ve always had a spark in your feet and a twinkle in your toes it’s just that you’ve often got lost trying to work out why your feet want to dance rather than simply letting them tap, stomp and swirl with the natural flow of life. In a way, your mind has been both your biggest asset and your biggest obstacle, as you so often over-think and over-analyse.

It would be easy to berate your mind for getting in the way of you being you, yet your mind is a part of you so it has been important to incorporate your swirling, busy head into the bigger picture of your life as trying to ‘fix it’ has only led to a feeling of inner disconnect. You are ready now to be at one with your mind exactly as it is, to find peace in the rush and swirl of thoughts and to know that your vibrant thoughts are a part of you. At the same time, the more you love yourself for all that you already are, the more you will realise that you have always danced, it’s just that you are now able to consciously enjoy the process…


There have been many moments of your life where you have taken a sharp inhalation of breath as you squeezed yourself through a tricky patch or difficult chapter. The inhalation is more energetic than literal; as though you somehow made yourself a bit smaller in order to make it through the tough times. Such a strategy clearly works as you are here to tell the tale, but there is a sense that, on some level, although you got through to the ‘other side’, you forgot to take a big deep breath and reclaim the space that is rightfully yours. In essence, you retracted yourself to pass through life with less resistance but never got around to expanding back again. This is, of course, understandable, after all why would you want to risk facing more resistance? Yet, it seems more likely that your on-going breath-hold is a result of habit more than anything else; you just got used to being ‘smaller’ and it became second nature to you.

However, intuitively you have grown increasingly aware of the desire to breathe more deeply once again and although you have resisted for a while (as it made for a quieter and more straightforward life) you now seem ready to consciously focus on your breath and on allowing your lungs and your energetic self to expand and grow. 2015 looks set to be a year for being you and for breathing freely as you open up your heart and soul towards new heights and goals. Reclaiming your breath looks set to catapult you into a new chapter of balance and inner equilibrium…


‘Moments of being’ looks set to be your mantra in 2015. ‘Moments of being what?’ you may ask, but there is no what and there should be no questions! ‘Moments of being’ is as it should be: pure, unadulterated, fluid, nebulous and completely open to interpretation. Although you may want further clarity, direction and instruction, life rarely obliges in such a way! Yet, feel the essence of the words and you can begin to capture the idea. Your year ahead looks set to be one of living consciously and vibrantly in each and every moment, to stop gazing quite so intently on what may or may not lie ahead and to let go of whimsically looking back on your past; the grass may look greener all around you but when you take the time to actually notice where you are now you will begin to realise that constantly looking forward and back simply diminishes the moment you are standing in.

Being in the here and now, breathing in the fullness of your being and giving yourself the room to be aware of even just of few of those trillions of moments of being will inspire you to become more tender and more compassionate with yourself, to love yourself and to be yourself. Sometimes, it’s easier to accept the idea that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, sometimes you just have to trust, let go and be you. Of course, with you being you, you want more than this, but the fight to get it can diminish and deplete you, leaving you out of balance and disconnected, so it seems the time has come to stop fighting and start being…


2015 looks set to be a year of illumination and radiance for you as your inner light takes on a new strength and vigour. Although you have always been a determined soul, there is a sense that you have lost sight of your tenacity and passion over time as life has thrown you its fair share of challenges. As a result, the light in your eyes has dimmed slightly reflecting a kind of inner retreat and disconnection. Yet, however disconnected you may feel, your inner sun is still at the centre of your soul, so even though the clouds may have obscured the view, the light is no less bright or radiant than it was before. Such a realisation is logical but it can be hard to feel reassured when you can’t actually see it!

It’s important to remember that although you are an earthy soul, the fiery heat of the sun illuminates your world, and the more you can embrace the light, the more you will start to feel awake and alive once again. Just as the sun in the sky remains vibrant and strong, the light and power of your inner sun doesn’t ebb and flow; it remains constant. You seem ready now to turn towards the light within you in order to reconnect to your passion, creativity and spark. You also seem ready to trust that clouds come and go, and they are not a reflection of your skills or talents. Although you cannot control the cloud cover, if you remain focused on the constant companionship of your inner light, you will realise that the idea of disconnection no longer forms a part of your world…


Questions, questions, life is always so jam-packed and full of questions. What? Why? When? Where? How? Your mind is constantly digging, probing and analysing trying to work out why things are the way they are. There are times when you feel tied up in knots as the questions get tangled and you lose sight of yourself in the process as each question builds up like layers of sedimentary rock; in the end, the pressure at the bottom becomes too intense and the pile comes tumbling down. There are also times when the question asking becomes more of a distraction than a necessity; the intensity of inner question asking takes you away from the daily humdrum and busy-ness of life.

Yet, distraction doesn’t truly fix anything as the ‘stuff’ just hovers and builds until you actually do something about it. Of course, you already know this, but you have become such a master at questions, you frequently lose sight of logic. It’s important to remember that the quality of the answers you seek are often a reflection on the quality of the questions you ask rather than the quantity. At the same time, it’s important to accept that sometimes, there are no answers, and, no matter how hard you ask, the answer cannot and will not appear; it’s not hidden, it simply doesn’t exist. 2015 looks set to be a revelatory year for you as you stop pushing so hard for the answers and instead start going with the flow more. You seem ready now to stop hiding behind question-asking in order to step consciously into the true wonder of life…


2015 looks set to be a year of inner balance for you as you step from one path to another when it comes to embracing your true essence and honouring yourself. You have always known the truth of what it is to be you, but life hasn’t always facilitated a way for you to be you; distractions, obligations and duties have often turned into obstacles preventing you from living the life you intuitively sense you were born to live. Of course, in hindsight, you now realise that these only became distractions because you allowed them to be, for in truth, there is actually very little that can get in the way of you being you. You are a phenomenal force of nature and you have a potent energetic presence.

As a result, life usually only holds you up or sends you on a detour because you actually want a change of direction. Although this could be at soul-level and you may not be aware of the bigger picture of your life, it seems clear that you are far less of a pawn in the game of life than you often believe. Admittedly, you are not able to control the flow as life rarely works that way, but you are far less pliable than you often believe. Your year ahead looks set to be a time for you to consciously step back into the flow of life, feeling empowered and enlivened, inspired and energised as you realise that you are already living the life you were born to live: always have been, always will be. Can it be any other way?


As a vibrant, passionate, sensitive, warm-hearted and compassionate soul, you are the kind of person that everyone wants as a friend. You inspire those around you with your optimism, and, even in the face of challenge, you seek out the positives and extract the lessons learned. Yet, despite you being the epitome of a great person, there is one person that so frequently forgets your qualities: you. More often than not you berate yourself for not being good enough, busy enough, successful enough or simply just enough. You push yourself hard and expect nothing short of perfection. Whilst this does lead to achievements, there is a sense that you often feel disconnected from them because you have driven yourself into the ground to get there.

2015 is your year to finally change the dynamic and flow in your life; it is your year to start being the friend to yourself that you are to everyone else. You need to love yourself, be sensitive to your needs, be compassionate to yourself and to be your own best friend. This isn’t to say that you are about to turn into ‘Billy-no-mates’, far from it, but until you are a true friend to yourself, you will never appreciate just how special a soul you really are. Self-flagellation and harsh inner language need to be eradicated from your inner dialogue as you start to cultivate an attitude of gentleness, compassion and tenderness for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up and know that, by being the friend to yourself that you are to others, you will finally find the balance and joy in your life you have been searching for…


2015 looks set to be a year of establishing a true sense of balance in your life as you become more conscious of where you are now and less focused on where you’ve been and where you hope to be heading. It’s easy to use the past and the future as reference points for the present as they allow you to see the progress you have made but there is a risk that your focus can become so honed on what’s behind you and what might be ahead of you that you lose sight of where you are now. At the same time, there’s a chance that such a focus can leave you feeling a sense of lack and, as you are not quite where you think you should be, you still have to push on to find that little piece of happiness with your name on it. Newsflash! You already have the piece of happiness; it’s just that you’ve been too distracted to notice it waving at you from the shores of the deep pool of your soul.

When you pause for a short while, take some deep breaths and connect to your inner self, your sense of balance quickly returns enabling you to see your life more clearly. Over your year ahead it seems important that you become far more conscious of the present moment and allow each moment to fill you completely. At the same time, stop pushing and chasing so hard to get to the ever-expanding horizon: be gentle with yourself.   Notice where you are now, be in the moment and let it nourish you right to the depths of your being…


As the kaleidoscope of your life continues to swirl and fizz like fireworks on Bonfire Night, and your connection to spiralling galaxies and dancing comets in the night sky light up your soul with inspirational thoughts, you grow ever-more conscious of your evolving nature. There is a sense that your understanding of life is changing as you open up your heart and soul to embrace a new way of living and being. You have always known just how fluid life is but, as a thinker, it can be hard for you to let go of the need to make sense of life. As a result, there are times when your mind stops you from consciously connecting with the fizz and bang of being you.

2015 looks set to be a year of letting go of the need to push quite so hard to make sense of why things are the way they are before you accept them and move on; instead you seem ready to trust the flow a little more allowing your powerful intuition to lead the way. Allowing your more fluid, creative and innovative side to flourish looks set to see you walking a very different path as the year progresses. This could be adopting a new approach to life or it could be adopting a new life; only time will tell. The reason for this uncertainty is because nothing is set in stone and, as you continue to evolve and expand, your true goals, dreams and needs will change. So, take each moment as it comes, dance with the stars and feel your entire being radiating with the glow of life…


2015 looks set to be a year for stepping beyond the boundaries of your life and exploring some new terrain when it comes to living the best life possible. You have been a little life-weary recently as the pressures of being everything to everyone has started to take its toll on your effervescence and enthusiasm. There hasn’t been much time for you as those precious ‘you time’ moments have slowly been squeezed out of your life. Yet, you are a strong, vivacious and vibrant soul; you are no doormat, so you haven’t been the victim of some random ‘life squeezing’ event! Perhaps you have continually taken on so much as a way to distract yourself from thinking about stepping beyond the imagined boundaries of your life? Although you want to expand and step joyfully into the wilderness of life, it also feels a little alien and unfamiliar at the same time. It’s understandable to feel this way, after all, the wilderness is unknowable and wild, but it’s also something your soul longs for.

Trying to be everything to everyone is your way of becoming so indispensible that you can avoid ever truly having to be the free spirit you know yourself to be, yet why? Embracing change, exploring new terrain and allowing your true essence the room to dance freely is not for the faint hearted but you are not faint of heart! It seems important now for you to listen to your inner voice, to honour your true needs and to allow yourself the freedom to be you. Trust your instincts, see beyond those boundaries and know that this is your opportunity to shine brightly…