2017 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2017

Have you ever sat and watched a pebble drop into a pond and counted the ripples as they reach out into the water? Have you wondered where those ripples end up? Have you ever contemplated the idea that every thought, action, inaction, choice or decision is a pebble and, as a result, we are continually creating ripples in the fabric of space and time? Yet, do the ripples ever leave the pond? Do they really reach that deeply into life or is this just a romantic metaphor trying to inspire us to be more accountable for the choices we do, and do not, make?

Yet, in many ways, creating ripples is what we do. Every moment of every day is a ripple as everything we do creates a resonance. Then magnify that by every being that individually and collectively makes ripples and we are left with an infinite and complex pattern of ripples all dancing together. If we look even deeper to every atom or every quark vibrating and rippling, and the brain begins to buckle under the complexity!

Maybe this is overcomplicating something which is, in essence, very simple? Life is a series of ripples as life is a constant stream of change. Even if we can truly make sense of the ripples, we cannot stop them rippling so does it make any difference if we understand them or not? Trying to contain them seems futile as we can no more dam up the flow of change than we can stop the day turning into the night. Of course, being human, this doesn’t stop us from trying!

2016 was an arduous year for a great many souls, it was a year of loss, love, change, protest, surprise and challenge. Yet, is this really any different to any other year? We begin each year with a wave of hope and optimism for a year better than the last, and we aspire to ‘fix’ everything we believe is holding us back so we are free to live the lives we were born to live. Perhaps this is the source of why we end the year feeling somewhat disappointed with it as we don’t allow ourselves to be in it fully as we are trying to fix, heal and resist the ripples of change? We intuitively know that change is inevitable but we still do our best to resist. Yet, is our resistance the source of the problem or the root of the resolution? Is it our willingness to stand, fight and resist that ultimately brings us wisdom, strength and understanding or is it a need to surrender and let go that will bring us salvation?

Maybe we’re overthinking this (or perhaps it’s just me!); maybe the atoms, quarks and ripples just get on with what they do. They clearly don’t worry about their weight, jobs or income, nor do they over-think or over-complicate: they just do what they do. Maybe this is the lesson we need to carry into 2017? The need to just be who we are and to get on with the business of living the best lives possible? It’s time to stop over-complicating and over-thinking in order to reconnect to a truer sense of purpose as we let go of the obstacles holding us back and allow ourselves the opportunity to thrive.

As we stand on the cusp between years, it seems important to let go of the concept of linear time, and to stop seeing each year as a distinct chapter in our lives but to instead allow the edges to blur and to embrace a ‘bigger picture’ attitude. Change is a constant, after all. 2017 will involve change but that’s inevitable, not news! It’s how we face the change that truly matters and we now owe it to ourselves and one another to become more conscious of the bigger picture and to let go of those beliefs holding us back from living more harmonious and enriching lives. At the same time, it’s important not to let fear take hold and to shape and define the path ahead, as it’s time to move beyond fear towards love and compassion.

In short, 2017 is about becoming the pebble and travelling with those ripples to the edges of awareness, to forge new boundaries and explore new terrain in our hearts and souls…

I wish you a bright, happy, healthy and joyful year ahead.

With love,



It can sometimes be hard to know which is more important: where you’ve been or where you’re heading. Where you’ve been gives your life context and meaning as your experiences bring wisdom, but where you’re heading gives you direction, motivation and a sense of hope. So, there are times when you can feel stuck in the middle of the two, not really quite sure where you are or why. Whilst it’s understandable to feel frustrated, it’s important to realise that this place in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading is actually exactly where you’re meant to be. It’s called the here and now. It’s so easy to lose sight of the present moment as life has a habit of bringing things to do, people to see and places to go which divert your attention and distract you, and this can leave you feeling distinctly underwhelmed with life as your inner fires are stifled by the routine and pedestrian nature of your everyday existence, however your inner flames need the space to flicker and sparkle as this is the source of your effervescence and creativity.

It seems the key to recapturing your sparkle is to be more consciously present in the here and now rather than focusing on the past or the future. Whilst both give you context, neither exist in the present moment as they can keep you locked in linear time and away from the magic of your fiery inner world. Your inner fires are the key to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. There is a need for you to feel more centred over the months ahead as this is your year to stand wholeheartedly in the here and now in order to reclaim your sense of self and to allow your fiery spark of creativity the space and freedom to dance and soar once again…


As you gaze back at the year now behind you there is a strong sense of achievements to tick off from the great ‘to do list’ of your life. You have worked hard and done your best to keep your life moving forward in positive ways. As you look at your ‘to do list’ you cannot help but feel a slight twang of frustration that, despite ticking off a number of items, the list is no shorter than it was when 2016 began. The reason for this is one of those niggly, irksome, unavoidable things called life! It’s part of being human to find new things to do, achieve and be, and whilst this inevitably means you will always have a ‘to do list’, this is something to celebrate as it means you are still growing, thriving and evolving. If you reached a stage of life where you no longer had anything to do, achieve or be, what would you do? Okay, so resting on a recliner on a tropical beach, with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other could come to mind, but you would soon get bored of such an existence if it became your everyday.

You thrive on forward thinking and you grab hold of life with both hands determined to make each moment count. A short holiday on that beach recliner would be a nice rest, but you are not ready to hang up that ‘to do list’ just yet as the fire in your belly is smouldering ready to embrace your year ahead with courage, passion and a stronger sense of self. It’s time to reach deeply into your heart and soul in order to gain more clarity and insight in connection to how to get from where you are to where you intuitively know you need to be. Take a deep breath and be you…


Your year ahead looks set to be a time of exploring new terrain on all levels of your being. Physically you are ready to push your boundaries by visiting pastures new to bring you new insights and experiences from the people you meet, the places you see and the things you do. Spiritually you are ready to reach more deeply into life and into your soul, opening up to new ideas, ideals and philosophies as you begin to re-shape and re-define your sense of self. And finally, your mind is on a quest for new insights and wisdom as you cross new thresholds of understanding and reach more deeply into the unknown. In many ways, you are standing at a major crossroads in your life as you are just not the same person you were a year ago. Of course, this could be said for everyone as we all evolve, change and grow, but this is different for you as you have literally outgrown the person you used to be and, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, you are reaching out into the sunlight renewed and transformed.

Whilst this sounds exciting and liberating, there is a part of you that’s really not keen to leave the old you behind as it’s been a huge source of comfort for you. Even though you knew the old you wasn’t as life affirming and enriching as you wanted, you found safety in the familiar and remained there, you wriggled against it but couldn’t quite bring yourself to break free. So, it’s understandable to feel trepidation and uncertainty about your path ahead as it’s taking you into new terrain. However, it seems clear that you’re ready for this, so instead of fearing what you’re leaving behind, try to bring your focus into this moment in order to establish a new equilibrium. You are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, it’s time to let those butterfly wings flutter free…


It seems only right to start your 2017 forecast with quote from Forrest Gump just as he started your 2016 forecast. Perhaps it’s because Tom Hanks is a Cancerian or maybe it’s because the words fit! Your quote for the year ahead come from ‘Mama’ on being asked by Forrest ‘What’s my destiny?’. Her response: ‘You’re gonna have to figure that out for yourself’. So, what is your destiny? Do you have a sense of purpose? Have you figured out where you’re heading and why? The coming year looks set to be a defining chapter in your life as you begin to look a little more deeply under the surface in order to gain a stronger and clearer sense of your destiny. It’s time to ask yourself if you’ve always had a sense of your calling or have the distractions of your everyday world veered you off course and never afforded you the time or space to contemplate the bigger picture of your life? Even if you have never thought about your destiny, there really is no time like the present!

You’ve spent a great deal of your life trying to ‘fit in’ and be ‘normal’ like everyone else and, in many ways, this has been a brick wall keeping you from your destiny as it has kept your focus on trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be rather than just being yourself.  It’s time to ask, in true Gump style: ‘What’s normal anyways?’. Do you spend your life trying to be normal or do you spend it being you? Now, this isn’t to say that being you isn’t normal, it’s just that you don’t fit into a box, so why try? It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of ‘normal’ as it’s human nature to want to fit in and belong, but, becoming a sheep just to fit in, doesn’t necessarily make for a contented life as there’s no room to let your true essence fly free…


You have been on something of a whistle-stop tour over the last twelve months as your life has frequently felt on fast-forward as wave upon wave of change has come crashing in on the shoreline of your soul. Although crashing waves suggest a tumultuous year, whilst there were some boisterous and unruly moments, on the whole, the momentum has been one of positive forward movement. Yet, the energy was a little wild and free, so the waves kept coming even during those times when you wanted nothing more than stillness, and you had moments when you felt more like a piece of driftwood being carried along by the currents. However, you didn’t give up and you successfully rode the waves of 2016; you are now poised to enter 2017 wiser and more centred than ever before. On many levels, you are hoping for a quieter, more sedate year, one where you can meander along, enjoying the fruits of your labours but, at the same time, you are hoping to use your new-found wisdom in order to shift your life from where you are to where you intuitively know you need to be.

It may take you a little while to adjust to this conundrum as there is an overwhelming urge for you to rest for a while in order to regain your equilibrium, but it’s important to trust your wisdom to take the lead as you are ready now to tap into your inner well of courage and creativity as you roll up your sleeves in eager preparation for what happens next. The winds of change are still gaining momentum in your life and although, in many ways, you are still unsure exactly what to expect with ‘what happens next’ you have learned to live life more consciously in the present moment and worry less about what may, or may not, be around each corner. So, grab the moment, ride the waves and feel the sun warming up your soul from the inside, out…


Being you is a complex matter as it involves a myriad of layers all interacting and blending in unique ways. Your probing mind, your creative soul and your practical nature create a potent skill set, one which enables you to thrive in environments and situations that others find challenging or too extreme. Although you don’t tend to seek out such environments, because of your pioneering nature, they often find you as the more challenged you are, the more you seem to thrive and blossom. Being you is also complex because you try so hard to understand your own layers and often get lost in your depths trying to figure yourself out. Of course, this is understandable, but it can also take you away from thriving as your head is tied up in knots trying to work things out rather than fully engaging in the here and now. Complexity sums you up well, yet, on many levels, you want nothing more than simple!

Whilst you love a challenge and come into your own when you can fully engage your mind, body and soul, you would also welcome an opportunity to live a simpler life, one where you are less challenged and more able to engage with the spiritual and creative. In many ways, your life is too busy for you to find the time for spiritual contemplation and creative exploration as your energy is tied up with the complexity of everyday living. However, as much of this energy is focused on trying to work things out or trying to piece together the finer details of life, there are rarely moments where you can pause, rest and be. It seems clear that you need to find ways to create more breathing room in your life in order to engage more consciously with the bigger picture as this looks set to be your year of merging the macrocosm with the microcosm, or the complexity with the simplicity, as you embrace a new way of living and being…


As you stand and gaze at the year now behind you and the year ahead of you, it would be easy to forget to take note of where you are standing as it is but a moment in time rather than a whole year which somehow feels more tangible to grab hold of and quantify. However, isn’t a year simply a collection of moments in time? Isn’t a moment in time more precious than a random collection of moments because it represents the present moment rather than the linear timescale of ‘before and ahead’ or past and future? As a deep thinker, there are times when you can over-analyse life; this is usually because you are trying to gain a sense of context to explain why things are the way they are, but there is a risk that over-analysis can leave you stuck in linear time and gazing at the horizon of what may, or may not, lie ahead as you focus on trying to get from here to there rather than allowing yourself to become fully conscious now.

So, it seems that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ is a good phrase for you to carry in your consciousness into 2017 as it’s a reminder of your tendency to see greener pastures on the horizon of your life. Maybe, it would be good to add a few more words to that phrase? ‘…on the other side, but not as green as the grass I can actually feel under my toes’? Rooting yourself more firmly into the here and now seems important as you have reached a threshold of change where you are stepping beyond linear time and into a more awakened and enriched way of living and being. The grass under your toes may not be perfect but it’s what you have, and if you acknowledge it and use it as a foundation upon which to thrive, you will begin to embrace life more consciously and connected than ever before…


As you come skidding into slow motion at the end of a busy and somewhat perplexing year, there is a sense of pause emerging merged with a rush of expectation and anticipation for the year ahead. No one ever said being you was easy! There have been times over the last twelve months when you have been so busy, it’s been hard to tell if you were moving forwards, backwards or sideways. Indeed, there were moments when you could be fairly sure you were doing all three at the same time. Such momentum and gusto has undoubtedly given you challenges to face, but it has also afforded you opportunities to flourish and shine as you have grabbed hold of life and learned how to let go in the maelstrom in order to fly free. You have, over time, realised the futility of resistance and realised how empowering trusting your intuition can be. This isn’t to say that you have given up, far from it. Letting go isn’t the same; it’s a willingness to surrender more consciously to life in order to live more fully and to let go of fear and outdated beliefs.

Stepping into each moment has allowed you to realise the magic of moving backwards, forwards and sideways at the same time, because, up until that point, you had never really contemplated this was even possible. Now, you not only know this not to be the case, but you are consciously choosing to do it! You may, on the surface, wonder what this brings to your life, but deeper within, you can sense how such a wholehearted and openhearted approach to life nurtures your creativity and feeds your soul. So, whilst you may be feeling a mixture of pause and rush as one year ends and another begins, this is actually a good thing as it means you won’t have time to rest on your laurels or doubt yourself as you dance free in the maelstrom and live the life you were born to live…


Spontaneity, freedom and adventure look set to take centre stage throughout 2017 as wave upon wave of possibilities come knocking at your door. Possibilities may be a strange choice of word, after all, wouldn’t opportunities be better? Well, yes, but opportunities are more shaped and defined; they infer a need to grab hold of them as a lost opportunity somehow feels like a failure and, as a result, can feel like a pressure rather than something to get excited about. You want the complete opposite as you have been wrestling against pressure, structure and definition for a long time and you have longed to break free from the pedestrian nature of life in order to be the free spirit you intuitively know yourself to be. You need a blank canvas to experiment, dabble and explore, and the idea of possibilities feels expansive and beyond the concept of the everyday.

However, although you long for freedom and adventure, there is a sense that you have taken on a great deal of things to do, people to see and places to go, and all of this ‘stuff’ is stifling your creative, free-spirited nature. It’s therefore important for you to ask yourself why you have filled up your life with so much when, at soul level, you long for the opposite. Is it because you are happier as you are? Or maybe you prefer to get lost in distractions as you simply aren’t ready to be free? Maybe, you have spent so long focused on being free, you haven’t actually thought through what ‘being free’ really means? It’s time to go deeply within in order to answer this question as clarity is your ally now. If you’re happy as you are then job done, but, if you truly do want freedom and adventure, it’s time to shift the balance away from the distractions and back towards breathing energy into the bigger picture of your life. Possibilities become possibilities only when you allow them to become possibilities…


As you gaze back over the year now behind you and look ahead to the one now before you, there is a sense that looking at your life in year-sized chunks is perhaps not the most constructive approach for you because so much has happened in a year, you simply cannot squeeze it all into a number marked ‘2016’. Yet, if you break it down into smaller pieces, there are so many of them, you cannot possibly get a sense of the bigger picture and, the converse is also true, as the bigger picture misses the finer minutiae. So, if a year is too much and you cannot go bigger or smaller, what else can you do? Well, you could try not to assume that 2017 will be as complex as 2016 but, in truth, assumptions aren’t really your thing. Or you could focus on the present moment and not allow the past to shape your perspective of the future. Or you could find a new way of referencing your life, moving away from time and more towards experiences or evolution.

Whatever option you pick, it seems clear that there’s a need to stop trying quite so hard to make sense of where you’ve been as there’s a risk that too much backward referencing can take you away from the present moment and distract you from engaging fully with the here and now. Of course, understanding your path is important as it’s how you learn and evolve, so there’s a fine balance to establish between contemplation and action. Maybe there isn’t a difference between the two? Maybe you need to engage in active contemplation or contemplative action? It’s not what you do but it’s how you do it that looks set to shape and define your year ahead as the concept of happiness continues to take centre stage as you seek out a way of living and being that allows you to flourish, thrive and be wholeheartedly and unconditionally happy…


Knowing yourself and being yourself look set to grab your focus and attention over the months ahead as you begin to cut through the complexities of the twenty-first century and live in a simpler, more enriched and fulfilling way. Knowing yourself is perhaps the most challenging of the two because your mind is usually so full of ideas, thoughts and questions, you can get lost in your head and lose sight of the essence of yourself. Seeking out silence amongst the chatter is hard, but it’s not impossible, as you are the master of your own mind, so the more you can still your mind, the more you will connect with all that lies beneath. Of course, your mind is your powerhouse, but you are so much more as well. Quietening your mind may feel slightly alien, but you will soon see the benefits as the chatter eases and you are left with the most important ideas and thoughts, allowing you to gain a clearer and stronger sense of purpose.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff in your mind will facilitate knowing yourself as you will have the inner space to become more acquainted with your true essence. This, in turn, will open up the doorway of opportunity for you to be yourself as you can only be yourself when you know yourself. Whilst this hasn’t stopped you trying, you have fallen short as you have intuitively sensed a miscorrelation between the two and, as a result, you have felt out of balance and slightly disconnected. 2017 looks set to be a year for you to address this imbalance in order to reach more deeply into your heart and soul as the different corners of your being are keen to merge and align in order to become one. Try not to overcomplicate things, focus on knowing yourself and being yourself, and let the details take care of themselves…


Although you are a fluid and intuitive soul, there is a sense that 2016 was more of a ‘plodding’ kind of year as the currents were choppy and frequently changing direction making it hard for you to ‘flow’ anywhere. As a result, you often felt pulled in different directions at the same time and unable to get a true sense of your bearings. Whilst you are adept at finding innovative ways to manage such logjams, it didn’t feel like the satisfying year you hoped it would be. At the same time though, you achieved a great deal! Of course, in your own self-judgmental eyes, this wasn’t enough, as you always feel like you should have done more, but it’s time to give yourself a break in order to acknowledge your ability to survive and thrive in even the most challenging of environments. The lack of bearings seems to lie at the root of this as, without a sense of where you are, how can you really tell what you’ve achieved, where you’ve been or what you’ve done?

Yet, whilst you may not have a map, compass, GPS and instruction manual, you do have your phenomenal intuition and this is jumping up and down waving frantically trying to get you to notice it. In many ways, it doesn’t matter that you can’t see any tangible evidence of progress as you intuitively know that you are not in the same place you were a year ago. Your inherent distrust of your own in-built guidance system is something you really do need to sort out as it’s such a gift! Stop doubting yourself, stop berating yourself for everything you haven’t done and instead focus on what you have done. 2017 looks set to be a year where, if you allow yourself, you come into your own as you finally take ownership of your intuition and allow it to lead you from where you are to where you need to be…