All Hallow’s Eve

This is just one of many names for the 31st October – Hallowe’en, All Souls Night and Samhain to name but a few. This is a festival of remembrance and a feast to celebrate the dead. It marks the end of the year in the Celtic Calender.

There is nothing macabre about celebrating the dead, it is about honouring those who lived before. On this day the veils between the two worlds is very thin, making it an important time to communicate with our ancestors and also for divination.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this comes at a time of darkness, the nights are drawing in as we move towards the shortest day in December. Darkness was important to our ancestors, just as important as Light. They honoured the cycle of life – the seeds underground lying dormant in order to be reborn in the spring time.

All Hallows is celebrated around the world, and for many it has become the Christian celebration of All Souls Day (see tomorrow’s blog).

Hallowe’en is often known as a night of chaos and mischief – hence the modern day trend of ‘trick or treating’. Elementals, faeries, goblins and other cheeky mischief makers enter our world and only those in disguise could achieve this. Of course with so many people now in fancy dress, this has become much easier…!

Hallowe’en is a time to (safely) light bonfires and to come together in celebration. Yet it is also a time to nurture our inner worlds and to prepare for the slumber of the winter – a time of hibernation and transformation. This is a time to let go of the old in preparation for the new to be reborn.

Try meditating for guidance and direction at this powerful and highly energised time. Keep yourself energetically protected from those mischief makers, who also come in human form…!