April Horoscopes


You have been in a bit of a spin over recent weeks, almost as though you got yourself a little overwhelmed and lost on your path in life. You have been putting yourself under immense pressure to keep pushing on, and this has left you feeling a little tired and weary. Try to take some time out for a rest; otherwise you may end up making a mistake and having a mishap of some kind…

Early April is a good time to nurture yourself a little, try not to feel that to take a step back now would negate all your hard work, instead just try to slow down a little and stop giving yourself such a hard time! Everyone deserves a rest once in a while, and in the long run, surely it is better to have a quiet phase now, rather than a nothing phase later on when you have completely worn yourself out and are unable to function? The choice is yours.

Your ruler Mars moves into your sign on the 22nd: and this marks a new surge of energy and enthusiasm (so it’s not that far away). There is a sense of vigour and newness about you, and you feel like you are back in the driving seat of your life once again. So, get yourself prepared now so you can truly make the most of the exciting and energetic phase ahead.


Work, work, work – that seems to sum up your life at the moment. If it’s not the demands in the office, it’s the needs of the family, domestic chores and generally running around like a mad thing. Try to remember that you don’t have to do it all yourself – and whilst you love to be the carer and provider, try to step back a little and let those around you share some of the responsibilities. This will not only give you a much needed rest, but it will also empower them to be more responsible and accountable for their own lives, and in addition, they might just start to truly appreciate how much you do for them (don’t bank on this one though!).

You do owe it to yourself to develop your vocabulary a little, using the word ‘No!’ once in a while will do wonders for your own confidence and self-esteem. You were not born to be a ‘yes person’, and it doesn’t suit you. You forget that you have great strength, tenacity, courage and willpower, and if you step back a little from being so busy and listen to your intuition, you will start to see that your life is changing and evolving, and you are on the verge of a major dream coming true in your life. It’s a shame that at the moment, you are just to busy and weary to notice…


You certainly seem to be off in your own little world at the moment, you are preoccupied and a little stressed with events unfolding around you. Strangely, these events do not appear to be directly related to you, but more connected to those close to you. It is almost as though you are a little buoy on a stormy ocean, and you can’t focus on yourself as the ocean keeps throwing you about all over the place! Frivolity aside, this is very disorientating for you, as you are struggling to be as objective or adaptable as you usually are.

Try to step back a little, and focus on yourself this month. The more you can focus, the more you will be able to steady yourself from the strong currents of others. You are an air sign after all, so being stuck in stormy seas is quite alien to you. Make it your goal to restore peace and calm, and to take some time out to get your life back into perspective once again…

April is a month to take a good, hard look at your life and to use your initiative to get your life back on track. Your horizons are expanding, and an amazing opportunity is likely to come knocking. However, if you are too busy feeling queasy from the storm around you, you might not notice.


Life has become a little tough recently, you feel as though your life is not moving in the way you had hoped for. You seem to be stuck in limbo, almost in stasis, not quite sure where to go next. In some ways this is due to your inner cautionary nature taking hold, as you are understandably feeling a little nervous about your way forwards in life. It seems that whichever way you turn, you have to make a leap of faith, and the fear of this has got you trapped in inertia.

You are aware of a pressure around you, trying to forge a way ahead, pushing you forwards. You haven’t realised that this, is, in fact you! You are creating the push/pull scenario – a feeling that you so desperately want to move forwards, but the fear holds you back. You must be feeling exhausted.

April brings with it a smoother path, and an easier ride. Once you stop wrestling with yourself so much, you will be able to see your way ahead with great clarity and focus. This is likely to be an obvious step, and you may feel a little silly that you had missed this solution before now, but worry not, don’t think about what has passed, focus on the present instead. Life doesn’t have to be tough anymore, embrace the joy and happiness, it is now within your grasp.


You have known for some time that, like the planets revolving around the Sun in the solar system, people revolve around you as their centre point in life. They look to you for guidance, leadership and strength. In return you love nothing more than to take control and make the big decisions; and those close to you are hugely appreciative of this.

Hello? Time for a wake up call! There is a strong sense of discombobulation this month, as your perception of reality is challenged with the reality of the people around you. Trivial niggles could develop into major arguments unless you are prepared to take an honest look at things.

Your strength and leadership is unquestionably admirable and wise, yet you need to let those close make some of their own choices and decisions. By allowing this, you will start to see your own life in a little more perspective, and see just how you can use your strengths to re-focus on your goals and dreams. Try to take more control of your own destiny, and you will soon start to realise that focusing on making your own dreams a reality is a lot more rewarding than bossing others about and laying down the law. The path ahead looks very bright for Leo, so try not to feel too objectionable about having a wee slap on the wrists!


April is traditionally the time of year for Spring Cleaning, for clearing out the clutter, and for re-injecting some freshness into life. Spring Cleaning comes in many different levels though, and whilst you would benefit greatly from clearing your home; you will not gain the full benefit unless you have an inner clearing as well. Very often, the simple act of physical cleaning and clearing is good for the soul, but if you declare the intent to let go of all your inner blocks and cobwebs at the same time, then this should prove to be a most satisfying experience for you.

There is a little tension in the air when it comes to family and those close – and you would be wise to keep out of the affray as much as possible. If others want to argue and butt heads, then that is their choice, but there is no need for you to get involved unless you are in the mood for a row. All in all though, you would be far wiser keeping quiet, focusing on being still and reflective, for this seems to be a time for re-invigorating your life through new thoughts and ideas, and you will struggle to receive these if you are in the midst of arguments with your sleeves rolled up, ready to get stuck in. Instead, focus on enriching your life from within.


You certainly seem to be feeling much more adventurous in April. The path of success that you have been on recently has taken you to places that you never though possible, but recent tensions have left you questioning your motives and direction in life. This is only a brief blip, but the hiccup has been a welcome opportunity for you to take stock of where you are and what you are working towards. So, by the time you reach the middle of the month, your life will be racing forwards in the fast lane once again.

April brings the opportunity to meet some new and very influential people who have the capacity to transform your life forever in ways you have only ever dreamed of until now. Do make the most of this opportunity of a lifetime, and also keep your eye left of centre as well, because another doorway looks set to open from an avenue that you have not even considered.

You are great at encouraging others to stand in their power and to acknowledge their gifts, but pretty rubbish at acknowledging what you yourself have to offer – you will be put to the test this month – to stand up and shine. You know you can, so just get out there and do it! You will then realise that you have nothing to fear – just remember not to underestimate yourself.


You have been feeling a little lost recently, without direction or focus, and wondering what on earth to do with your life. This mental activity has left you feeling quite exhausted, so you need to take some time away from your head this month and instead focus on something far more practical – like your home environment.

Have a really good clean and de-clutter, and then have a go at clearing the space of old or dormant energies. If you the feel the urge – redecorate, and if you are feeling flush – refurbish. The purpose of this exercise will not only give you a much nicer living space, but it will also help to clear the clutter that is going round and round in your head. Physical clearing always helps the mind, so what are you waiting for?

This de-cluttering exercise will stand you in good stead for being able to clear your mind enough to allow your true goals to re-emerge. You will also feel much more focused and driven, and so you will be able to take steps towards achieving your newly found goals with much more vim and vigour. Try not to put yourself under pressure to rush ahead though, wait until the timing feels right, so listen to your intuition, trust your instincts and listen to your inner guide.


You certainly seem to be back in the driving seat of your life once again, and you are able to call to you opportunities and situations that can make your life even better. Try not to let yourself get drawn into the same old repeating patterns that you have seen in your life though – as it can be all to easy to step back into familiar patterns and roles.

April is a month to review your skill base, and to decide whether you need to add any strings to your bow. You are pretty skilled at handling most situations, even when pushed out of your comfort zone. However, it is not a time to bluff or push your luck – you need to be honest about what you can do, and what you can’t, as well as acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. See this as an opportunity to consolidate your life before reaching out into new directions again.

You have been very externally focused recently, and you now need to take some time to look within to make sure that your inner needs are being fulfilled. Are you truly happy? If not, what can you do to change this? Do you need to let something go or bring something new in, or both? April gives you a welcome chance to develop a deeper soul-level connection or sense of understanding with your Self.


You need to make sure that you are really listening to your instincts this month, for there are areas of your life that you are not completely sure about, and as you are so good at burying your head in the sand if you instinctually sense something that does not fit into your grand plans, then it is really important that you take a good, hard honest look at your life. In addition, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by others opinions – it is what you think that counts.

You have recently been building the foundations to a new area of your life, and whilst the building work is almost complete, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared to move into the next phase – it could be that you need more qualifications, so make the most of this time to get yourself into a position to move forwards with confidence and ease. Don’t jump at having second best, when, for the sake of a little while longer, you could have it all.

There is an air of change around your close personal relationships – this is because you are undergoing a deep inner transformation, and this is giving you a whole new perspective of yourself and your life. This is not a bad thing, as you are likely to be in a position to explore new depths to your relationships – enjoy!


April is a time for renewal and resurrection for you. It is a time to inject new energy into your life – your home, your mind, your career, your relationships. This is not to say that it would be wise to throw everything up into the air for a shake-up, but do try to get your life a little more organised so that you have a little quiet time to reflect on the path ahead. In addition, if you time any forthcoming changes right, then the transition should be quite smooth and easy – so trust your instincts on this.

You have a great propensity for thinking outside of the box and this skill will serve you well in April as an opportunity comes your way that will take a little creative and inspired thought. Exactly what this involves only an Aquarian would know, but basically try not to take things at face value; what might seem like a non-runner of an opportunity could actually turn out to be just the thing you have been looking for.

Finally, you look set to meet a true kindred spirit this month, and this is likely to lead to some upheaval in connection to your feelings and emotions. The reason for this is that it will enable you to develop a far more relaxed and open emotional approach to life – somewhat unfamiliar territory for you…


April is not a month to be feeling coy and unsure of your gifts and talents, for the world is waiting for you to step out from the shadows and show them what you’re made of! Life is on the up, and with the Heavens behind you, this month looks set to be an exciting and fruitful time. You just need to have some self-belief, as well as the knowledge that you have some wonderful skills and gifts that the world needs – and even if you can only help a tiny corner of the world, it is worth the effort.

Change certainly seems to be in the air, and whilst this is overwhelmingly positive, you will need to be aware that this is likely to mean that there will be some major restructuring of your life and your routines. Try not to let this worry you though, as you now seem strong enough to take this in your stride. The reason for this is that you are becoming more and more re-connected to your inner well or source of strength, focus and energy; and this is a powerful force to guide you and keep you on track and focused in life. So, draw on this power source when you need to, and let it imbue your life with the happiness and joy that you deserve.