August 2020 Forecast

Message for August 2020

Life is full of instructions, guidelines, rules and regulations. There are things we must do, mustn’t do, really shouldn’t do and really should do. On the whole, these are designed to make things run more smoothly as we bumble along through life, for the good of us all. Whilst many of these rules are created by society, it seems we create far more of our own as we try to live the best life possible.

As we try to ‘fit’, blend in or become a bigger part of the whole, we often bend and flex, creating a list of ought’s, must’s and should’s, as well as a great many more rules along the way. After time, these can become the defining force in our lives as we lose sight of our intuition and sense of self. We measure our failures and successes by the rules we create for ourselves and can believe that unless we follow these rules or pre-scripted pathways then happiness or success can never be ours. As a result, we build walls around our hearts and souls as we lose sight of the life we were born to live and become lost in a maze of rules and regulations that, for the most part, we’ve created ourselves. Of course, rules have an important role to play in life, but when we feel compelled to follow the one’s we once set for ourselves even though we now know them not to complement our lives, then something needs to shift.

Of course, some of us are happy with the status quo of keeping on keeping on, never questioning the rules or the bigger picture. Yet there are a great many of us who long for a new way of living and being, with a new structure and shape to life. August looks set to be a month for each of us to have a good re-think about the lives we lead and the rules we follow and why. This isn’t about laws or government direction, it’s about those little rules we create for ourselves that play great power in our everyday lives. Those rules that can hold us back from embracing our hearts desires. These rules can take over as everything is shaped by ought, must or should, and this leaves no room for inspiration or dreams. Life isn’t just about getting from a to b, surely it’s about living the best life possible and having the best journey?

It can be unquestionably hard to change our inner dialogue when we have followed the same scripts for years. It can also be arduous to challenge ourselves, particularly when those around us have no plans to look at their own bigger picture or change. As a result, this can feel like a lonely path, and it may feel a little drafty out there in the cold, yet intuitively we know it’s time to live more wholeheartedly and consciously. It’s important to realise that we are never truly alone, even on those days when we feel isolated or disconnected from other like-minded souls, we intuitively sense others walking the path.

It’s not easy re-writing the rule book, but the more we see just how much our lives are shaped by this conditioning as well as the storylines that accompany them, the more we realise that they no longer have to take the lead. It’s time to break free from the prisons we create for ourselves in order to live more consciously. This isn’t about being a rebel, this is about truly listening to our hearts and souls in order to live in a more enriching way.

Life is continuing to shift as we ride the waves of a new way of living and being. The ‘to do’ lists that once shaped life continue to fade away as we focus on our true priorities, letting go of the clutter, distractions, ought’s and must’s as we go. Whilst we can never completely escape from having things to do, people to see and places to go, we’re ready now to live more consciously and to make every second count.

I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to go through a powerful period of re-assessment and re-focus, you are beginning to unravel the ‘to do’ list of your life. The more you spend time reviewing your ‘to do’ list, the more you are realising just how much inessential clutter, ought’s, must’s and should’s have appeared on the list over the years. As a result, many of your true priorities have ended up languishing near the bottom of the list, almost forgotten as you’re simply too busy and too distracted to give them time or energy. The more you re-assess your life, the more you are finding a sense of delight in re-connecting to these priorities as you begin to think about what you truly want in life. You have reached a threshold of change and now seem ready to say farewell to lots of the clutter on your list in order to focus on the things you intuitively know are important to you.

Of course, there will always be at least some duties and responsibilities that feel like ought’s, but on the whole, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to let go and set yourself free. Now, your stubborn streak may feel like this is quitting or giving up, it’s neither, it’s actually you affirming your own worth and acknowledging the need to prioritise your own needs for a change. You won’t ever stop being the generous, loving and caring soul that you are, but you do need to create a stronger sense of balance. Life doesn’t have to always be about keeping on keeping on, you know this more than anyone, so allow yourself the freedom to live the life you were born to lead. It’s time to honour yourself by being yourself, and to allow your ‘to do’ list to become more of ‘I really want this’ list. Shift the dynamic and everything changes…


August looks set to be something of a period of inner awakening and self-realisation for you as you begin to seek out a new level of balance and harmony in your life. For a long time now the pendulum of your life has been swinging quite wildly as you’ve tried so hard to accommodate the needs and wishes of everyone around you. Although you’ve managed this well, at a deeper level you are weary of the effort needed to sustain this in the long term. Whilst you will always do your best to support and care for others, you are ready now to focus on your own needs for a while. Over recent weeks and months you have started on a journey of awakening your soul, re-connecting to the essence of what you truly want in life. At the same time, you have turned to face truth and asked yourself some potentially difficult questions in terms of what happens next.

Of course, this is not an easy question to answer as you have spent so much of your life being the rock for others that you’ve lost sight of your magnificent self and measured your worth by how much you could do for others. Now you find yourself at this point of awakening and not feeling quite sure where you are or what happens next. This is exciting and wonderful though, as it means you can pick up the pen and start writing the next chapter; in other words, what happens next is very much in your hands. As you know, nothing in life is guaranteed, as the path weaves unpredictability, however the more clarity you have in terms of what you want, the more power you have to start creating it. So, let your heart and soul lead the way as it’s time now to believe in yourself and to take a big deep breath of life…


You have been on quite a journey over recent months (even years), you have gazed deeply within your heart and soul, and gazed deeply into the universe trying to seek out answers to the many unanswered questions you have in life. As one of life’s great thinkers, seeking out answers is something you do very naturally as it’s your way of making sense of the world and it has brought you a rich sense of wisdom as you have explored so far and into unchartered terrain. However, there is a down-side to this quest as your focus is so often on seeking out answers to questions in order to make sense of life, that your life is often on hold until you find those answers. It’s as though you can’t move forward until you get ‘the answers’ as the answers shape and define the choices you make, however, you can’t always get the answers you seek and life moves on anyway, so maybe it’s time to be more conscious in this process once more?

This isn’t about not asking questions, nor is it a suggestion to stop thinking, it’s more of a reminder to be in the moment in order to ride the waves consciously as it’s important to acknowledge that they continue to ebb and flow whether you’re riding them or not. Don’t let life move on whilst you’re waiting for the answers, embrace each moment and trust that the answers will find their own way. Of course, some questions never have answers, so it’s also important to let go at times and realise that you can’t always know everything about everything; sometimes you just have to take a breath and take a chance. In essence, this is a reminder not to become stuck, but to wholeheartedly embrace your life, to accept the unknowable nature of your existence and to find balance between seeking wisdom and the joy of being you…


Being your true self continues to remain at the heart of your consciousness throughout August as you discover new ways to wholeheartedly embrace your life. You have been keeping on keeping on for so long that it may feel very alien to look up and have a think about your true priorities, but you seem ready now as you have become so aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be that you know you can’t ignore it any longer. In many ways, your true priorities may feel out of reach and beyond your everyday life, however this belief has been shaped by the keeping on keeping on which has slowly eroded your self-awareness and ability to believe in yourself. All is not lost, you simply need to re-connect to your heart and soul more in order to realise that you no longer have to be mindful of the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you need to focus on the latter and bring it into consciousness.

In fact, the more you focus on the gap, the larger it becomes. It’s a bit like someone in your ear shouting ‘mind the gap’ like the announcements at the train station, after a while it becomes so engrained that you don’t even notice you’re minding the gap. It’s time to awaken from auto-pilot in order to reclaim your state of presence and sense of self-awareness. Keeping on keeping on has enabled you to move through life relatively uneventfully but you long for more now. Of course, changing the status quo is likely to rock the apple cart, but you seem more than ready for a new adventure. So, instead on focusing on what you don’t have, think about all that you do have. Feel your consciousness expanding as a new chapter begins…


Your longing to roar freely like the free spirit you know yourself to be grows ever stronger in August as you begin to step beyond the perceived boundaries of your life and towards new terrains of thinking, belief and ideals. For a long time now you have been acutely aware of the walls you’ve built around your life, not so much to keep others out, but to contain your own sense of self as life has been frenetic and chaotic. Of course, others still come and go through these walls, but you have fortified them to maintain the status quo as best as you can. Yet, intuitively you’re not really sure why you’ve done this, after all, your strength and courage enable you to face even the biggest challenges with gusto and passion. It seems that you built the walls more to try to protect the people close to you, to help support and sustain them.

Whilst you have done a fantastic job, the result is a towering wall around your heart and soul that is misplaced and causing something of an obstacle to your free-spirited nature. Roaming is your natural state of being; not necessarily physical roaming, but spiritually, creatively and energetically as you are a free-flowing energy. Taking care of others is what you do, but you intuitively know there are many ways to do this and sometimes being too protective can be destructive rather than positive. It’s time to continue to re-assess why you do what you do and to find ways of creating more room in your life in order for your true nature to re-surface. Roaring is an expression of your creativity, courage and effervescence, it’s about standing in your power and letting your true essence flow free. You can still be that support to others, but don’t you owe it to yourself to be yourself? It’s time to roar, go on, give it a try…


You have always been one of life’s thinkers and you are an archaeologist of the soul trying to unearth new treasures and sources of wisdom from deep within your being. Over the years you have mastered the art of this inner quest, you have a plethora of specialist tools all around you and are painstakingly thorough to ensure you capture everything there is to know. You are digging, re-digging and digging again seeking out clarity and direction, wanting to know why things are the way they are. Much of your energy is channelled into this process as you keep digging, knowing that at some point you will reach the bottom and unearth all there is to know. Yet, at the same time, you know your inner world is infinite and unknowable, so how does that correlate?

It seems that digging has become something of a distraction as it keeps you focused on trying to find ways to be the best that you can be rather than just being the best that you can be. It shifts your focus towards trying to reach that promised land of self-discovery and away from the promised land of the present moment. Whilst you will never stop seeking out wisdom and clarity, there is a need to grab hold of life in the here and now. You don’t need to master the art of being an archaeologist as you already are one, you can access the same information using the power of your intent, you don’t need classes or workshops to know how to do it. In essence, it’s time to believe in yourself more, to stop feeling like you’re not enough as you are now and to find joy in this moment. The pot of gold of clarity you seek is already in your heart and soul, you don’t need to dig to find it, just be yourself and the wisdom flows…


As you continue to look beyond the perceived boundaries of your life, you are beginning to feel a rising sense of excitement and anticipation at the prospect of exploring pastures new. Something, as yet undefinable, has shifted deep within you, and this is inspiring and empowering you to re-shape and re-define your life. The things that once seemed so important are falling away as your true priorities re-surface. Although you like to understand such shifts, this seems like a time to trust the flow and to let your phenomenal intuition lead the way as this is a period of energetic change that is beyond both words and thoughts. If you try to unpick it you could thwart the process as your mind is likely to over-think and over-analyse but go with it and you could just find yourself transported into a brand-new dawn. It’s time to let your wisdom and life experience lead the way now as you have so much knowledge to share.

It’s important not to put expectation above the value of contentment, so don’t try to measure your success by conventional measures as this is about spiritual enrichment. You have reached a stage of living enlightenment where conscious awakening is driving the flow of your life now; you are moving away from striving to do more, be more and achieve more and opening up your heart and soul to joy. This takes courage and strength, wisdom and self-belief, and whilst all of these have faltered at times, you have them all in abundance. You don’t need to ‘go get them’, you have them already; just breathe deeply and re-centre and they are with you. Life doesn’t have to be complicated to be rewarding, in fact, often it’s the simpler the better as complication leads to over-thinking and over-analysing. Focus on the purity of what makes your heart sing and let the details take care of themselves…


As you continue to break down barriers in all areas of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to step beyond the storylines that have shaped and defined your life for so long. Everyone has storylines as these are a part of being human; we carve out beliefs and ideals that are forged through our interactions with others. Many storylines are positive, but some have a somewhat more detrimental impact on life, and it’s these storylines that are moving into prime position to be changed. You may not initially be particularly aware of these storylines as they’ve become an integral part of your life (and belief system) over the years. So, you may not have noticed their impact on your life and you may not have realised that they have the potential to be re-written or changed completely.

As a fluid soul, the story of your life is heavily entwined with others, so it can be hard to know where you end and where others begin. As a result, you may struggle to know if a particular storyline is even yours in the first place, as you have bent yourself out of shape over the years in order to accommodate the needs and wants of others. However, even though there may be an element of confusion for you, it’s important to realise that you don’t have to stay in a story unless you choose to. Of course, life isn’t always as simple as this, but you get the gist as you are not a powerless pawn, you are an inspired soul with more than enough power and potential to re-shape and re-write the path ahead. It’s time now to change the record to one that’s far more life-affirming and more in line with your own beliefs. Take some time out to re-centre and let your intuition lead the way…


As you continue to become more self-aware and awakened, there is a sense that you are looking at your life from a fresh perspective. Things that once seemed so important have fallen away leaving you with a core collection of aspirations and ideals. Although you are a complex soul, you long for a simpler life, away from the complexity and contradiction of modern day living. Whilst you thrive on the interaction and fast-pace, at heart you need space, quiet and time for reflection as you’re simply not built to sustain the 24/7 pace of the 21st century. You are undoubtedly extremely adaptable and your innovative and creative prowess means you can put your mind to most things that come your way, but there is a strong sense of a need for quiet. It’s a bit like walking the throng at the seaside with all the slot machines, fairground rides and voices, and then suddenly walking up a cliff and being at one with the elements and away from the buzz of modern life.

You walk in both worlds, but your heart and soul seem to be longing for more time with the elements and nature in order to find a deeper sense of connection within your heart and soul. You navigate through life well, but you know that to truly find yourself, you need to be away from the trappings of the modern world as they are energetically quite invasive. As with everything in life, there is a choice: you can carry on straddling both worlds trying to make the best of the opportunities that come your way, or you can step back for a while in order to find a deeper sense of peace to guide you. Sometimes less is more and whilst this isn’t a motto that would usually fit you, it does now as this is your time to find a new way of living and being…


You have spent a great deal of time trying to make sense of your life, trying to find the answers and trying to establish balance. Whilst you are wise enough to know that you may never know the answers to some of the questions you have, you still like to turn each stone in case the answer lies beneath. Of course this is understandable, but when you step back to look at the bigger picture and see that your standing on a shingle beach where there are literally thousands of stones, you begin to wonder how much energy you should expend on such a task. This isn’t to say you should stop seeking answers to questions or stop looking for wisdom, it’s more a reminder to keep things in perspective and to stop giving yourself such a hard time for not knowing everything you feel you ought to know. Life inevitably ends up being about ought, must and should, as well as ought not, must not and should not, however you know that there is far more to life than this.

As a realist it can sometimes be hard for you to look at the bigger picture as you are so focused on keeping on keeping on, but you seem ready for more now. It’s time to stop feeling like you always have to get life right and to realise the value in making mistakes or taking the wrong turn. Life isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about the wisdom accrued through the imperfection of being human. It’s important to start listening to your formidable intuition in order to live your life more consciously and to shift the focus away from what you don’t yet know, towards what you do know. Breathe life into your hopes and dreams once again as you’re ready now to embrace life more wholeheartedly and to step into unchartered terrain…


You often ask yourself why your life is driven by so many questions that seem to have so few answers. Despite your intuitive understanding that life is, by its very nature, inherently unknowable, there are times when you feel overwhelmed with the disparity between your need for clarity and the reality of not knowing. It could be easy to become lost in this dynamic as pushing for answers can become the driving force as it shapes a need to connect the dots before you can make choices and decisions about your path ahead. However, waiting for the answers can leave you hovering on the periphery of life with your focus on what’s missing rather than on what you already have.

It’s time for you to start thinking about connecting your intuition with what you truly want in life. You are not a hamster in a wheel, and there will always be an element of ‘not knowing’ and uncertainty in life as that’s just part of living and breathing. You’re intuitive enough to ride the waves of this uncertainty and find ways to flourish and thrive despite not knowing what’s around the next corner. Your inner power is formidable so why not channel this towards finding ways to work with the uncertainty and befriend it rather than feeling like it’s something you need to conquer before you can ‘move on’? The more you can find ways to thrive, the more brightly your inner light will shine, but the more you feel overwhelmed with the dichotomy of wanting answers but not getting them, the more your light will dim from view. This may sound obvious, but when you’re in the middle of this dynamic it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. August looks set to be a pivotal time for you to set yourself free and find new ways to thrive…


Dancing free in the currents of life continues to be a powerful mantra for you throughout August. In some ways there’s no need to say any more, yet in other ways, you’re not exactly sure what dancing free in the currents of life actually means. It’s easy to create a string of water analogies to reflect your state of being from a fish swimming, navigating a ship or even facing a maelstrom, yet, none of these quite fit you at the current time as you have reached a stage of your life where you are ‘beyond the watery depths’ and shifted towards a different level of consciousness. In many ways, there is a sense of passivity about being a water soul, drifting along with the flow, and although you know that there is nothing passive about you, it can sometimes be easy to slip into the archetypal stereotype and lose sense of your strength and power.

Whilst you will always be a water soul, you are far more than the currents as your vibrant essence dances with multiple different levels of awareness. It’s important to remember that you’re a wisdom being, tenacious and compassionate, loving and kind, and all of these qualities radiate from your heart and soul with sincerity and authenticity. Although there are times when you genuinely do become lost in the storms of life, when you take a deep breath and re-centre, you realise that you are never truly lost as your intuition will guide you. Of course, there are times when it all feels too much as you are so interconnected, but you also know that you thrive with the power of the currents as this gives you inspiration and motivation. You’ve reached a new dawn, a new chapter of self-awareness as you seek out more balance in your life. Dance with the currents – and beyond – as you journey towards pastures new…