Chiron and The Shaman

Chiron has always been known as the wounded healer, and many of us with a ‘calling’ have ‘chosen’ the path of the shaman (the healer). There is debate whether we choose the path or if it chooses us, but that is a whole other discussion.

Looking at the wounded healer, it seems clear that many of us on the path of healing have our own wounds to face and deal with. It is believed in fact that the true path of the shaman is in facing challenges such as loss, abandonment, grief, neglect, pain, or depression…

It is only once a shaman has faced one or all of these challenges, and found the path of self-healing that they are prepared enough to heal others. Now some people would not agree with this, but traditionally this was the way of the shaman.

Shamanic work (like all other forms of healing) is about energy. We live in a vibrational universe, everything is energy and so everything is interconnected. Working with energy therefore enables the healer to work in flow with the universe and to trust the natural guidance of the universe.

Coming back to Chiron, it was through his suffering that Chiron turned to healing others. He made his incurable wound his gift. And so, like Chiron, we too can turn our suffering into our greatest gifts. It can be hard to see at the time, but very often we see healers helping others who have been through similar trauma to themselves – think about ex-addicts helping addicts, cancer survivors helping those still battling the disease and so on.

Once a shaman has faced his inner demons and journeyed within, he/she knows the terrain, they know every lump, swamp, and obstacle. This enables them to navigate the terrain for others, to help others to heal and overcome the challenges in their lives.

The Shaman or healer listens to the whispers of Spirit or the Divine and these whispers enable the healer to heal themselves and to discover the key to healing others. So it is important to have quiet moments to listen to these whispers, to seek guidance from the Divine.

Understanding Chiron in our birth charts can enable us to see to the core of our healing gifts or powers. He can help us to understand our wounds and to find ways of not only healing ourselves, but in healing others as well.

Chiron is currently in retrograde in a sacred dance with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, which means that this is a time to understand our ‘wounds’ and to start to use our ability to listen to the ‘whispers’ to gain guidance and direction about our paths ahead.

It is a time to embrace Chiron the wounded healer, Chiron the Shaman.