Cosmic Babbling…

Being on the verge of a life-changing, life-altering decision it’s hard to not over-read the messages of the planets. These celestial ‘know-it-all’s’ know not only what is, but also what’s been and what’s coming as well.

Writing the Planet Whisperer Blog I often think of my own life situations and how it fits me at the moment, which I guess is the point. But after advising everyone not to shoot the messenger (see previous entry), I began to analyse this in context with the afore-mentioned life-altering decision. It worried me!

I started to wonder if I wouldn’t hear the news I was hoping for, and if I didn’t then I would probably be devastated, but I couldn’t be cross, because I couldn’t shoot the messenger. After those few breath defying seconds, I calmed down and started to think rationally once again.

After all, things happen for a reason, and whether or not they happen as we hope or expect, then we have to see the bigger picture behind this.

Of course, babbling, jabbering and prattling about cosmic events on this blog does not make me an oracle, I am not gifted with a full picture of how things will be. I see trends and pictures of how things might be, but there are so many variables that at the end of the day, anything is still possible.

I then started to think about NIMBY (not in my back yard), and just how prone we all are to these feelings whether it comes to nuclear power stations, waste disposal or the influence of a mischievous little planet. We are happy to share wisdom and hand out advice, but when it comes to our own mountains to climb, we do not want to hear that it might not be as easy as we hope.

I like to see myself as an observer, but I also need to remember that I am a participant as well! So, I guess the lesson is that whilst I observe and comment on cosmic events, I need to remember that they influence me just as much as the next person…!

P.S. – I got the new I was hoping for!