December 2021 Forecast

Message for December 2021

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of another year. As we gaze back we can see a plethora of trials, tribulations and challenges, both personally and collectively. It would be easy just to see all the hardship we have each endured, as well as the collective troubles we have faced as a society, as it’s hard to escape the news and 24/7 interconnectedness of the modern world. Perhaps we are hard-wired to see the struggles as a way to measure happiness or success? We do this individually as well, as we focus on those aspects we feel are wrong, rather than acknowledging everything that’s good about ourselves. Yet why? Why do we think it’s okay to denigrate and criticise ourselves so harshly? Surely until we can each love ourselves wholeheartedly and tenderly, the world will never truly change? Surely until we can change our inner dialogues of ‘not enough’ then how can we shift the collective consciousness?

None of us are perfect, and it’s important to realise that there really is no such thing as perfect as it’s just a perception. One person’s perfect is another’s idea of hell. So, letting go of perfection and embracing the wonderful imperfect array of imperfection in ourselves, each other and the world is a step towards living more wholeheartedly with compassion and a true depth of understanding.

Every thought we have has an impact. Every thought plants a seed, and if we plant a sea of spiky, impenetrable negativity, then it’s not surprising to see this echo out into all aspects of life. Perception matters as it shapes and defines experience. We are programmed to grow, learn and evolve, but we so often only find that growth when we try to fix what’s ‘wrong’. Yet ‘wrong’, like perfection, is seen differently by different people. It also places caveats on life as we wait until we’re fixed or perfect before we make choices or live our best lives.

Maybe it’s time for a seed change? Instead of trying to fix what’s wrong or imperfect, we cultivate the desire for happiness, joy and contentment? Not seeing these as a by-product of fixing what’s wrong, but by cultivating them in their own right? If we keep focusing on trying to fix what’s wrong, we will never get to the horizon. Surely only by accepting the present moment and opening up our hearts towards happiness and joy, can we start to grow a new wave of living and interacting?

It therefore seems clear to see why, when we look back, we so often see the things that went wrong as they seem bigger and out of proportion to everything else. We look for what’s wrong as we want to fix it and make it better. At the same time, challenges take their toll and can stay in our consciousness for a long time. Yet, when good things happen, we might embrace them but quickly get lost in the humdrum once again. So, maybe we need to shift our focus and acknowledge the good stuff, the beautiful stuff and the amazing? Maybe this will quieten the inner critics and allow us to open up our hearts and souls towards cultivating joy and happiness?

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, nor are we given a timeframe for living. So, it seems important to let go of the self-criticism and inner judgement in order to cultivate our capacity to love, learn and grow. Life is short; no one knows what’s around the next corner, so why not live life as well as we possibly can? Stop hiding behind self-judgement and start living wholeheartedly once again. The challenges of the last couple of years should be enough to inspire each and every one of us to unify and to live life as fully as possible. Life will always bring challenges, but when we also start to see the amazing and the positive, the balance shifts and we find the capacity for happiness and joy. It doesn’t eradicate the challenges, but it opens us up to the true potential of life.

So, this is a time to look back with warmth, to celebrate the good things, to acknowledge the challenges with tenderness and love, to let go of criticism and hate, and to open up our hearts towards love. We each have the power to transform our lives, and collectively this power knows no limits…


Dear friends and kindred spirits,

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For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As the warmth from the bright light of your soul continues to twinkle and sparkle with energy, enthusiasm and effervescence, there is a sense that you are nearing something of a turning point in your life. Looking back over the last year, it would be easy to see all of the many challenges you’ve experienced. There have been times when you’ve felt as though you’ve been lurching out of one challenge into the next, and there have been times when lots of challenges have come along at once with the ferocity to knock you off your feet. Yet, you’re still standing and your inner light is still shining brightly, so whilst it’s easy to see these challenges blurring into one great big heap of stuff, you are stronger, more resilient and more wholehearted than ever before. So, it seems important to not only step back to look at all of the challenges, but to open up to the good bits, as 2021 has been a year for so much positive shift.

Your open-hearted and open-minded perspective has allowed you to navigate through some difficult times of your life and it has enabled you to learn some important lessons in terms of your own courage and strength, as your inner light always finds a way of shining through. You have a willingness to turn to face life with your eyes wide open and to deal with whatever each day brings you, and this has enabled you to live more consciously and to walk through life feeling connected, awake and aware. Of course, this has presented its own challenges as you are more ‘exposed’ to the elements of life and you have been more able to touch the raw emotion of each experience, yet your courage shines so brightly and it will inspire you to embrace the next chapter of your life with passion, creativity and belief…


As you continue to explore and contemplate the concept of happiness in your life, it seems you are beginning to realise just how much of yourself you give to others. Of course, giving is a wonderful thing, but as you give, give and give a bit more, there is rarely much left for you. Whilst you might thrive on being ‘the one who gives’, sometimes you need to give some of that love, generosity and compassion to yourself as you’re not an insignificant piece of the puzzle of your life. It can be hard to step back, say ‘no!’ or even listen to your own needs, but it’s necessary now as you are approaching a much-anticipated period of shift and forward movement in your life as you near the end of a long period of uncertainty. Being ‘the one who gives’ fills your life with distractions, but some inner quiet is asked for now in order for you to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out.

For a long time now, you have been hovering between here and there, in a kind of stasis between where you are and where you feel you need to be, and this has left you restless. Yet your soul actually remains strong and steadfast, it’s just the view has become clouded by a constant flow of distractions and hiccups. It could be said that your tendency to fill your life with giving so much to others is a distraction technique that keeps you away from acknowledging that you’re not completely sure of where you want to be; you have an inkling of a sense of direction, but when it boils down to it, you have no clear answer. This is your time now to re-focus in order to create a clearer sense of what you truly want in life in order to make it happen…


Listening to your heart and soul continues to take centre stage throughout December as you explore some new ways to find joy and happiness. Your life has been one of ebb and flow lately; you have sometimes felt like the master of your own destiny, but there have also been times when you’ve felt like a piece of driftwood being carried along by the currents in stormy seas. These experiences have left you with a sense that whilst life often feels like a bundle of random, incongruent, haphazard and indiscriminate moments, on a deeper level, there’s more of a sense of a pathway for you to follow and explore. It can be hard to see the bigger picture when you’re being tossed about in stormy seas, but you are intuitive enough to know that you are heading in the right direction. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, believe in yourself and to trust your intuition. It’s easy to get carried along by the currents of life and to feel as though you just have to go along for the ride, but you are a creative, intuitive and wise soul, so you know this isn’t necessarily the case. It might make for a quieter life to go with the flow, but your soul is calling you to lift up your head and your heart in order to re-engage more consciously with the choices you make and the life you live.

Remember that whilst the choices you make, and don’t make, shape your life, it’s the actions and choices of others that can sweep you off your feet. It’s therefore not straightforward to simply follow your own flow as your life interacts with so many other’s at the same time. However, whilst you will always be aware of the needs of those around you, sometimes you have to honour your own needs first. You matter…


You have spent a great deal of time recently keeping on keeping on, moving along with the routine of your life. Whilst there’s a lot to be said for routine, it can also feel rather routine and lacklustre at the same time. There’s a sense that you have grown a little stifled with the ‘same old, same old’ and you are beginning to think of ways to expand and explore the possibility that sits beyond the horizon of routine. You have always had a sense of there being more to life, but you have often been too busy ‘keeping on’ to acknowledge or explore this. Yet, there is a growing sense of restlessness within your heart and soul, and whilst you still can’t put your finger on exactly what this is or what it means for you, you sense it’s a longing to find more enrichment in your life.

December looks set to be an opportunity for you to have a closer look at the inner workings of your soul in order to gain a clearer sense as to the things that nourish you and the things that don’t. Wisdom is step one! After this, you can begin to explore ways to bring happiness, joy and contentment into your life. You have always had extremely high expectations for yourself, so this is another area that needs a little bit of time and attention as you need to decide if pushing yourself so hard is as important as you think or is it more of a distraction technique keeping you from listening to your heart and soul to guide you? It’s an understandable thing to do, after all, your heart and soul look beyond keeping on and this takes you into unfamiliar territory. Yet, if your heart and soul long for this, maybe it’s time to find ways of living your best life…


December looks set to continue the theme of ‘less is more’ by triggering the beginning of a period of shedding the old and embracing the new. You seem ready to turn towards your heart and soul in order to find a new way of living and being, allowing your intuition to guide you. You have been waiting for such a shift for a very long time, so this is a transformation that has been on the cards as you have been hovering between the life you once lived, the life you are living and the life you intuitively know you were born to live. However, now this chapter of change is here, it’s important that you’re clear as to what you truly want to achieve. Are you seeking happiness? Fulfilment? Purpose? Meaning? Whilst the finer details usually take care of themselves, it seems important that you have clarity. After all, how can you prepare, pack or get ready if you don’t know where you’re going? Of course, no one can truly be sure of their destination, as no one can know what’s around the next corner, but you do need to create a vision of your goal in order to move forward.

In many ways, the lighter you travel and the more you shed, the more profound and strong your intuition will become as it’s not being weighed down by the stuff and clutter of life. Stuff isn’t just physical, it’s emotions, possessions, people, situations… De-cluttering is empowering and uplifting, but it can also invoke some powerful emotions, so do take the time to honour and acknowledge the process as wholeheartedly as possible. It can be unquestionably hard to be clear about what you want and what you don’t, but this is necessary to keep you focused and driven. You seem ready now to fly free with passion, courage and confidence…


As you continue to focus on embracing self-compassion in all areas of your life, there is a powerful sense of shift occurring from the inside, out. Although you have always been a hard taskmaster, expecting so much from yourself, you have (finally!) started to acknowledge the other areas of your life where you are thriving and flourishing. It’s easy to focus on the areas where you feel you could do more or be more, but this only serves to create a feeling of lack in your heart and soul. This isn’t to say you should give up on goals or dreams, but you should turn your focus more tenderly within and acknowledge just how wonderful you truly are. There can be no denying that your journey through life has had many twists and turns, as well as many ups and downs, so opening up to your full potential is something you have always strived to do, but struggled as you have never felt as though you were enough: you weren’t good enough, didn’t try hard enough etc. This way of thinking needs to stop. Now!

Not only are you enough, you’re so much more than you realise. The harder you push yourself, the greater sense of lack you create in your perspective, so it’s time to let this go now and find new ways to motivate and inspire yourself. You have accumulated a great deal of wisdom and knowledge over the years, and it’s time to use all of this to make the most of this chapter of change and shift. It’s time to embrace your creativity, to love your quirks and to honour your strengths and talents. Yes, there are always ways to do more or be more, but for now, where you are, in this moment, is exactly where you’re meant to be. Breathe deeply and set yourself free…


Being yourself and allowing your gifts to flow freely both look set to be themes that will continue in earnest throughout December as you discover new avenues of expression and start looking beyond the four walls of your everyday life. It’s hard to believe you are near the end of another year, and it’s been a year of challenge on many levels, yet it’s also been a year where you’ve grown closer to your soul and realised the importance of living your life and allowing your true essence to flow freely. This is something you’ve dreamed about for years, but the reality has been something of a wake-up call, as it means actually living your life and allowing your true essence to flow freely! There is a huge difference between thinking and doing, and as a natural thinker, you have thought about both for years.

However, now you have the opportunity to let your essence flow in order to live your best life, a layer of uncertainty has surfaced as you’re not exactly sure what it means to let your essence flow free. You have spent so long trying to be so much to so many and trying to be the person you felt you ought to be, you haven’t had the time to fully acquaint yourself with your true nature. Who are you? What makes your soul sing? What are your true priorities? It’s time to go beyond thinking about these now to start living them. It’s time to bring your wandering mind out of its haze of thoughts and possibilities in order to be here, now. Of course, your mind will always be the vibrant and wonderful chaotic whirlwind of thoughts, but this is a part of you and it’s time to let this flow freely now. Be the person you’ve dreamed about. There is no ‘do’ here, just be…


As you continue to find peace with the fluidity and uncertainty of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to find the joy in the meandering currents and see them as opportunities to discover new pathways to explore or new ideas to contemplate. It seems that the more willing you are to be fluid, the more the pace of your life dances and swirls like the free spirit within you. Your free spirit is cheeky, rambunctious and a little mischievous, but you have so often pushed this side of your nature away as it hasn’t had a clear place in the journey of your life. However, you have always felt a sense of lack as a result, which is not surprising as your free spirit is a fundamental part of what makes you, you. December looks set to be a time for you to connect to your creativity and spirituality more wholeheartedly in order to start taking your life a little less seriously and a little more lightly. This isn’t to say you should be shirking responsibilities, more that you need to stop carrying such a heavy burdensome ‘to do’ list on your shoulders all of the time. Let it go.

Your lively free spirit needs the room to dance and breathe, otherwise this can lead to a build-up of frustration and restlessness. You may find it hard to see how a rambunctious, cheeky free spirit can fit into your everyday life, but it’s with you all the time! You just need to decide if you want to keep containing this energy or if you want to embrace it more wholeheartedly in order to see where it takes you. Life is for living, and your free spirit brings creativity, wisdom and opportunities. It’s time now for you to decide if you are ready to light up your world from the inside, out…


It seems that no matter how hard you try, the ‘to do’ list of your life grows longer and longer. The more you tick off, the more items are added to the list. Of course, this is the case for everyone as there will always be new things to do, places to go or people to see. However, it seems more pertinent for you as there is an element of frustration at a deep level that you want to be free of ‘to do’ lists so you can live your life in a less tethered or structured way. This theme has surfaced regularly over the last few months as the beautiful song of your free spirit has been echoing throughout your heart and soul. There is a sense that you want to be free of ‘to do’ lists so you then have the time and space to live a freer and less tethered life, away from the humdrum of the modern world. Yet, at the same time, your ever-expanding mind is researching, innovating and exploring new ideas, so it’s no surprise that your ‘to do’ list gets longer.

Maybe instead of trying to ‘clear the decks’ in order to be free, you need to live free anyway? There will always be things to do as that’s the way of life, but this doesn’t have to stop you following your dreams? Of course, it would be wise to cross out many of those items on your list that aren’t really that important, as well as acknowledging that many are distractions and clutter, so it would be good to cultivate a more tender and compassionate approach to the expectations you have for yourself as being a hard taskmaster can leave you feeling like you are never enough. Lighten up the list, focus on your true priorities and believe that you already have the capacity to live a free life…


Cultivating space to breathe, as well as focusing on your true priorities both remain important throughout December as you start to ponder and contemplate the meanderings of your life. There is a sense you are beginning to think more about how you live your life and why. What drives your choices? What feeds your soul? What warms your heart? Another important question is beginning to surface connected to the way you live your life – do you let life lead the way or do you live wholeheartedly in the moment? In essence, do you drift with the currents, or do you live consciously in each and every moment? The gist of this is really to ascertain if you’re in the driving seat or are you being towed along as a passenger? You may feel that knowing the answer is irrelevant as you’re moving forward however you choose to travel, but intuitively you know life isn’t just about moving forwards, it’s about embracing your gifts, following your soul and living your best life.

If you’re being pulled along by the currents, do you ever get an opportunity to re-shape or re-define the essence of your life? There are lots of questions for you to ponder this month, but it seems important to take some time to go within and explore your answers as your choices shape your life. You seem ready to live more wholeheartedly, and this involves a willingness and courage to live the best life you can live. You have the self-belief, courage and strength to not only answer all of the above questions, but to acknowledge the choices you make and the way these shape your life. It’s time now to set a new intention for your path ahead and to see it as an opportunity to embrace your gifts in order to live your very best life…


As you continue to listen to the calls of your soul, there is a sense that you are opening up to living a more intuitive and creative life. For such a long time, you have given so much of yourself to others, so channelling some of this energy towards yourself might feel strange or even indulgent, but it’s not, it’s needed now as you have reached a turning point of self-compassion, as well as a recognition that your own needs and dreams are important. It seems that the more you can turn towards your soul, a deeper sense of peace will surface inspiring you to find peace with your busy and wandering mind. You have spent a long time walking a path that has been shaped and defined by society and by the expectations of others. Whilst this has brought you great rewards, it has also taken you away from the calling of your soul as you have been too busy to listen.

It seems a little paradoxical that you spend so much of your life dreaming about living your life without boundaries, but then creating so many boundaries yourself in order to live your life! No one ever said being you was easy! Yet, there is no judgement here, just an acknowledgement of the true complexity of what being a vibrant, intuitive human-being can mean. It seems important for you to acknowledge that it is, on the whole, you that builds boundaries and restrains your inner wanderer. This isn’t ‘wrong’, but acknowledging this tendency shifts the focus and energy back into your hands so you are able (if you choose) to change this. It’s time to stop pulling yourself in different directions and to find ways to unify the calls of your soul with your everyday life. Let your soul light up and lead the way…


Flourishing, thriving and dancing in the rain are all themes that have taken centre stage over recent months as ways to try to inspire and empower you to live your life well even when times are challenging. ‘Dancing in the rain’ is a gentle way of saying life’s been uphill and difficult, which is something of an understatement as you have been trying to navigate stormy seas without a compass, helm or even a boat! Yet, despite the burden of challenge, you have made an important realisation: you are resilient. There is no doubt that you are resilient, wise and strong, but there is a sense that you are weary with having to be any of these just to get through each day. There is a part of you that wants to be able to ‘switch off’ for a while, hibernating away from the stresses and strains of your everyday life.

Of course, everyone has challenges, but as you are so energetically open and sensitive, you pick up on the pain, struggle and suffering of everyone around you as well. This can make for a hefty burden to carry, and whilst you have found ways to step back, you can’t switch off as you have no idea as to where you end and where those around you begin; you’ve all blurred and merged together into a non-defined whole. Although you have always lived your life this way, you desperately need some breathing space and time to be in your own head and heart with your own feelings, emotions and needs, as you need to reconnect to your whole self once again. Yet, how to extricate yourself from such a tangle? Life isn’t an equation and there are no clear-cut answers, and the more you look for ‘the answer’, the more questions you are likely to unearth. So, breathe deeply and let your soul show you the way…