Emancipation & Letting Go…

Well, it certainly seems that Saturn’s retrograde dance has caused a big shift within many of us. Many of my clients have been experiencing a sense of clearing and release when it comes to their own paternal relationships (both inner and outer). In addition, the feeling of taking full responsibility for our lives and choices has had quite a profound impact on so many people (including myself).

There is a sense of emancipation – a feeling that we are finally becoming free. This may seem a little strange – after all aren’t we striving towards unity and the collective? This may be so, but in order to be truly free and united, we need to be free and united within ourselves. Therefore, the idea of emancipation starts to make much more sense.

Being fully accountable and responsible is no easy task – and many people shy away from it, using self-made illusions and beliefs to avoid the inevitable realisation. However, it is the only way forwards if we are to become the free, enlightened beings that we dream of.

Part of this process avoids letting go of the inessential in our lives. We are all guilty of cluttering up our homes, bodies and minds with things that we simply no longer need. We hold onto possessions because they hold sentimental value or because they were a bargain – but do we truly need them? After all, the sentimental thoughts don’t vanish just because we don’t possess the item any more do they?

Think of all our attachments as threads connecting us, binding us – this has the effect of the fly in a spider’s web, entangled and imprisoned. These threads bear down on us, weighing on our shoulders, using up much needed energy as we struggle to find freedom. The more we struggle, the more entangled we become. The more we let go, the freer we become.

Stuff is everywhere, and the more stuff we have, the less room we have to bring the new into our lives. This does not only work on the physical level – surely a mind free from clutter is a healthier mind? In addition, the ability to let go of the inessential is a mind-set – thinking this way enables a new wave of free thinking to enter our lives. So, how we think affects how we act and so on.

What seems clear is that choice comes very strongly into this equation – a choice whether to embrace retrograde Saturn or to carry on with heads buried in the sand. Certainly from the work I have been doing with clients, many are choosing to embrace this challenge, to finally set themselves free. As I said, it’s a choice – it’s up to you…