February 2018 Forecast

Message for February 2018

If we take a moment to step back to look at the bigger picture of our lives, we begin to see the beliefs, thoughts and ideals that have shaped and carved our passage through time, and we can see the pathways we have walked and the avenues we have explored, as well as the dead-ends we have faced and the new terrain we have discovered; we can see how we have evolved and grown through the good times and the bad, and we gain a stronger sense of self as a result.

In many ways, our journey through life is a random collection of hotchpotch, incongruent happenings and experiences and it’s easy to get lost in the detail of this as we do our best to keep on keeping on, but when we step back we can begin to see the patterns and cycles that weave their way through our lives like single-coloured threads in a tapestry. The closer we look at the detail, the more threads we see, and it is only when we step back that we can see the fuller picture in all of its majesty. Yet, the details matter no less than the bigger picture, as each one needs the other. Understanding how the threads weave and come together enables the masterpiece to take shape and form. However, gazing too deeply at the individual threads can lead to confusion as the bigger picture is no longer visible and the threads may then not appear to be part of anything else.

Living in the 21st century brings its challenges as we are constantly interconnected and plugged in. Our senses are often over-stimulated, and this can lead to an inability to even see the needle, let alone the threads or the tapestry itself. We rarely get moments when the phone isn’t tinging or bleeping or a new post on social media isn’t distracting us; the news is broadcast 24/7 and there is no clear start or finish to the day as we live in a global community. Many live in concrete jungles which are vibrant and energetic, but frenetic and noisy at the same time. It’s as though modern living doesn’t allow for breathing spaces and it’s become intolerable for many.

So, it’s easy to see how so many get caught up in a world that feels devoid of meaning and depth, and, no matter how hard we try to find happiness, it can feel out of reach as life feels too complex and polarised, disjointed and disconnected. Combine this with the everyday complexities of being human, as well as the soul-level shifts of spiritual awakening, and it’s not surprising that so many of us are feeling energetically dishevelled and discombobulated.

However, all is not lost. Sometimes we need to take a stand. We need to reach for the ‘off’ button and switch off our phones, TV’s, tablets and computers – even for a few hours. We can take a walk in nature, watch the sunset or listen to a bird singing, and this can all be found in inner cities as well if we look. There is so much pressure in modern living: unanswered emails banging on the door, a ‘read’ notification on a message implying the sender is being ignored if not immediately responded to and the constant noise and light all around. Creating some breathing space allows each of us to breathe more deeply into life and to step back from being caught up in the hamster wheel of keeping on keeping on so we can begin to see the bigger picture once again. With clarity brings renewed hope and focus, and February looks set to be a month for tapping into this in order to re-shape and re-define what’s truly important in life.

In a world that is constantly awake we sometimes need to step in and be silent. This is a basic need which can feel like a luxury but it’s a necessity. Even just a few minutes here and there is enough as it’s our willingness to switch off that begins the process of re-establishing equilibrium. Sadly, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and although it’s easy to follow the flock, sometimes we need to realise that we are not sheep, we are all unique individuals with unique needs. This is the time to listen to our own inner needs and to give them the space and freedom to thrive…

With love,



As you continue to peel back layer upon layer of your inner world, you are beginning to gain a much stronger sense as to what makes you tick, and you are finding out what makes you thrive and what doesn’t. Some of this may come as something of a surprise for you as you have always had a strong sense of self and personal destiny, so you have built up some powerful beliefs and philosophies over the years. However, as you are now discovering, some of your strategies for life were based more on keeping on keeping on and surviving in an unpredictable world rather than on embracing your true gifts and stepping into unchartered terrain. Of course, there is much to be said for focusing on keeping on keeping on as it’s this strategy that has helped you to build foundations in life but there is a sense that you have, on a deep level, felt as though you are somehow sacrificing a part of yourself in the process as you have felt like a bird caged and unable to fly.

Whilst you have built a wonderful nest in the cage and you have almost everything you need, you cannot help but look beyond the bars and wonder ‘what if’. There is a profound sense of you feeling a clear boundary between where you are and where you want to be, and this has stifled your creativity a great deal. As a result, you have often found yourself sitting on the periphery of your life, gazing longingly at the life you perceive to be out of reach, yet, why? This is your big question to ponder in February as it’s time now you for you to realise that the cage has no door and you are free to fly whenever you choose…


There are moments in your life that have been truly extraordinary and special; points in time where your life has been transformed or you have been touched by the magic of inspiration or the wonder of life. You can, on the whole, vividly recall such moments as they have proven to be pivotal on the path you’ve walked. There are obviously also some moments which you try hard to forget although these can never truly be forgotten or erased as they form a part of the rich landscape of your life. Yet, there are many more moments in between the two which are more pedestrian and mundane – the seemingly incongruent bits and pieces of everyday living. Such moments keep the wheels turning and act like the glue that holds everything together as they help you to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. At the same time, it’s the everyday moments that meld together to shape and define a great deal of your life as many of the choices you make are formed from this ‘glue’.

Although you accept this, there is a part of you rather fed up with the monotony of the mundane in your life and you are longing to find some extra magic and sparkle. Although you do ‘keeping on keeping on’ really well, you want more than this as your essence is looking for ways to thrive, expand and blossom as you allow your creativity to flow more freely. Although your head may not feel this to be appropriate as you are simply too busy with the business of everyday life, your heart disagrees and it’s time now for you to forge a truce as you know only too well that there is always room for the magical and extraordinary in your life – you just have to let it in…


February looks set to be a month for exploring the pauses in your life: the spaces within the spaces. It’s hard to captivate the essence of this and articulate it in a way that’s black and white, as it’s simply too nebulous and out of reach. The spaces between the spaces are things like the moment between the in-breath and the out-breath, the silent gaps amongst the cacophony of modern day living and those magical times where you are captivated in a moment of beauty such as the setting sun or watching a bird soaring through the thermals. During such moments, time seems to slow down and come to a brief pause allowing you to breathe more deeply into the world and, at the same time, allowing life to breathe more deeply into you. Although you are well aware of these pauses, there is a sense that the more you bring them into consciousness, the more you will begin to see the ways in which they all join up.

Life is often busy and full of distractions, so the spaces within the spaces may feel like little isolated bubbles of magic popping up here and there, but they are, in fact, a continuous flow and you seem ready now to step back a little from the distractions in order to see the bigger picture. You may wonder the point of such an exercise, but try not to, as over-thinking this will make it harder for you to be willing to step into the moment consciously allowing your mind, body and soul to awaken to a new chapter in your life. This shift is all about becoming one in all of those magical moments in order to create a more aligned and centred you. In short, it’s time to feel whole…


As you continue to step beyond the busy-ness of the everyday distractions of things to do, people to see and places to go, it seems you are beginning to establish a much clearer sense of your true priorities in life. You have been so busy keeping on keeping on and trying to work through your ever-growing ‘to do’ list, it has been easy for you to lose sight of the bigger picture of your life as you have been too busy to take much notice. As a result, you have grown more distant from your dreams and from those aspects of your life that bring you joy and light up your inner smile. However, even though you successfully manage to keep yourself busy, there is still a nagging doubt lurking deep within your heart and soul that’s telling you to let go of the distractions more in order to connect more deeply to the things you truly want in life.

You may feel that being busy and getting things done is enough of an achievement, but when you go deeper within, you know this isn’t the case as your soul is longing for more. Cutting back clutter and stepping beyond the busy-ness takes courage as it means you are left face to face with the core of you and there are no distractions to hide behind anymore. Seeing your true reflection means you can’t hide behind being busy and the distractions of everyday life any more as your true essence is there in its full glory. Yet, this isn’t something to fear, you’ve just grown resistant to it over the years as you’re not used to acknowledging your true majesty and your gifts. Let them shine brightly now and allow your heart and soul to lead the way…


You have always been something of an adventurer in life, wanting to explore the paths least travelled and taking every opportunity to go ‘off road’ in order to explore new terrain. As a result, you have built up a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and you have also learned a great deal about yourself in the process. You know only too well that life is never as straight and direct as a Roman road as there are always twists, turns, potholes and blind corners ahead, along with the odd fallen tree and stray cow wandering along the road. This reality frustrates you somewhat as you want nothing more to charge ahead, covering new ground and never stopping; you want to keep on moving as you intuitively know it’s movement that allows you to grow, thrive and flourish. Whilst this is, to some extent true, there is also a sense that without taking pauses, how can you truly be sure you are still on the right path?

Sometimes great insights can come from the natural pauses in life and this is where your focus needs to be directed throughout February in order to gain some new insights in connection to your path ahead. You can easily connect to the pauses even though you are so busy simply by becoming more aware of your breath: taking a deep breath in and out helps you to refocus and to let go of the clutter within. Taking time out from charging ahead, letting go of over-thinking your options, and being open to your inner guidance, will all help you to find a clearer and fresher way of being you. Of course, you will still be the adventurer, but a wiser one, as you have realised it’s not just reaching your destination that’s important but the richness you discover on the journey as well…


You have always been one of life’s innovators, riding on the leading edge of the crest of the wave that’s heading towards undiscovered territory. You thrive on creative thought and your originality of perspective enables you to see the world in a way that others simply cannot. Being such a unique and vibrant soul has had its costs as there have been times in your life when you have wanted nothing more than to be part of the flock, keeping your head down and going with the flow. The reason for this is a desire to escape from the pressure you perceive to be present to do more, be more and achieve more. You want to be the very best that you can be and feel disappointed in yourself if you feel as though you haven’t achieved this. Placing yourself on such a high pedestal is admirable as it means you always have a clear goal to work towards, yet it can also set you up for failure because anything less can feel like it’s not enough.

Have you set your sights so high because nothing else will do or because you feel you have to do more and be more to be happy? If so, who says so? Either way there is a sense that you have placed yourself under enormous pressure which is neither helpful or motivational as it leaves you feeling ‘less than’. The pedestal seems to be a point in your life where the planets align and everything is exactly as it should be; whilst this isn’t impossible, perhaps by focusing on this you have lost sight of where you are now? You are a vibrant, creative, innovative and passionate soul – don’t focus solely on chasing rainbows as you can be the rainbow right now…


After a storm, when the rain stops and the winds ease, but before the birds start singing once again there is a brief moment in time where everything seems to standstill. It rarely lasts long, and few truly notice it as the distractions of everyday life are many, and yet, just because it doesn’t get noticed doesn’t mean it’s stopped happening. Or does it? You frequently ponder such questions as you think more deeply than most and like to look beyond the closed curtains of everyday life in order to connect to the magic all around. You sense those little moments of standstill and you also take time to hear the beauty around you: from the bird’s serenade, the sunlight dancing through the trees to the stars twinkling in the night sky. Although you are one of life thinker’s, you are very aware of the bigger picture and this insight helps you to ‘think big’ when it comes to why things are the way they are.

Many may be surprised that you even notice those little moments as your mind usually seems so busy with thoughts and ideas, but they don’t see the real you, the you that gently rides your inner maelstrom of thoughts and sees it as a blessing as it enables you to walk more consciously in life. The more of these magical moments you have noticed over the years, the more you have discovered, and your life is now shaped and defined more by the magic than by your busy mind. Yet, your mind plays an important role as it allows you to distil the essence of these moments and channel them into new projects, dreams and goals. In short, you are perfect exactly as you are, and the time has come for you to see the gift of being you…


There are times in your life when you feel as though you are in a little wooden boat, fully stocked with supplies, anchored close to the shore. This little boat represents the free-spirit within you as you have a longing to up-anchor and explore pastures new. Yet, the little wooden boat has remained at anchor for quite some time. You frequently visit, bringing new supplies, adding extra bits of equipment and reviewing your map. Yet, the little wooden boat doesn’t move. Over time you have wondered if the boat is actually meant to move or if it is just a reminder of ‘what could be’. You have also tried to ignore the boat when life has got too busy and you simply haven’t had the time to maintain it or keep it well-stocked. However, the little wooden boats remain at anchor, gently bobbing up and down in the water, silently calling to your heart and soul to one day come and join it and to discover a new way of living and being.

There is a part of you that wants nothing more, but you are also fairly content to stay as you are as everything is ticking along. Ticking along? Is that really what you want? If you look more closely at your little wooden boat, its name, lovingly carved is ‘what if’. In many ways this is representative of the many times you ask yourself this question as it seems clear that although you are ticking along you frequently think about what you truly want from life. The boat has become the epitome of everything you don’t have but it’s also becoming over-stuffed with unspent dreams for you to even contemplate setting sail. The time for ‘what if’s’ is coming to an end, a new name is emerging for your boat now ‘new beginnings’…


The theme of breathing space looks set to continue through February as you start to think about just how much energy you spend on trying to better organise your time, so you can better organise your goals and dreams. You have a LOT of things on your ‘to do’ list as you love to expand your boundaries and explore new territory, and, as a result, you often have a myriad of different things to do, people to see, places to go and dreams to ponder at any one given moment in time. This can be quite dizzying at times as you can be juggling with more batons than is humanly possible to keep up in the air, but it doesn’t stop you from trying. If anyone took a moment to listen in on your life, all they would hear is a whooshing sound as you whiz along, as well as the sound of someone frenetically juggling batons.

Whilst you are more than capable of living life at a million miles an hour, the time has come to ask yourself if you really want to? Is being so busy really what you want or is it more of a distraction to keep you away from focusing on what you truly want? Deep within the core of your being resides a dream, a sense of purpose and destiny, something you have always felt. This has never left you, but it has often become lost underneath layer upon layer of batons. Your focus has been on keeping those batons in the air even though the one you truly long for is in your heart and soul. You seem ready now to breathe more deeply into life, to acknowledge your true destiny and breathe life into it and to allow it to finally take shape and form…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your thoughts, beliefs and dreams, there is a sense you are beginning to reach a stage in your life where the shift between where you were and where you want to be feels more tangible and palpable. In short, you are becoming more aware of where you are now, and this has enabled you to take a good look at the balance of your life in terms of the things that nourish and the things that don’t. Of course, there are many more aspects of your life that sit in-between the two ends of this spectrum: the kind of humdrum pedestrian of day-to-day living, but these are things you rarely notice as they form the white noise that constantly sits in the background. It’s generally the things that sit at the more challenging end of the spectrum that you notice as they are the aspects of your life that tip the balance and upset the apple cart. It would be only natural to want to eradicate these and create more of those things in your life that nourish you, but life is rarely as straightforward as that.

Whilst you can consciously make choices to shift the balance, and you can also make adjustments in order to establish a better equilibrium, there are duties and responsibilities that you carry even though you know they deplete you at some level. It would be easy to resent these over time, but you don’t as you have chosen to accept these in your life and this acceptance has, to a great extent, set you free from much of the burden. Perception matters as it allows you to change the energy that shapes your life. This is your time now to continue this process in order to establish a new way of living and being…


The concept of loving acceptance looks set to play a key role in your life throughout February as you have reached a stage of your life journey where you finally feel able to embrace the essence of what loving acceptance truly means. You are a vibrant soul with a vivid imagination and your dreams for life have been big, bold and colourful. However, there have been times when these dreams have faded and dulled as you have become pre-occupied with getting life right rather than living it well. You may feel that these are the same thing, after all, surely if you are living life well, then you are getting life right? Whilst there is clearly some truth in this, living well and getting life right are different as getting life right places the focus on ‘getting life right’ whereas living well means living well whether you get life right or not.

The first places you under intense pressure to succeed, whereas the second allows you to cultivate the essence of joy and acceptance without the caveat of having to succeed first; it allows for the possibility of happiness even if you don’t achieve all of those lofty dreams you set for yourself. If you spend your life waiting to succeed before you can be truly happy then it may make for a long wait as your horizon is always changing. Living life well does not mean giving up on those dreams, it simply means a willingness to lovingly accept yourself, and your life, at every single point from here to wherever you may end up. It removes the pressure of ‘failure’ and allows you to learn from all of your experiences and it also inspires you to see just what a magnificent and amazing soul you really are…


February looks set to be a month for you to find ways to create more ‘you time’ in your life as you begin to realise just how out of balance your life has become recently. In many ways, you have been going with the flow of the currents of your life, but it seems that much of your ‘you time’ has been slowly pushed out of the way in favour of things to do, people to see and others’ needs to accommodate. You are a naturally giving person and think nothing of self-sacrificing your own needs for others but, over time, this begins to take over and you feel as though you have little room to breathe as your energy feels stifled and trapped. ‘You time’ isn’t indulgent or self-focused, it’s simply a way for you to re-establish a deeper sense of balance in your life. With more balance comes your ability to see the bigger picture, to make more rational decisions and to learn how to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ more appropriately. Over time, without this balance, the vibrant hues and colours of your creative and fluid world turn to grey as your fluidity becomes trapped as you’ve little room to breathe or manoeuvre.

Living in a grey world really doesn’t suit you as your heart and soul long for the kaleidoscope of colour to flow freely into every aspect of your life. Perhaps the key here is in finding ways of acknowledging your own worth, honouring yourself more and creating more ‘you time’. The latter is important as it’s your way of declaring a new intent that will inspire you to prioritise your own needs and realise that the more you honour yourself, the more connected and vibrant you will feel. It’s fine to start small, but let the ‘you time’ build and watch it transform your life from the inside, out…