It’s the value of the little things…

  • The young man that walks past me on the stairs, stops, walks back up and asks if he can help me.
  • The doctor that asks me how I’m feeling rather then reviewing my symptom list.
  • The bus driver that waits when he sees me hobbling along the road as he’s noticed my imploring looks as having a crutch in either hand prevented me from waving at him.
  • The man that opens the taxi door for me and asks me if I’m okay.
  • The ticket inspector that opens the barrier for me and wishes me a wonderful day with a smile.
  • The old man that rushes to pick up the crutch I’ve dropped and ushers me to a seat to fetch me a glass of water.
  • The taxi driver who refuses to charge me a fare after picking me up from hospital and telling me that this is his way of making my life a little easier.
  • The woman with a walking stick who offers me a seat on the bus as no one else does (I politely refused).
  • The barista that immediately spots my crutches as I enter the queue, tells me to take a seat and takes my order from the table.
  • The group of young men who stopped to help me when I stumble, and go and find a taxi for me.
  • The elderly man who offers to help me onto the train.
  • The bus driver who opens up his window to shout at me for (accidentally) stepping out in front of him but when he looks at me, gets out, takes me to a seat and gets a colleague to fetch me a drink.
  • The man who runs past me to grab the one waiting taxi but stops when he sees me, opens the taxi door, and gestures for me to get in.
  • The waitress who always stops whatever she’s doing when she sees me getting up to make sure I’m okay.
  • The man who stops at the top of the escalator (after coming up) when he sees me struggling trying to come down. He asked me if I’m okay, carries my crutches down for me before going back up the escalator and continuing on his way.
  • The nurses who treat me like an old friend when I arrive weary in the outpatients department.

People frequently surprise me. There is inherent goodness in the nooks and crannies of life. There is sunshine even on grey days. Living with disability and ill-health can make each day feel challenging and overwhelming, so moments like these matter. When I’m feeling fragile, such things matter.