June 2020 Forecast

Message for June 2020

As we continue to seek out truth and balance in our lives, there is a sense that many of us have reached deeply into the quieter moments in order to become more ‘at one’ with ourselves, each other and the world in which we live. Life has been on something of a pause lately and this unexpected breathing space has given each of us a chance to reset the balance of our lives. As life slowly starts to return to normal, many of us are questioning what kind of normal we now want to see as we aren’t the same as we were just a few short months ago as priorities have changed, dreams have shifted and the quiet has reached out and touched our hearts and souls.

It takes courage to turn to face the depths of the soul and to look deeply within, just as it takes compassion to not push away what we see, but to learn how to love and accept ourselves without the clutter, noise or distraction of everyday life: this isn’t an easy as it sounds, but so many have stepped closer towards inner harmony and acceptance. We may stumble and we may fall, but intuitively we know it’s the time to live with more tenderness and compassion, truth and wisdom.

The things that once seemed so important now seem less so as we realise it’s the simpler things that truly matter, from hugging loved ones, to seeing friends or sitting in the park. Life isn’t about charging ahead ticking off that ever-growing to do list, it’s about being present in each and every moment. Life is for honouring and for living as gracefully and as wholeheartedly as possible.

A great many of us spend a great deal of time trying to heal the past in order to ‘move on’. A great many more try to eradicate the bad stuff and the pain, in order to give way to the good stuff. Yet, surely we can never ‘lose’ the past as we carry it with us wherever we go? It’s a part of us, in every cell and every atom. The past makes us who we are and whilst we can find ways to live in more balanced ways with the past, it’s important to acknowledge that it makes us who we are today; without it we have no context for the present moment. The way we embrace the past shapes everything as it has the power to make us or break us.

However, we can certainly learn a great deal from the past as this is how we learn, evolve and grow, both individually and collectively. If we don’t learn, we risk repeating the same mistakes time and again, and this is an important issue at the moment as collectively we need to learn some lessons from past choices in order to think about ways to live more harmoniously with each other and the earth.

It’s easy to deny the truth, to turn away from ‘bad decisions’ or to block out the uncomfortable reality, but it’s important we each learn to seek out balance from acknowledging truth. This isn’t just ‘love and light’ as it’s darkness and pain as well. Balance is a point right in the middle of extremes which incorporates everything, good or bad, dark or light. Life is rarely straightforward enough to unpick as we would like it to be, but it’s our willingness to be honest and open-hearted that will help each of us to find a new equilibrium in this strange, new world.

We all play roles and we all wear masks, but as the masks fall away we can see the truth of the roles we play and can begin making choices as to who we really are. Living honestly and being true may sound twee, but these look set to become the foundation stones of life…

I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to contemplate your true priorities in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to strip back layer upon layer in order to reveal your inner core. Over the years, somewhat inevitably, you have accumulated layers of stuff: skills, ideas and clutter. Whilst a great deal of this has proven useful in your day to day life, there is a sense that you have started feeling bogged down under the weight of having so many different layers to deal with. In some ways, these layers give you strength and protection from challenges, but they can also tether you and prevent you from breathing fully as they’re filling up the space in life with your name on it. Of course, you can find ways to expand and contract as you’re adept at acclimatising to whatever life throws at you, however there is a sense that your energy would be better spent living your life rather than creating space to carry yet more stuff.

In essence, it seems that it’s now time for you to look at the bigger picture of your life in order to ask some big questions: who are you? What brings you joy? What is your truth? The latter is a question so often bandied about, but so few ever truly pause to contemplate what it actually means. The definition is very personal as truth means different things to different souls, however, your truth is living your best life possible; it’s allowing your essence to flow freely and it’s being the free spirit you know yourself to be. You seem ready now to burst through those layers in order to re-define and re-shape your life and to open up infinite possibilities for the future. The present moment is your gift, so take a deep breath and let you be you…


As you continue to learn ways to accept the inevitable ebb and flow of life, it seems clear that you are beginning to establish a stronger sense of yourself as your awareness is growing and expanding. For a long time now, you have been seeking out some stable ground to rest upon for a while in order to take stock of your life. At the same time, you have started to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the people (and things) that nourish you and those that deplete you. Whilst you may not be able to eradicate all of those depleting forces from your life, you can find different ways to accommodate them in your life and this is something important to focus on throughout June. Perhaps the single most significant thing for you to work on this month is the art of self-compassion. Although you are a very compassionate soul, you often forget to shine that light within as this can somehow feel self-indulgent or even selfish.

Of course, it’s neither of these, but it’s time to re-shape and re-define those thoughts in order to realise that being self-compassionate is vital if you are ever going to get from where you are to where you want to be. You are so good at being the glue that holds everyone and everything together, all the while allowing your own glue to fray and peel away; don’t you owe it to yourself to acknowledge that you are no less valued or worthwhile? You are a vibrant, creative and passionate soul, and it’s time now for you to let your inner light shine brightly. The key to achieving this comes from self-compassion as the more tender and understanding you are with yourself, the more you will realise the need to honour and love yourself with every cell of your being…


June looks set to be a month of insight and inspiration as you start to find new ways to let go of certain aspects of yourself and your path that no longer feel like they fit into the great big jigsaw puzzle of your life. You have walked long and far towards your own personal evolution, often deviating off map and into unchartered terrain. As a result, you have dug deeply, probed a great deal and asked some far-reaching questions of yourself; you now find yourself wiser, stronger and more self-aware than ever before. In many ways, this is a blessing, but you have also discovered the ‘down’ side to your quest as the more you look, the more you find and whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can keep your focus on everything that’s wrong rather than on the things that are right.

You have long felt driven to understand yourself on all levels in order to live a better life, however, the risk with such a strategy is a deviation away from the here and now as your focus is on where you want to be rather than on where you are. It seems you are nearing a point of rest as you need time to re-centre and re-balance, breathing in some fresh air. Although you are a cerebral mind-based soul, you are also an emotional being as well, and it’s important you take some time to honour this side of your nature more as it will help give you a far wider perspective than you have at present. You have a powerful mind, but blend this with your emotions and you become a phenomenal force of nature; this is a force to love and respect. You’re ready now for your true essence to flow freely as you set sail towards pastures new…


You are something of a world-class champion at ‘keeping on keeping on’; you have the courage, strength and tenacity to keep moving forward even when the strong currents and winds of life push against you. You simply do your coat up, bow your head against the winds and keep pushing ahead. There are many likely reasons why you do this, perhaps most significantly is your sense that if you don’t keep pushing on then no one will. In many ways, you believe that you have become the one that everyone else depends on to keep going. As a result, there are times when you can feel a little taken for granted as people just expect you to turn up and do your thing as you always do. Your reliability and dependability have both served you well in life, but you can end up feeling a bit like a doormat at times as others stop to notice your sparkle and talent as you move so swiftly and silently in the background keeping the wheels on the bus turning. This is obviously very commendable, but lacks any inklings of your passion, colour and creative flair.

Your determination has saved the day more times than you care to remember, but you’ve reached a stage in your life where you want to be more than being the person you think everyone else wants you to be. You want to reclaim your sense of self, your passion and sparkle in order to live the best life possible. Of course, it’s a choice as you can carry on as you are, but your heart is calling for you to honour your true essence; it’s time to open up to what’s really important in your life. You’re ready to let go of the distractions, to see beyond ‘keeping on keeping on’ and to reconnect to the magic of being you…


As you step beyond being the person you feel you ought to be and instead start allowing your true sense of self to flow more freely, you are beginning to see that the reason you’ve felt like you’ve never truly fitted into life is because you’ve been trying to fit a unique shaped piece (you) into a generic puzzle that feels neither exciting nor life-affirming. It’s not that you’ve been chasing your tail all this time, but you have been trying so hard to fit in and get life ‘right’, that you’ve stopped noticing if your life path still warms your heart and soul. You know, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when everything feels good and you feel excited about life, that’s the glow that’s been missing in many areas of your life recently. Although there are many reasons for this, particularly as you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges to overcome, you have reached a threshold of choice: to either keep on trying to squeeze into that jigsaw puzzle or to throw the puzzle into the air and create something new, unique and very much tailored to you.

This may not sound like much of a choice as you long to set yourself free, however sometimes life isn’t quite as straightforward as this as you have responsibilities and duties to fulfil. Yet, even if you feel like you can’t set yourself free, remember that this is a perception, so even if you cannot re-shape and re-define your life completely, you can still find ways to live more freely and intuitively. It’s time now to believe in yourself and to let that fire in your belly roar brightly as you allow your true nature more space and freedom. In short, it’s time to be you, to be unique and to love yourself for it…


There is a sense that your inner and outer worlds have been pulling in different directions recently, as though your daily life is moving at odds with your intuition and sense of self. Of course, you know that in many ways your outer world is purely a reflection of your inner world, and there is a sense of a haze of confusion encircling you as you’re not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in between. It’s as though you can sense your inner world, and you can see your outer world, but there is a distance between the two akin to you feeling as though you are on the outside looking into your life. This may well feel discombobulating as you are usually so good at getting on with the business of getting on with life. Yet, at the same time, you can sense the need for this divergence as you have reached a stage in your life where you need some breathing space in order to see the bigger picture; not just in terms of who you are, but also connected to what you want.

You have been pushing yourself so hard for so long that you have lost sight of your true essence, and this has led to a kind of inner fracture as your worlds have pulled against each other. As a result, many of the aspects of your daily life no longer feel quite right; you have simply changed so much that nothing feels the same anymore. You haven’t completely lost your connection with your life, it’s just that your priorities and needs have shifted exponentially, and you are no longer the person you used to be. This is great news, which has been a long time coming; June looks set to be a wonderful opportunity to re-set the balance in your life…


As you continue to come to terms with your magnificent complexity and kaleidoscope of gifts, there is a sense that you are beginning to find ways to re-connect to your consciousness with more clarity than ever before. Before you push these words away in horror at the thought of thinking that anything about you is magnificent, enjoy the praise as it’s a genuine insight into your sense of self! It’s time you owned your gifts and truly acknowledge them as a part of you so you can finally feel whole and complete. You’re always on the go: treading water, running on the spot, or charging up mountains, always moving, even when you’re staying in the same place! Your mental energy is phenomenal and your ability to sense every sound, thought, smell and breath makes it somewhat easier to understand why your energy is so buoyant as your capacity for deeper/higher awareness is breath-taking. Few could even begin to comprehend what it’s like in your head, but it’s your normal, so you’re used to it.

Such a rich awareness has enabled you to experience the highs and lows of life with vigour as you can see the bigger picture of the bigger picture, and then some! Of course, the downside to this is a tendency towards burnout as it’s just not possible to stay this energised and hyper-aware all the time. It’s therefore important that you find ways to step back and re-charge, disconnecting from the world for a while; this will bring you more balance, but also allow more room for your passion and creativity to shine out from your heart and soul like a lighthouse beaming into darkened skies. Don’t over-think or over-analyse the numerous different implications of the decisions that you make (and do not make), trust your intuition and let your kaleidoscope of gifts shine brightly…


You have been hovering on the periphery of change for quite some time now and June looks set to open up some new doorways of opportunity for you as you step towards a new chapter in your life. Like every new chapter, there is a sense of excitement about what’s to come as well as tinges of sadness as to what you’re leaving behind. Of course, you never really leave it all behind, as every single experience is carried in your heart and soul. You spend a lot of time looking backwards and forwards, reminiscing times of old and contemplating what the future holds; this helps bring you both context and reference as you can see the patterns that weave their way through the story of your life. However, it’s important not to forget to live wholeheartedly in the present moment as where you are now is the most significant moment of your life, in fact, it’s the only moment you have right now.

Living in the moment is not a new concept for you, but you need the odd gentle reminder as it’s easy for you to get lost in space and time. So, as you hover on the periphery of change, there is a sense that you have a golden opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. What are your true priorities? What do you really want? What makes your heart sing? You have some big questions to ponder over the weeks ahead as you start to think of ways to live more wholeheartedly; choices made now will likely echo throughout space and time, so think before you act, and take your time. You’re ready to let go of the clutter (things to do, people to see, places to go etc) in order to focus on living the best life possible and setting yourself free…


Being a busy bee is perhaps one of your defining qualities as you seem to live in a permanent state of fast forward. You find it very hard to be still in the moment as your mind is wandering, your body always moving, and your spirit is soaring. Yet, even busy bees stop and smell the roses, so what makes you different? Of course, you do have times when you kick back and relax, but usually only as a result of wearing yourself out from doing too much. When do you consciously choose to stop, be still and quieten your mind? Admittedly, being you is an art form, and it comprises a lifelong quest of self-discovery and self-awakening, but amongst the art, there is still a need to be at one with yourself in the moment.

As a perfectionist, you’re always trying to get life ‘right’, but your ‘right’ is never good enough. In fact, you’ve placed that pedestal up so high that it’s nigh on impossible to ever reach it, but you still try, and you berate yourself for not reaching it even though you’ve set the bar so high. Why are you so hard on yourself? Why do you feel that your best could be better? Trying to evolve and grow is one thing, but there’s also much to learn from acceptance and it’s time now to seek out new ways to find a deeper sense of peace in your heart and soul. When it comes to knowing yourself or being yourself you frequently lose sight of your own radiance and beauty as you can get so lost in the possibilities all around you; it’s time for your focus to come back within you so you can re-centre and re-balance in order to gain a fresh perspective on your life. Accept yourself, love yourself, be yourself…


As you continue to contemplate what you really want in life, June looks set to be something of an inspirational month fuelled by a renewed sense of self, alongside an emerging wave of confidence. You are currently in-between where you were and where you think you need to be, in a kind of no-man’s land. Yet, to everyone else, this no-man’s land is called the present moment! You spend a great deal of time thinking about how you could have lived your life differently, made different decisions and followed other pathways, but you cannot change what was, you can only make a difference to what is. This isn’t to say that you can’t shape your future, but what matters most is surely the present moment as this is where you are now? So, rather than see it as a place between here and there, find ways to acknowledge it as this will help ground you, enabling you to step back a little in order to get a real sense of an answer as to what you really want in life.

You have spent a long time trying to get from where you were to where you’ve always wanted to be, and whilst you have made great progress, there is a sense that the goal is not quite as shiny and exciting as it used to be. Whilst you are stubborn and determined, sometimes it’s wise to re-think your goals and dreams as you change with each passing day, so it makes sense to assume that your goals also shift with the passing of time. Of course, you may feel that you’re still on track, but even so, just take a short while to breathe into the moment, to step back and re-evaluate as this is your life, and it’s in your hands to make it the best life possible…


You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you needed to be or ought to be. You have tried hard to fit in, and in the process, you have bent yourself so out of shape at times that you haven’t recognised yourself! Whilst this has often been because you’ve not wanted to upset the apple cart, there is also a part of you that rather likes to move through life incognito as it means you can take a back seat. The reasons for this are varied, but there is a strong sense that you like to sit in the back seat as it means you can people watch and spend long periods of time contemplating life and its meaning.

Although you have many gifts to share and explore, you sometimes hold back as you’re not quite sure how to fit your gifts into the world. Well, this isn’t about you fitting your gifts into the world, it’s about trusting that the world needs your gifts and it will find ways to re-shape and re-define existence as that’s what the universe does! Intuitively you know this and whilst regular self-questioning is healthy, try not to let this undermine your sense of self as you know that your inner world will guide you through the twists and turns of life. June looks set to be a time to walk on the wilder side of life as you think less about what others think and more about what you need, want and dream of. This isn’t selfish, it’s much needed as unless you truly know yourself, how can you wholeheartedly live? Life isn’t only about people-pleasing and doing what you feel you ought to do, it’s also about believing in yourself and knowing that you absolutely have what it takes to live the best life possible…


As you allow the warmth within your soul to continue guiding you towards a brand-new way of living and being, there is a sense that you have started to see some of the many cycles and storylines that you’ve become trapped in over the years. Some of these are positive and life affirming, but some are the opposite and seem to drain you on all levels. Whilst it’s not as easy as simply walking away from those negating storylines as life isn’t always that accommodating, there is a need for you to seek out ways to manage them better as you are losing yourself amongst the stories as they unfold and, in the process, you’re not sure where you end and where others begin. Of course, this is often the case with you as you’re such a fluid soul, but it’s important you don’t become completely entrenched in these storylines and cycles otherwise there’s little or no room left for you.

You need some breathing space and some time to rest in the moment. These storylines have shaped your life for a long time and have become quite deeply engrained into your consciousness, however they are not you and you are fluid enough to navigate your way into more life-affirming dynamics in order to re-shape your world. It’s unquestionably hard being you as you are so empathic and intuitive, which can make it difficult to have a clear sense of yourself, however, you are also a formidable powerhouse and your intent is phenomenal, so trust it! Even when life feels heavy and you can’t see a way forward, go within and you will be guided. It’s time to believe in yourself more, to honour and cherish yourself, and to know that you have the energy, awareness and power to write a brand-new storyline. A new dawn is coming…