June 2021 Forecast

Message for June 2021

A great many of us spend much of our lives hidden from view, partially excluding those parts of us that we don’t like, don’t understand or fear. We can feel bogged down and overwhelmed by the constant change and shift of life, leaving us feeling like we can’t breathe, and this can thwart or block the connection we have with our deeper selves, with others and with the universe.

Of course, the less we acknowledge or talk about the things we hide, the louder they roar and the harder it is for us to find a path to walk where their echoes don’t bombard us with every step. Yet, to talk open-heartedly is something so few find easy, many don’t want to hear that someone is afraid, in pain or lonely. Many don’t want to reach out to someone in a dark space because they either don’t notice it or feel too overwhelmed themselves to be able to help.

As a result, the world can feel like a hostile environment, one controlled by power, greed and suffering. We can feel alone even when we are in a city of millions of people, and we can hear noise even when there’s silence. The more we hold inside of ourselves, the more cracks appear and the energy to ‘hold it all together’ becomes so great, there’s little left for living. It becomes easier to hide from view, to put a cloak over those parts deemed ‘unacceptable’ by ourselves or society, but all this does is to create more cracks and crevices.

We see a few brave souls who stand up for justice, for what’s right and for what’s wrong. We see others prepared to expose their souls to the world so others can see their pain, their trauma and their imperfections. Whilst this is a way to reach out to others, to bring understanding and unity, some weaponise it and turn those words into spears or bullets. No one is perfect, no one is ‘whole’, no one can exist as an island as we are all interconnected parts of the whole. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

We are going through a tumultuous time of change, but a time where understanding, acceptance, allowing, grace and tenderness all flood to the surface to be utilised by all of us in order to create a more welcoming world. There are many sensitive souls who find the world hostile, and there are a great many more afraid to talk, to be open or to share their pain through a fear of judgement or suffering. Life, by its very nature, is unknowable. We can’t know what’s sitting around the next corner, but does that mean we should remain frozen on the spot? Surely we each need to face the fear and acknowledge that we shouldn’t take life’s inherent uncertainty so personally?

This is a time to be shining lights, to be empathic and compassionate to ourselves and one another. It’s a time to realise that when someone is going through a dark night of the soul, we should not judge, but we can offer a smile, a torch or silent support. Very often during such periods, there is no light and the more we look for it, the bigger the darkness becomes. Sometimes we have to find sustenance from the darkness, just like a seedling preparing to burst through the soil. The darkness, like our imperfections, is not something to fear, it just makes us human.

The more we can each honour and love one another, listen to each other, offer compassion and support, the better the world will be. So, whilst many are still feeling confused and bewildered, others are finding their feet and their courage. Some may run ahead, but others will stay and allow themselves to willingly and consciously become a part of the cycle of evolution; to breathe in when others breathe out and vice versa. More than this though, to stand firm even when the skies grow dark with storm clouds and the winds gather force and momentum.

It takes courage to choose such a role but, so many of us are now choosing to live a more connected and awakened life and this brings a sense of unity and connectedness that inspires each of us to carry on, even when times get tough. A big part of this comes from a willingness to be open, to honour our imperfections and to realise they are, in fact, wonderful, to talk about our fears and our pain, and to know it’s ok to not be ok.

Despite the uncertainty, we need to find peace amongst the chaos and to take time to reflect on the true beauty of life. It’s time to revel in the wonders of life, to stop taking things for granted and to make the most of every single moment, living life as fully as possible.
So, for those of us who can, breathe deeply into the world. For those of us struggling, know you are not alone…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to focus on your true priorities, there is a sense that you are beginning to look at the bigger picture of your life when it comes to the things/people that nourish you and those that don’t. Whilst everyone has a share of givers and takers in life, you seem to have more than your fair share of ‘takers’. Life, events and situations can take from you in many shapes and forms including your energy, your resources, your space and your well-being. Of course, inevitably some of the ‘takers’ are there because of duty or responsibility, but there are plenty of ways you can learn how to better manage them in your life. You are a free spirit and a vibrant soul so feeling tethered in anyway can dull your vibrancy and leave you feeling disconnected and uninspired, yet you have so much energy and motivation at the moment as you push back against the inertia that’s been stifling you over recent months.

It’s understandable that you’ve had times when you’ve felt overwhelmed and overloaded with life as you do so much for so many, but this has felt even more intense lately as you’ve also been trying to focus on your true priorities and work out how you want to live your life. As a result, there have been times when you’ve felt as though you’ve been tied to a piece of elastic, and the harder you pull to break free, the more you snap back again. Yet, all is not lost, as this piece of elastic represents your clarity of mind, and once your priorities become clear, the elastic fades away allowing you the space and freedom to move forward. So, you are stronger than you believe and it’s time to trust your instincts as you seem to be on the crest of a wave of new beginnings now…


You have always been a generous soul, giving your time, energy and resources to those around you. You have found joy in being everything to everyone and this has given you a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Whilst such a path is admirable, it seems that it’s also acted as something of a distraction technique that’s kept you away from acknowledging your own needs and dreams. There is no easy explanation for this as the equation of your life has never been straightforward, as for you ‘a plus b rarely equals c’. It’s a though in a seemingly finite world, you have bridged the gap to infinite possibility and whilst this blows your mind, it feels perfectly natural at the same time. So, although you know that ‘a plus b should equal c’, it doesn’t either and this paradox comes from your profound awareness of the workings of the universe.

You are an inherently complex, evolved and expansive soul and yet you often ‘park’ this so you can be everything to everyone else. There is clearly a way to be both as you have the awareness, intuition and energy to embrace your true essence whilst still helping others. It isn’t a mutually exclusive situation, and the more you realise this, the more you can bring your awareness into seeking out ways to live a richer and more fulfilling life. You are not one to live your life using painting by numbers or trying to be a sheep, you are too vibrant and intuitive for this. Whilst both may make for a more straightforward life, you seem ready now to reach towards the stars in order to create a new way of living and being. Why chose ordinary when you were born extraordinary? It’s time to embrace your true nature and to create your very own equation for a happy life…


June looks set to be a month for wholehearted living as you continue to explore your path ahead with courage, strength and wisdom. You are a passionate and compassionate soul, and you have a strong intuitive awareness of life, yet you often put this to one side as it somehow seems easier to let those around you take the lead. Whilst this can make for a quieter life, it can also leave you frustrated as you are unable to express your own needs, priorities and dreams. You are often caught up in a maelstrom of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences and these can leave you cluttered with ‘stuff’, full of unanswered questions and also overwhelmed with the enormity of life. When you hold back from living wholeheartedly and honouring your own needs, this maelstrom can get quite intense leaving you spinning and unable to ground yourself. It therefore seems important that you start seeking out ways to truly embrace the nature of what wholehearted living actually means: that is, living with your whole heart. It’s obvious, but it’s easy to overlook when life feels busy and overloaded with other people’s stuff.

Wholehearted living is honouring yourself, embracing life with every essence of your being and allowing your gifts to flow freely. It’s being awakened and aware, connected and interconnected. It’s living the best life possible. You seem ready now to bring this all together in order to find a new way of living your best possible life. It’s time to believe in yourself, to trust your gifts and to know that whilst living wholeheartedly carries inevitable uncertainty, it’s truly the only way you want to live now. You can never know what’s around the next corner but maybe this is why it’s so important to grab hold of life and make the most of every single moment…


As you continue to explore the cycles and patterns in your life, you are beginning to see the beliefs and characteristics that shape and define them. The more you look at these cycles, the more intense the patterns become; it’s a bit like one of those ‘Magic Eye’ images. On the surface it just looks like a loud and psychedelic pattern, but if you soften your gaze, you can start to see shapes and images appear. In essence, this is a time for you to look more softly at yourself and your life in order to see the beliefs that are shaping the path you are walking. It’s time to soften your perfectionist tendencies and to show yourself more compassion and love. This might sound a little too ‘fluffy bunny’ for you, but there is much to be said for gentleness and tenderness as they both feed the soul and bring opportunities for growth and evolution. You are on the cusp of a new beginning and a new level of understanding. Although there are times when you feel as though you are on a fairground ride, spinning and twisting with nauseating ferocity, that’s the loud and psychedelic pattern emerging, but underneath, there is an air of calm and you need to find ways to tap into this more as this is where your intuition, creativity and passion all reside.

You no longer seem content to go with the flow of life, you want to get into the driving seat in order to explore some unchartered terrain; keeping on keeping on allows for a quiet life, but you want more now. It’s time now for you to start shaping a clearer sense of what you truly want from your life. The time for sitting on the periphery waiting for a better moment has passed as this is your better moment. Whilst more such moments will inevitably come, make the most of now…


June looks set to be a month of inspiration, clear vision and breakthrough as the confusion, doubt and uncertainty you’ve been experiencing starts to fall away. As you breathe a big sigh of relief, you will start to regain your creative flair once again. Of course, as with everything at the moment, the pace is fast, and this is a kind of ‘blink and you might miss it’ moment, so it’s important to take some time out for yourself each day; even just a few minutes can make all the difference. You don’t have to sit cross-legged and chant om, in fact a few minutes in nature or breathing deeply is likely to serve you better as it can help ground you as well. Just a few minutes each day can help you to see the bigger picture and also the threads that weave together to make the whole – the threads of things to do, people to see, places to go, things to achieve and a pedestal to sit upon. There is obviously an element of jest here, but is it? You do have a pedestal sat way up above that you constantly try to reach! You often focus on the gap between where you are and where that pedestal sits and the perfectionist in you is rarely satisfied with less.

In a way this is the cause of you having so little time to rest, breathe and reflect as you are so busy trying to do everything, be everything and achieve everything. Whilst this has seen you achieve a great deal, the cost has been a disconnection to your inner world and there is now a deep sense of yearning from your soul to live a more connected life. You intuitively already know that life isn’t solely about what you do, see or achieve, it’s about how you live and living well…


As you continue to observe your inner critic, you are becoming increasingly aware of the role it plays in your life; that voice in your ear giving you doubt, sapping your confidence and nudging away your dreams. Whilst you can see the role it plays in your life, it’s been hard to quieten it as it’s played such a big part for you. June looks set to be a month for setting a new agenda for your life and for reconnecting to your inner compassion, a force far greater than your inner critic, but it’s softer tones can be drowned out by the nag nag nag of the critic. This is a powerful time to reconnect to your vibrant, creative and wonderful self in order to re-shape and re-define your life. This feels liberating and exciting, expansive and life-affirming. Of course, with you being you, you are thinking that things are rarely as good as they appear so what’s the catch? Surely though this is just another way for your inner critic to hold you back and stifle your flow? If you expect bad news or challenge, do you somehow open the door to it?

It seems time to stop looking at your life in such a black and white way, as whilst life is inherently complex and full of cycles, there is no guarantee that bad news should follow good. So, instead of wondering what the catch is, or what bad news might follow, why not live more in the moment and embrace the essence of your compassionate self? You seem ready now to let go of the beliefs that hold you back in order to step into life with confidence, creativity and vibrancy. You are a shining a light and it’s time to let this light beam brightly now, as you stop listening to the inner critic and learn how to love being your true, compassion and wonderful self…


As you continue to find new ways to blend your everyday life with your true essence, you are beginning to see just how out of kilter your life has become. You have been keeping on keeping on at the expense of your own inner balance as there has been so much to do for so many. You know only too well that unless you balance those inner scales of yours then it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to your wellbeing, and when you do shift out of kilter then it’s hard for you to gain a true sense of perspective. June looks set to mark a change in the direction of the currents of your life, as your inner maelstrom of ideas and thoughts have left you feeling like you are swimming against the currents. Yet, at the same time, you have felt as though you’ve being carried along by the tide! Only you could comprehend how it’s possible to be doing both at the same time, but this shows just how phenomenal your mind is.

Although you have started to become more aware of this, there are still times when you’ve focused on trying not to do what you’re doing and on trying to do what you’re not doing. You really have got tied up in knots trying to unravel this! Stop! You are running backwards and forwards at the same time in order to stay on the same spot, but your focus should be on exploring pastures new, so it seems clear that you need to let go in order to be set free. Stop fighting the currents and stop being driftwood; instead become one with the current and use your intuition to lead the way. There’s no logical explanation here, just a need to listen to your inner balance, to stop struggling and to find true joy in being you…


June looks set to be a month for you to find ways to allow your true essence to dance freely in life as you begin to create more conscious space to let your gifts expand and evolve. You seem to be on the cusp of a life-changing chapter as you become increasingly more aware of the kaleidoscope of threads that weave together to make you, you. As a result, the things that once seemed so important are beginning to fall away as you start to think about what you truly want from your life. As a result, this is a time for you to embrace one of your most precious and special gifts: it’s time for your inner light to shine brightly. This happens when you live your life in accordance to your beliefs and ideals, it also comes when you honour your own needs and use your phenomenal intuition to shape and define the path you walk. When you feel balanced and content in life, your inner light shines like a lighthouse, illuminating your heart and soul, reaching out far and wide.

Your lighthouse isn’t something you think about often as it’s a part of your nature like breathing, talking or moving. It can therefore be hard for you to consciously connect to your lighthouse, but the more you become aware of this, the more you will feel the light radiating from deep within your heart and soul. This is your guiding light, and it can help you to fully acknowledge your true nature. You are a wisdom being and compassionate soul, and this is your time to shine brightly in order to illuminate the path for others, as well as for yourself. In a way, there is nothing for you to do here, as this is about being, it’s about being you and wholeheartedly loving yourself for it. Dance with the light, breathe in the expansive freedom and shine…


Living the best life possible continues to take centre stage throughout June as you explore new ways to expand the boundaries of your life. For a long time now, you have allowed these boundaries to shape and define your world, and this permeated into your depths leaving you feeling discombobulated and disconnected from your deeper self. As a result, you have become almost swamped with ought’s, must’s and should’s, as well as a great deal of must not’s and should not’s. In many ways you have tried hard to be one of the flock, to fit in and be ‘normal’, but your soul has raged against this longing to be a free spirit, exploring your creativity, passion and sense of adventure. Trying to fit in is understandable as you want to belong, yet it’s like trying to fit a square shaped peg into a round hole…it just won’t go in, no matter how hard you try.

Whilst it’s important to ask yourself what you want to belong to, it’s perhaps more important now to ask yourself why you don’t want to be the free-spirited, creative soul you know yourself to be? Do you fear your gifts? Do you doubt your ability to shine? Or do you prefer to hover on the periphery thinking ‘one day’ you will take a leap and embrace your full potential? Only you can answer these questions, but it’s time now to answer them as honestly and as whole-heartedly as possible as this is your life and you’re ready now to use all of your gifts to carve out a new way of living and being. So, what do you truly want? What do you truly, genuinely and absolutely want? Don’t roll around the edges, avoiding clarity, as this just leaves a blur. It’s time to stand up and tell the universe what you truly want as this is a perfect opportunity to make those dreams come true…


Grabbing life with both hands continues to take a central theme in your life as you start to make sense of the kaleidoscope of change and shift that’s crashing in on the shoreline of your life. Crashing sounds vigorous and stormy, and whilst there is a great deal of energy and momentum with this change, it doesn’t feel dark and turbulent. This is an opportunity to connect with the power and energy of the waves, to feel them lift your spirit and energise your soul. Whilst change has been a constant in your life, there is a sense that the change before you now feels more life-changing than before. It’s as though you are dealing with multi-layered change affecting multiple areas of your life, and there are moments when you feel overwhelmed with the pace of it all. However, stand your ground, breathe deeply and trust your intuition to guide you as this is a change you have been calling into your life for a long time.

As with many dreams and wishes, the path to achieve them might not appear in the way you expect, but life has a habit of throwing curveballs. So, whilst you are not a lover of change, you are also more than ready for it! Rather than trying to shelter yourself from the crashing waves, let yourself feel the spray and connect to their energy because this is a part of you and it’s the force within you that’s pushing you towards changing your life from the inside, out. You are wise enough to know that change is an inevitable part of life, but it’s much easier to be pragmatic about it when it’s affecting someone else. Now you are in the eye of the storm, it’s harder to be calm, but this is exciting, liberating, energising and wonderful as you are being given an opportunity to create heartfelt joy…


As you continue to watch the different dynamics and threads that weave together to create your life, there is a sense that your perspective has shifted, your senses have heightened, and you feel more connected than ever before. On one hand you are a universal being, seeing life through an existential lens, but on the other hand you also watch yourself move forwards, putting one foot in front of the other as you keep on keeping on. As a result, this all feels strange and awkward as the everyday pedestrian nature of life seems so small in comparison to the universal being. Yet, you can’t have one without the other, and whilst you can spend time pondering the meaning of life, you are able to multi-task in order to get through the everyday. In a way, you have reached a point of reckoning, where the different threads that create your life are now at your fingertips and you have the opportunity to create a new tapestry.

This is a wonderful opportunity, but daunting at the same time because how can you create a tapestry when you’re not exactly sure what you want to create? You are so fluid and such a deep thinker that it’s hard for you to navigate your way through the everyday as it can feel so mundane, yet you know you need to find your way through, as successfully navigating the everyday is your pathway towards creating more space and time to connect to the bigger picture, allowing your intuition and creativity to thrive. So, there is a clear connection between the two, and whilst it doesn’t always feel like this, take a deep breath and trust your intuition to lead the way. Instead of wondering why you put one foot in front of the other, shift your focus towards your destination, towards your dreams and towards living your best life…


June shines a light on the need for you to listen to your heart and soul more in order for them to lead the way. For a long time now, you have been standing at a threshold, a doorway. The door is closed, and whilst your hand occasionally reaches towards the handle, there is an air of caution that holds you back. You are currently standing in familiar territory and whilst it’s not as life-enhancing or fulfilling as you would hope, it’s ‘better the devil you know’. You often think about what might be on the other side of the doorway as many of your hopes and dreams have been carefully placed there over the years as you put them to one side as you gave so much to so many. So, like a moth to a flame, you keep touching the handle, but pulling away as you’re just not sure what’s ahead. Well, no one knows what lies ahead, as nothing in life is certain.

One thing that is clear though is that unless you open the door and look, you will never be able to reconnect to all of those hopes and dreams you so carefully packed away. Your hesitancy is understandable, partly because you don’t want to upset the apple cart, but also because you aren’t sure if you ‘have what it takes’ to live the life you’ve so often thought about living. Opening the doorway doesn’t mean everything changes, but it means that you’re changing and finally acknowledging your own needs, wants and wishes. You matter! It’s important to realise that the door itself isn’t stopping you, it’s you. The door is just a construct of your inner world. It’s time now to believe in yourself, to listen to your heart and soul, and to step forwards with love, tenderness, compassion and joy. This is your life, live it well…