Let it Snow…!

The thick carpet of pure white snow outside has had quite a strange effect on me – it has completely re-energised and focused me. Whilst I am stuck indoors, unable to venture out with roads closed etc, this has given me a newfound sense of freedom and excitement. It is so easy to get lost in the ‘rat race’ – running about like busy bees (no offence to the beautiful bee!) – we often forget the joy in stillness and retreat.

There is such an air of excitement outside with children building snowmen and having snowball fights; even adults are having fun and enjoying the unexpected time off work etc. People travelling are talking and laughing with others, and helping one another – on a normal day on trains, buses and tubes, the silence would be deafening.

This unofficial holiday has highlighted the fact that unity is possible, people can work together and interact with others. There is room for community and high spirits, helping neighbours and each other, for talking and sharing, compassion and concern.

It is a choice.