May 2022 Forecast

Message for May 2022

We all have a tendency to take things for granted; our bodies function, the world turns, and trees grow. It’s an innate human tendency to take things for granted like walking, breathing, digesting food etc; many of us don’t even think about these as the gifts they are until they are taken away from the equations of our lives.

I spent most of my life taking things for granted, I put off so many things for a ‘better day’, like spending more time in nature, going for night-time runs and camping out under the stars in the middle of nowhere. I put my life on hold because I was too busy keeping on keeping on. I was too entrenched in the pedestrian, mundane side of life. I didn’t have time to indulge my dreams or acknowledge the amazing things my body did for me. It was only when my body started to fail on me did I realise just how much I’d taken for granted.

I recall a conversation with one of my old doctors who spent every holiday going to the far reaches of the planet seeking out as many experiences as possible. When I asked her if she ever just wanted a beach holiday, she replied ‘I’ve seen so many patients lives change overnight; their dreams lost and forgotten. I’ve seen people become entrenched in caring for someone close or struggling to navigate their own way through illness and the dreams they once had fade away. I can’t take my life for granted; I want to make the most of every single moment’.

Her words have stayed with me ever since as I know I was one of her patients that fell into that bracket. I had put my life on hold, and it had come back and bit me on the backside as those dreams were now spiralling out of my reach. Of course, I have since made new dreams, but there is a sense of loss of the aspects of me that I’ve lost as a result. We all change and evolve with each passing day, but it’s so important to acknowledge all that we are in each and every moment.

Postponing life for a ‘better moment’ might feel wise at the time, but life is for living. None of us can know what lies around the next corner. Life is a cycle of paradoxes, conundrums and enigmas; it’s also full of inconsistencies, inconsistences, challenges and contradictions (with a few impossibilities thrown in for good measure). Even when life doesn’t go down the path we hoped and our lives change beyond recognition, it’s still important to acknowledge the amazing, wonderful and incredible things as well. It would be easy to focus on the challenges as these shape and define our lives, but surely so do the wonderful and amazing things as well?

Life is a confusing bundle of experiences, but we have a choice: either keep our heads low and follow the flock, or to rise up high, be proud, strong and set a new course. Neither choice is ‘wrong’, as ‘wrong’ doesn’t exist, not in this context. After all, we are all individuals and we all have choices whether it’s the actions we take, or do not take, the thoughts we have or the words we speak. As is often the way of life, there’s a very good chance that whatever path we choose, we are likely to end up at the same destination. It’s not just the currents shape and define the paths of our lives, it’s our thoughts, choices and beliefs as well.

For example, I spent a long time angry at the health issues I faced. I didn’t want to use a wheelchair, nor did I want to see my inability to do so many of the things I used to take for granted. It took me a long time to realise that I was only being angry with myself and that created stress on all levels of my being. When I finally found a level of peace, I realised it was a moveable force as my health condition was constantly changing. Yet, my example is just an example. Each of us have our own challenges and our own issues to face in life and it’s how we choose to face them that ultimately creates the path ahead. There is no right or wrong way to travel through life, but we need to understand that it is a choice.

On those long dark chilly nights where we feel lost and alone in confusion and pain, when life feels frustrating or unfair, it’s our strength, courage and resolve that shine brightly. Turning to face those challenges with honour, wisdom and belief changes the dynamic as we feel less powerless and more able to navigate the storms.

As we each reach a turning point in our lives, there is a sense that we need to live more in the moment, to stop taking things for granted and instead choose the make the most of life. Striding towards our goals, uniting compassion around the world, finding peace within our own hearts and souls…the list is endless, but it seems so important to stop putting life off for a ‘better day’, today is that day.

As we near this crossroads/turning point, it seems to be a point of shift where we move towards a position of clarity as there is a need for each of us to find our own point of inner balance: that space where we feel in sync with our heart and soul. It’s hard to articulate, as it’s a state of being rather than something to do, go or get, but when we close our eyes and take a deep breath, we can begin to gain a sense of this balance as our breathing settles, and we move more into the present moment.

Inner balance is a state of being that allows us to move through life with more grace, to choose to live wholeheartedly and to trust the process of the flow of life. Inner balance is a way of being and a way of living that exudes into every corner of existence. It’s an intention to live with open hearts and open minds, to move towards loving kindness and acceptance. Life is for living. We are vibrant and compassionate beings, and it’s time to honour this more now as we find a new path to walk in unity, love and balance.

As for me, well, I have simply found new routes to achieving my dreams. I couldn’t walk in the woods, so I am about to receive (due to the generosity and love of so many) an all-terrain wheelchair to take me there! We have to learn to adapt and be fluid to find new solutions when life throws us challenges. It’s also important to remember that we are never alone, even when we may feel alone, if we reach out, there will be someone there to listen, smile or connect; we just have to be brave enough to stretch out our hands and ask.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out, there is a sense you are beginning to find a stronger and more enriching sense of self as you stop trying to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be and instead open up to being true to yourself. Of course, the concept of ‘being true to yourself’ is not quite as straightforward as it may appear as you need to know yourself in order to be true to yourself, and you have spent so long giving and over-giving to those around you that your connection to your passion and creativity has faded and become lost in your everyday life. It therefore seems important for you to take your time re-shaping and re-defining your life in order to focus on your true priorities and to allow your true essence to flow freely once again. It’s time to think about your own needs and to explore new terrain that brings you fulfilment, enrichment and joy. This isn’t about becoming self-focused or self-absorbed, it’s about honouring yourself, listening to your own needs and allowing your true essence to shine brightly.

You are a passionate and effervescent soul, so being fluid and free is the mainstay of you living your best life. You have spent so long being the rock for others and bending yourself out of shape for those close, so it may feel hard to think of your own needs more, but there is a longing deep within your soul to breathe more deeply into life so you can find some new ways to flourish and thrive. Just remember to focus on enjoying the ride rather than keeping your focus solely on the destination as there is so much to absorb along the way; it’s time to live more consciously in each and every moment and to reconnect to the joy of being you…


Exploring the things that light up your soul continues to take centre stage throughout May as you are beginning to realise just how much pressure you put yourself under trying to be everything to everyone: to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. In your eyes, you feel you must continue to try harder as you find it hard to feel ‘enough’, and this can lead to you doubting your gifts and placing yourself under even more pressure. This isn’t to say that you should just give up and accept the equilibrium, it’s more a need to find peace in the here and now rather than feeling you still have a mountain to climb to find the happiness and contentment you seek. Turning your attention to the present moment creates a shift within your heart and soul to enable you to lean into the discomfort of saying ‘No!’ in order to honour your own needs more.

As you start to let go of those ought’s, must’s and should’s, you will begin to feel lighter and more in balance to make decisions that put your own needs and interests higher up on the agenda of your life. So, by exploring the things that light up your soul, you can start to acknowledge your own needs, and shift the focus towards living the life you want to live rather than the life you feel you ought to be living. This is an important time to express your truth (both to yourself and to others), and stand your ground a little more. Although you have a stubborn streak, this often melts away when it comes to doing everything for everyone around you. Be gentler with yourself, be more compassionate and loving when it comes to giving yourself some time to pause and reflect; it’s time to focus on your true priorities now…


The concept of living wholeheartedly continues to take your focus throughout May as you begin to contemplate exactly what it means to live wholeheartedly. It sounds good, but it’s important for you to intuitively understand what it means, as you need a level of deeper clarity to fully grasp the concept. Of course, you know what wholehearted means, but what does it mean for you, what does it mean for your heart, soul and mind? You have spent a great deal of your life exploring the depths of your soul and asking probing questions about the meaning of life, and this is reflected in your wisdom and compassion. Yet, there is still a part of you seeking something that you can’t quite grasp as it feels nebulous and out of reach, but you know it’s there and this is the force making you question the concept of wholehearted living as you know it’s not as simple or as straightforward as it would seem.

Although you are intuitive, you are also a thinker, so it’s important to understand something on different levels in order for it to make sense to you. You want to live wholeheartedly and step more consciously into life, but you’d like to know what this entails before doing it. This is perfectly understandable and reasonable, but there’s a sense that sometimes you need to go with your intuition rather than your mind. What does wholehearted living feel like to you; what feeling emerges when you consciously connect to this state of being? This is what you need to emulate and create, rather than a logical process of what to do and when. At the end of the day, only you can decide how to live your life, but why not use your phenomenal gifts to live your best life and to step into unchartered terrain…


As you continue to align your dreams with your reality, there is a sense that you are beginning to look beyond the parapet of your everyday life in order to see the bigger picture. You have spent so long keeping on keeping on, and trying to do your best, you have lost sight of what makes your heart sing. Whist this can sometimes feel a tad frivolous to you, intuitively you know it’s not fluffy and insipid, it’s just a way of making you contemplate how to feel the joy within and how to connect to the warmth as it rises up within your soul when you are living a fulfilling and enriching life. It’s a bit like the game ‘hotter/colder’, you intuitively know when you are on the right path as you feel the warmth within, when it feels cold there’s a need to pause and possibly change direction.

Of course, there are bills to pay, as well as pedestrian, mundane things to do, but there are also fabulous and wonderful things as well, you just have to turn towards them more willingly and let go a little from keeping on keeping on as this can act like a vice, slowly tightening as your creativity ebbs away. Life is bigger than this, and you seem ready now to awaken your soul in order to re-connect to your dreams. There are so many aspects of your life that you’ve put on hold over the years, and whilst you have achieved a great deal, you can’t escape from a sense of sadness that there’s still so much more you want to explore. Sometimes, life is about taking a chance and stepping into the unknown, and this is one such moment; unless you let your intuition lead the way, it can’t lead the way. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself and fly free…


May looks set to be a month for re-shaping and re-defining your sense of self as you are becoming more aware of your boundaries and allowing your resolve, resilience and inspiration to re-emerge. Whilst you haven’t consciously been supressing these qualities, there is a sense that you’ve been finding life easier to manage without them as they can sometimes feel overwhelming as you are such a connected soul. This is why it’s so important to establish healthy boundaries as you can find it hard to know where you end and where others begin, so the lines get blurred, and this can leave you feeling depleted. It can also lead to you taking on the essence of others as you are so intuitive, and this can mean that their dreams dominate over your own. This sounds a little out of character for a fiery lion, but you have a soft underbelly, and this is your true guiding force in life. Your roar can be helpful at times, but it’s your tenacity, creativity and passion that really shape and define the path you walk.

It seems clear that you have become entrenched in the lives of others, through good intent to support them, but you’ve started to lose your sparkle as a result. Whilst you will always be a giving and generous soul, it’s important to acknowledge your own needs too. As a stronger you emerges, take the time to look at the bigger picture as re-shaping and re-defining your life is a wonderful opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life! In other words, this is a potent opportunity to re-write the rule book and to find new ways to live in more balanced ways that facilitate the free flow of your creativity and passion. This feels both exciting and tantalising as you finally stand in your power, acknowledge your own self-worth and allow your gifts to flourish and thrive…


Life is often a meandering and unpredictable path; there are times when you feel confident to stride ahead into unchartered terrain, but there are also times when you just want to hibernate and hide away from the world. Of course, both of these are perfectly natural states to experience in life, but you often feel reluctant to hibernate and switch off for a while as you have so much you still want to do or achieve. There can be no denying that you like to test your limits and look beyond the four walls of your life, and this enables you to see things with fresh perspective and a renewed sense of passion. Yet, there is also a sense that you need to pause at times in order to take stock and process everything you’ve learned in order to ensure you’re still on the right path. Life isn’t only measured by the things you do and achieve, it’s also measured by how you feel and the way in which you live your life.

It’s important to stop measuring your happiness or success by ticking off ‘to do’ lists and instead focus on creating the right ‘flavour’ or energy. In other words, focus on how you feel rather than on what you do. Yes, what you do feeds how you feel, but how you feel is more than just doing, it’s being as well. Try to connect to the deeper meaning of happiness that’s within your heart and soul; this isn’t a ‘head’ thing, it can only be measured by intuitively connecting. Take some time this month to pause for a while on solid ground in order to take stock and find peace in a desire to rest, hibernate and reflect. Sometimes ‘not doing’ can be far more productive than doing; it’s an opportunity to connect to the infinity of potential that resides within you…


In many ways, you live your life in a series of paradoxical and complex conundrums; you try to be as present as possible, but love to dance around your mind, contemplating the mean of life which takes you in the opposite direction to the present moment. At the same time, you see things logically, but energetically and creatively as well. This can sometimes feel overwhelming as you spin through space and time, trying to put one foot in front of the other, but trying to master the art of allowing your feet to walk in opposite directions at the same time. In short, you are a possibilities person, and your awareness reaches far and beyond the comprehension of others; you see potential and opportunity where others see brick walls, and your imagination can help you through even the most challenging of times.

However, there is also a sense that you often fight this side of your nature as you feel it’s not right to be a living paradox, yet surely it’s your nature so wouldn’t embracing it be a better choice? Is denying your essence really the best way to thrive? Of course, it’s your choice, but your beautiful maelstrom of inner chaos is like a turbine of wisdom and creativity, so resisting it blocks the flow. Why not take some time to explore this swirling conundrum and make friends with it? Instead of thinking about where you ought to be, could be or should be, think about where you want to be and what makes your heart sing with joy. Listen to that note playing deep within your soul and let it be your guide as you ride the ever-changing currents. The more you find peace with your true nature, the more aligned and balanced you will feel. Joy doesn’t come from overcoming or resisting your complexity, it comes from celebrating it…


As you continue to find new ways to allow your free spirit to dance through life, you are beginning to feel a rising sense of inspiration rippling through your heart and soul. You have reached a crossroads; and the start of a new chapter is on the near horizon. There is no doubt that your depths are boundless, and you have an infinity within you that you’ve yet to explore. A part of you is keen to dive in and explore this terrain, yet another part of you is more cautious, preferring to stick with familiar territory as you navigate your way through life. As this new chapter approaches, it seems apt to take some time to reflect on the path you’ve walked, the path you’re walking and the path you’d like to walk ahead; a crossroads offers a choice of directions after all. It’s important to acknowledge that the choices are not just forwards, left or right, as you can go backwards, off road, upwards or simply stay put.

You have the pen in your hand to write the story of your life, so trust your intuition and have the courage of your convictions to follow your own lead. You have spent a great deal of your life being carried along by the momentum and currents of others, and whilst this has given you a great deal of wisdom and experience, it’s time now to start navigating your own ship with passion and self-belief. Taking the helm is an important step as it shows a willingness for you to take more ownership for your choices and to live your life in balance with your heart and soul. In many ways, what happens next is in your hands, so try to take the time to think about the infinity within, become one with it and let your free spirit lead the way…


Breathe. Let go. Fly Free. These were the parting words from last month and they look set to shape your month ahead as you seek out new ways to accommodate space and freedom in your life. You have been on fast forward for such a long time, so pausing or even slowing down might feel quite alien, but it’s important to listen to your intuition to guide you as fast forward isn’t always the best setting to be on. Although you have so much to do, see and achieve, there is also a need to pause, be and reflect. Just because you might not be doing something doesn’t mean it’s not valuable or worthwhile, in fact, sometimes doing less actually brings you more as you have the opportunity to tweak and fine-tune your goals and dreams. Your life is often so full of things to do that it can feel cluttered and a little overwhelming to anyone looking in, yet you thrive on the variety and flourish with a kaleidoscope of different projects on the go at any one point in time.

Yet, there is a part of you longing to seek out some creative and spiritual tranquillity in order to find a deeper sense of peace in your life. It’s time to realise that it’s okay to be still, and it’s life-affirming to pause and reflect. May looks set to be a month to turn towards the core of your being in order to connect more consciously with your gifts and to find the courage to acknowledge them more openly. You are a talented, gifted and beautiful soul, but you need to embrace these more now; this isn’t self-focused or about ego, it’s simply a desire to find peace with your true essence and to breathe, let go and fly free. Feel the expansion, freedom and evolution emanating from all levels of your being…


The winds of change have been continuing to gather momentum over recent weeks and there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more open to change even though you are not quite sure where it’s leading you. As you know, when one door closes, another one opens, but this chapter of change seems much less straightforward as there’s no real sense of doors opening or closing, just changing in shape and form; it’s as though the way in which you see yourself is shifting and the things that once seemed so important have drifted away as you focus on exploring new ways to be yourself. What complicates matters is that many of the current changes are subtle and quite nebulous, and individually each one seems quite small, yet when added together they are creating a huge shift in your focus, direction and sense of purpose.

You are a patient soul, and although change isn’t something you really relish, you are feeling a growing anticipation that you are in the driving seat and riding the waves with more courage and confidence than ever before. If you pause for a moment and look back to the person you were a year ago, you may be quite surprised to see just how much you’ve changed, evolved and grown, and whilst this could be said for most people, this shift seems somehow more profound in you as everything feels renewed and refreshed, as though you have pressed the reset button and willingly let the winds of change carry you forwards. This is a big step for you, as you so often resist change, but you seem more open to change than ever before and this is bringing you an opportunity to re-connect to your true priorities in order to make some important decisions as to your path ahead. May looks set to be a gateway to opportunity and joy…


Finding the space to breathe deeply as you continue to de-clutter on all levels of your life looks set to continue throughout May as you look beyond the treadmill of life and reconnect to the magic and sparkle within your heart and soul. You have spent a great deal of time navigating the challenges and storms of life; each one has brought you wisdom and strength, but each one has also brought you layers of doubt connected to your ability to embrace change more willingly. Although you accept the inevitability of change, this doesn’t mean you feel able to always welcome it with open arms. Yet, when you look back, you can see just how magnificently you have faced change and how your courage, passion and creativity have shone brightly throughout. Even when you’ve felt lost in the grey skies and stormy seas of life, your inner light has been your lighthouse and guide.

Yet, you have often doubted your inner light, just like you have doubted your gifts and talents; you are a creative visionary and an intuitive spark, and the more you acknowledge this, the more you will realise just how important these gifts are. De-cluttering your life is an opportunity to let go of the many things that no longer serve a positive role because you have either outgrown them or because you have realised they deplete you. The more you de-clutter, the more space you will create, but don’t rush to fill the space, instead turn towards it and become one with it in order to find the wisdom it can bring you. See the space as an opportunity to simplify your life and as a chance to breathe more deeply for a while as you start to re-shape your life from the inside, out, according to your own priorities and principles. It’s time to be yourself and to love yourself for it…


As you continue to be carried along by the ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that you are feeling a little nauseous from the somewhat stormy seas of chaos you’ve been experiencing recently; there hasn’t been much opportunity to rest or take a breath as the currents have been strong and quite unpredictable at times. There are moments when you feel driven and motivated towards riding these waves with confidence and there are also moments when you feel overwhelmed with the turbulence and unsure which way to turn. Yet, although you are carried along by the currents, you have all of the skills necessary to change course if you choose. Sometimes it’s easy to feel as though life is out of your control, yet you are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Whilst some of this turbulence is created by those around you, it seems important to acknowledge just how much turbulence you create as well through your tendency to prioritise the needs of others over your own and your subsequent reluctance to give yourself the time and space you need. There should be times when you think about your own needs more and acknowledge the need to ride those currents with grace, poise and confidence. Learn how to say ‘No!’ and be open to saying ‘Yes!’ and accepting help; being stubborn can be such a stumbling block for you! You are not a powerless pawn in the sea of life, and the more you acknowledge this, the more you will realise just how much this idea has knocked your confidence and self-belief, leaving you feeling unable to shape and define the path of your life. Although you may not be able to control the currents, you can ride the waves and consciously choose to enjoy the journey as you embrace your creativity and intuition…