Moving Beyond the Light

As the heavens continue to push, poke and prod us from all angles, it seems that our perspectives are beginning to widen and shift. Life simply doesn’t look the same anymore, no matter how hard we try to squint, bend our heads or strain.

Whether it was a conscious decision or not, it seems that we have stepped onto a new path in life. That path is more mindful, more awake and more alive. As we continue to awaken, we can expect to see a huge shift in our priorities over the weeks and months ahead. Those things that have always seemed so important; just aren’t anymore.

This is not about shunning the 21st century and living in solitude halfway up a mountain (although that would definitely suit some!), but this is about realising that money, status, the square footage of our homes and the ‘street cred’ of our cars really is not that important in the scheme of things. Ok, we need money to survive, we need shelter, transport etc, but what we need above all else is a feeling that we belong, feeling that we are part of the Whole. We need meaning, we need purpose, we need unity in the truest sense of the word.

As we move ever closer towards that connection now, it seems that the greed and materialism all around us starts to ebb away from our field of vision, it is as though we are shifting into some kind of parallel dimension where we still live side by side, but our view of the world is so different to the view of many of our neighbours. We are becoming less and less sucked into the material and physical desires of so many of our peers.

It seems that we are realising that true riches come from within. It is within each and every one of us that love, compassion, unity and bliss resides. We may have touched one or all of these in our lives, but now we are being asked to immerse ourselves in them, to bask in the pure joy.

And, what about back in the real world you may ask, well, we are approaching a bridge now, a bridge that links the inner with the outer, the day with the night. This bridge is within, it is without, it is everywhere but it is nowhere too. This bridge is a huge shift in consciousness as we continue to evolve and awaken as sentient Beings.

If we choose to step through this special doorway (and there is a choice, for we can choose to remain part of the flock keeping our heads down and just getting on with the business of life), we are choosing to step into the unknown. This new territory looks set to be a place where we move beyond duality, beyond the spectrum. This new terrain is a place where day is night and night is day, where dark is light and light is dark. This is a place where we move beyond our present understanding and realise that everything is truly part of the Whole.

When we connect with this understanding, and then feel it, we begin to realise that anything and everything is possible in life. We have the power to change the energy of our lives through our intent, through our beliefs and through our thoughts. When we truly realise that life is not all about balancing the extremes of the polarities all around us but it is about seeing them as one in the first place, everything takes on new meaning and purpose.

We move beyond the obstacles that we all create in our lives through fear, over-thinking and underestimating our abilities. We move beyond that crippling indecisive paralysis that prevents us from following our dreams, and we move beyond the light.

Beyond the Light is balance, harmony and pure bliss. Beyond the Light we can make sense of life as we can intuit, create and know what to do. And beyond the Light, we can begin to stand in our Truth, reclaim our power and reclaim our true sense of Self.

This is a huge leap forwards in our evolution, and yet it is long overdue. We have lived in a world divided by polarities for eons, and now we have a chance to live in true Unity on all levels, in all ways. This is a very special time indeed…