Neptune Direct

Today (4th November), the last of the celestial trio in the Sacred Dance moves direct. Neptune is the most subtle and mysterious energy of the three and his effects may not seem very obvious to even the most sensitive souls amongst us.

Neptune has spent the last few months taking each of us on an inner journey, and this journey has been to the heights and depths within. Emotionally this has been challenging to say the least, but this has not just been a frivolous exercise as Neptune has been asking each of us to let go of those issues within that are holding us back.

In addition, he has asked us to honour our own unique connections to the Divine and to have trust and faith. This has not been easy through a time of turmoil, anger and uncertainty around every corner. Yet Neptune’s goal was to enable us to see that whatever might be happening in the physical world, within we have the power to stay calm and serene. How much we allow exterior forces to impact our inner world is up to us…

Of course, the reality of that is far easier to theorise about than to achieve. It is hard not to be affected by the turmoil, restriction and change all around us. But, the more we can focus on that peace within, the less this turmoil can eat away at our own beings.

As the last of this sacred trio to move direct, his subtle influence gently ‘pushes’ us towards taking some new steps in the world. Neptune wants each of us to go forth on our paths ahead safe in the knowledge that the Divine is with us, guiding us, and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is time to believe in our own abilities to conquer fear and to stand in our Truths. This might sound a little clichéd, but we all know it to be true.

Neptune is the planet of the ethereal, and this fits in well with my blog the other week about Living Magically – seeing the magic in everyday life, and not being wedged firmly in the mundane.

So, take some time today to go within and to bathe in the stillness there. Try and do this everyday from now on, and see how it helps you to stand firm in the world and to carry on with your work with more ease, joy and contentment…