No Compass Required?

I have often wondered if my inner compass doesn’t point in the same direction as everyone else’s. I wonder if us ‘spiritual, new age’ types maybe see the world from a different perspective, and it is this ability to see differently that gives us a different magnetic north to everyone else?

Maybe this is something that we will never know, yet it seems significant at this time that so many people are seeing their lives turned upside down so that they can see things from another viewpoint.

Whether it be healers, mystics or bankers, the world is changing. Maybe more people are seeing a different magnetic north, maybe not. Maybe we are all slowly shifting towards the same ultimate destination?

One thing for sure though, life would be a whole lot easier if it came with an instruction manual, compass (or GPS) and map!

Of course in many ways it’s not the destination that’s important; it is the journey. And by getting lost, taking wrong turns and meeting dead-ends, we learn so much more about ourselves, our paths and our inner strength. So in some ways, not having the benefit of foresight or a compass is our greatest gift?

We seem to be in a time of great change and transformation, both on a personal and global level. Some of our deepest held beliefs and comforts are being challenged as we see great institutions tumble and fall away. It can be all too easy to get lost in the grief and turmoil of this, yet it is only when things come to an end that the new can be re-born.

Maybe, just maybe, humanity is beginning to learn some lessons that despite our best efforts, nothing is permanent, nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes, we have to go with the flow of change, to accept that things end so that new things can begin. Clinging on to outdated or outmoded beliefs serves us no purpose. This is not to say that we should shun tradition, but sometimes traditions come to a natural expiry date.

We are on a path of great change. Some call this Ascension, some call it the path to enlightenment. I prefer to call it evolution. It is the nature of humans to grow, change and to develop. It is our nature to question, to challenge and to invent. We are thinkers, philosophers and innovators. This is not to say that everything we do is for the good of all and for the good of the planet and all those other beings that dwell on her. Life is a learning curve after all. Yet we are reaching a point where burying our heads in the sand just isn’t acceptable anymore, we have reached a point of knowing, which means we have to take the responsibility for our actions and choices, and face the karma associated with them.

This current upheaval has started to expose money, power and control as false gods. Instead a simpler, more sustainable way of living is starting to resurface. Maybe this is the way ahead? Living in harmony with the earth and one another? Living without judgement, prejudice or hatred?

Maybe once we are all pointing in the same direction, then we can start to make the world a much better place for everyone who lives here? We all have an inner compass, that part of us that guides us through life, that part of us that comes through as intuition to keep us on track or to let us know we have stepped onto a ‘wrong’ path. Maybe once we all start to use our inner compasses again, we will start to unify, to come together? Or maybe we should just throw away our compasses and use our Faith and Trust in the Divine to guide us? Maybe though, these are one and the same thing…