November 2018 Forecast

Message for November 2018

When we are born, the stories of our lives are, on the whole, unwritten and undefined. Letters dance around, slowly forming words, and then sentences. As we grow and evolve, the sentences grow and merge, forming storylines and beliefs. As children, we have the freedom to tap into the magic and wonder of the imagination where we know no boundaries or limits, but over time, conditioning slowly erodes this for many, leaving us like sheep, a part of the flock of ‘normal’.

As a child, a cardboard box was a castle; a blanket was a magic carpet. Potential was only limited by the far realms of the imagination. If we’re lucky, this is nurtured in us by family, educators and friends, allowing us to grow and develop, embracing our unique gifts and fulfilling our dreams and goals. Yet, for many, we are slowly shaped and defined by the world in which we live and, very often, the letters stop dancing around as we start walking the treadmill of existence. Of course, all is not lost, but it can become inexplicably hard to extricate ourselves and re-define our way of living and being. Yet, inexplicably hard isn’t impossible, and, with determination, it is possible to reconnect to at least some of that childhood magic.

I think we all spend time trying to sharpen and hone the undefined pieces of ourselves. Some pieces get lost due to life events or trauma, and others fade away, losing their significance over time. Yet, we all have many pieces, and, over the years, we may reconnect to some of these in an attempt to rediscover our essence and sense of self.

It’s only when we rediscover the dancing words – which never stopped dancing (we just stopped noticing them) – that we begin to see the possibility and potential once again. In our haste to grow up and live life, we often lose sight of the magic of what life truly has to offer. It can sometimes be hard to see the relevance of the imagination or the significance of the potential within our hearts and souls, but this is usually because we are trapped in a cycle of keeping on keeping on, trying to live life but denying ourselves the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace life.

We are complex beings living complex lives, and it’s hard to step back at times to see the wood for the trees. It’s often only when we’re tripped up by life events that we pause for long enough to take stock and reassess. Yet, why can’t we all pause, even for a moment, to do this? The magic isn’t lost, it’s just hidden behind the curtains of everyday life.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



November looks set to be a month of continued inspiration and adventure as you seek new horizons and explore new terrain in your life. Deep within your heart and soul there are stirrings of change, and these are rippling outwards, touching just about every aspect of your life. In many ways, you feel as though you are seeing your life with fresh eyes as your perspective has shifted and everything feels renewed and transformed as though you are looking at things for the first time. This shift has inspired you to think beyond the boundaries of your everyday life and to re-ignite the passion and sparkle within as you re-connect to your dreams. You have spent a long time doing the ‘right thing’ in life, trying to keep everybody happy and trying to do your best to keep the wheels turning. You have achieved a great deal, but your inner passion has long felt stifled and your inner fires have been little more than embers. However, the more you embrace the new, the flames grow, and you are regaining a sense of possibility once again.

This possibility is the fuel that stokes the flames within as it’s warming your heart and soul, allowing you to think beyond the everyday and stepping towards pastures new. Although, on the surface, many aspects of your life remain unchanged, you can sense a shift towards living a more enriching and heartfelt life. It’s as though something within you has awoken and you are no longer happy to focus on keeping on keeping on. You want more! This may stir up some feelings of restlessness, both for yourself and for those around you, but you are on the crest of a new wave in your life and the future looks bright. In essence, what happens next is up to you, but let the passion within your heart and soul burn brightly, as this is your moment to dazzle…


As you continue to embrace the concept of ‘letting go’, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a richer and deeper sense of understanding as to what this means in your life. ‘Letting go’ isn’t just about de-cluttering your life on a physical level and making decisions or choices about the paths you walk and don’t walk, it’s about the spiritual and emotional dimensions as well. You have spent most of your life being the one who holds all the pieces together; the glue that works tirelessly to support and assist those around you. As a result, it’s become habit for you to park your own needs and wants for the sake of others. This is selfless, and done for genuine reasons, but it has seen you storing up the many, seemingly incongruent, bits and pieces of experiences and dreams over the years. You have had little time to rest in the moment, stuffing emotions and situations into boxes within in order to get on with the business of being the glue, the rock that is steadfast and reliable.

Of course, you have achieved so much, but there is a lingering sense of loss that you haven’t found the time or space to explore your full potential. Intuitively you know that there is so much more of you that you’ve yet to discover. However, all is not lost, as the more you let go and create space in your life (on all levels), the more you are realising that it’s not too late to grab hold of your dreams once again. You may wonder exactly what letting go means as it feels slightly alien to you, but if you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you will experience the essence of letting go. This isn’t about what you do and don’t do, it’s about how you feel and interact with yourself and the world…


There are times when your head and your heart work together in perfect harmony, but there’s also the rest of the time when they don’t! You are a natural born thinker and philosopher, weighing up life and seeking answers to the many questions you have. At the same time though, you are also a passionate and compassionate soul, and your intuitive and empathic connection with the world can often be overlooked by your need to question, probe and prod. There is no doubt that your mind is a powerhouse of wisdom and knowledge, and you have learned so much from your willingness to explore your life experiences, but there is a sense that there have been times when you’ve struggled to let your heart and soul join in with the process, leaving you feeling slightly discombobulated and out of sorts. Of course, you haven’t abandoned them completely, as they are a part of you, but this incongruence has created ripples of self-doubt and bewilderment, and you have often found yourself not quite here or there, uncertain of your place in the world.

As a result, this has stirred up a plethora of unanswered questions for you, and it seems the more you seek out answers, the more questions surface. Whilst this is a part of life, when you deny your heart and soul the space to breathe freely into such moments, you disconnect from the opportunity to grow from the experience. Sometimes it’s the not knowing where the true wisdom resides and the more you can allow yourself to connect fully to your head, heart and soul, the more balanced and centred you will begin to feel. This will allow you to make peace with the unknowable nature of life and inspire you to thrive in each and every moment. So, let your inner boundaries down and start loving all aspects of yourself from the inside, out…


As you continue to seek out a simpler, crisper and more enriched way of living and being, there’s a sense that you are beginning to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what’s truly important in your life. You have spent a great deal of time and energy focusing on keeping on keeping on, going through the motions of living your life. However, you have grown a little restless with this ‘autopilot’ mode and have started to re-imagine a brand-new way of living and being. It’s not that you are unhappy, it’s more of a restlessness that’s stirring up thoughts of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’. For a long time now, you have not allowed yourself the ‘luxury’ of re-connecting with your dreams, and you have felt it unwise to entertain your heart’s desire as you don’t see the point of creating more unrest. Yet, despite your best efforts to not contemplate what you truly want in your life, it’s still there, smiling back at you whenever you look within.

Of course, it’s easy to decide not to look within, but ignoring this doesn’t seem to be the answer. The solution comes from making peace with yourself and your life choices. There is no right and wrong here, if you choose to maintain the status quo that is no less ‘right’ than opening up more to your dreams. The important issue here comes from owning your decision and then embracing the concept of wholehearted living. In other words, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, and why. Life is rarely as easy as ‘black and white’, and there is no ‘paint by numbers’ when it comes to painting the landscape of your life, but you do have the brush in your hand, so know that you are not a powerless pawn, but an intuitive, awakened, unique and creative painter. It’s time to create your very own masterpiece…


As you continue to rest within the spaces within the spaces within life, there is a sense that you are beginning to appreciate the value of the quieter times as they have the potential to bring you some much needed time for reflection and contemplation. Although you thrive on the thrill of adventure, intuitively you know that it’s not possible to continuously burn the candle at both ends without facing the risk of running out of candle. It’s not that you are always on the go with things to do, people to see and places to go, but your mind is just as busy, so it’s hard for you to have some high-quality ‘you time’ as silence and tranquillity have often felt at odds with your desire to do more, be more and achieve more. This makes you sound like a ‘go getter’, and in many ways you are, but it goes deeper than this, as, at your core, you have a longing to live the best life possible: you want to thrive, blossom and flourish.

As a result, it’s hard for you to switch off, as you know there is always more to do to move you nearer your goals. Over time, you’ve associated the quieter times with idleness rather than opportunities for consolidation; you feel that stillness can lead to stagnation. There is a growing sense you are feeling the passion and heat rising up from within, inspiring you to seek out those quieter times in order to take stock of the life you have lived, the life you are living and the life you want to live. In short, it’s the quieter moments which are proving the most valuable at the current time as they are allowing you the space to really think about your true priorities. So, learn how to dive into the quiet, and let your true essence rise up and lead the way…


Happiness is a state of being that you have often contemplated. You realised years ago that rather than trying to seek out particular goals to make you happy, that a more open quest for happiness was a wiser choice. You have spent many hours thinking about what makes you truly happy and you have worked hard trying to eradicate those aspects and areas of your life that have created unhappiness. Yet, is it the eradication of unhappiness that will bring you happiness or is there a need for you to cultivate a culture of happiness, encouraging it to grow, blossom and flourish? In other words, is working out what works and what doesn’t work for you enough? Happiness is an essence, a state of being that is unique to each individual. There is no book, instruction manual or teacher who can make you happy as only you can do that. Of course, they can guide you, but that’s not quite the same. Happiness is about living well, being well and honouring yourself, it’s about living the best life possible and exploring new terrain. Happiness is feeling a sense of joy dancing within your heart and soul. Or, at least, that’s the general perception.

It’s time for you to ask what happiness truly means to you? Are you trying to cultivate a happiness based on the definitions or expectations of others or are you breeding your own form of happiness that allows you to be you? It’s important to realise that happiness is a state of being that fluctuates; it isn’t a constant. Unhappiness is a part of the spectrum as that’s a part of life. As you look back over your life, the landscape has changed immeasurably as you have grown through life’s experiences, so why not use this wisdom to re-shape and re-define what you truly want? Step more consciously into the present moment and allow the essence of happiness to gently lead you by the hand…


Your imagination is a powerful force for you as it inspires and encourages you to step beyond the confines of your everyday life and to think outside of the box. Your imagination feeds your dreams and allows you to channel your innovation and resourcefulness in different directions, exploring new pathways in the process. Your imagination is the force that injects courage into your heart and soul as it empowers you to boldly go where you have never been before. It instils a deep sense of passion as well as a far-reaching compassion for life. Yet, it can be hard sometimes to give your imagination the space and freedom to wriggle, stretch and manoeuvre as life often gets in the way. You often find yourself too busy, too stressed or too distracted to give your imagination much time of day, let alone the freedom to evolve and flourish. There are moments when you feel like your imagination is more of an indulgence than a part of the fabric of your being, yet the more you ignore it, the more discombobulated you become.

Whilst it may sometimes feel inconsiderate of your imagination to want to light up your soul, inspiring you to live the best life possible, it really does only have your interests at heart! The challenge for you comes in learning how to give your imagination the freedom it needs whilst still navigating the everyday shape and structure of your life. Are the two really incompatible or does it just feel that way? Does your heart and soul long for more than you could realistically achieve? Isn’t that the point though, to encourage you to push boundaries?  It is better to resist the power of your imagination or to make friends with it, learning how to work with it? In the spectrum of universal time, life’s short, so stop the inner battle of wills and embrace your true essence…


November looks set to be a month of insight and revelation as you continue to strip back the layers of your life in your quest to reconnect to your true essence. Although you have been ticking along in life, you have felt a distance between the life you are living and the life you intuitively sense you could be living. In short, there is an incongruence between where you are and where you feel you could/should be. You are an intuitive and sensitive soul, so you feel this disconnect quite deeply, yet it can be hard to move away from it as the more you move away, the more deeply you feel it. There is another way though, and that is to start addressing these incongruent feelings, finding ways to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This isn’t to say that you should solely focus on the horizon, rather a need for you to stop focusing on the gap so much and instead start to live more wholeheartedly in the present moment.

This doesn’t mean you are giving up on your dreams and ideals, it simply means you are choosing to live as wholeheartedly and consciously as possible in the here and now. You are entering a potent time for you to gain a true sense of clarity in your life as you contemplate lofty questions such as: what do you truly want? What lights up your soul and brings you joy? You may feel that life doesn’t afford you the luxury of indulging in such things, but this isn’t about should’s, ought’s or must’s, it’s about what resides in your heart and soul. It can be hard to look so deeply within as it reveals the core of your being, but this is where your wisdom resides, and this is your guiding force in life. So, take a breath and reach into this moment…


You have faced some big challenges over recent weeks and months as your patience has been tested to new levels. You have ridden the up’s and down’s with your usual grace, but even you have had moments where you’ve longed for some peace and quiet. As well as the stormy seas, your willingness to follow your dreams has been put under the spotlight: the saying ‘walk your talk’ has never been more apt! It’s as though you are nearing an opportunity to embrace your dreams, so it’s crunch time to make a decision as to whether or not you really want to follow them. This may sound odd, after all they’re your dreams, so wouldn’t you want to embrace them, but living your dreams and dreaming about them are very different things. Embracing your dreams may upset the apple cart of your life and whilst you are naturally spontaneous and pioneering, there is a part of you that has been happy to tick along with the status quo.

Yet, there has always been something of a fizz, bang and sparkle about you as your creativity and energy have given you a strong sense of your full potential. As a result, you cannot switch off your desire to be the creative, passionate free spirit that you know yourself to be. So, whilst the apple cart may be in perfect position, your free spirit longs to fling it in the air and find new fruits to explore and enjoy. Yes, you are restless, but this isn’t flippancy, it’s a heartfelt desire to live a more enriching life; you want to feel your free spirit dancing with joy as you embrace your gifts and let your uniqueness shine. You have reached a time to decide what you truly want: upending the apple cart isn’t the only path to joy, so use your tenacity and wisdom and let them lead the way…


‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’. Whilst Dolly Parton may not spring to mind when it comes to offering words of insight and wisdom, her words seem particularly apt for you this November. Admittedly you don’t like such mantras, but there is a need for you to take these words on board as there’s a sense that you need to reclaim your sense of self. It’s as though you have become a little lost amongst the cracks in the pavement of everyday life and you have disconnected from your passion, determination and focus. Although you are strong-minded and wise, and your intuition is second to none, it seems you have drifted away from your true essence in an attempt to be the person you think you should be. It’s a natural tendency of course, as everyone wants to feel like a piece of the puzzle, but you have been trying to squeeze your unique-shaped self into a more generic gap in the puzzle and, in truth, it’s not been a great fit. Of course, you know this, but you’ve tried all the same as you want to belong. It’s not that you’re particularly unhappy, but this sense of feeling lost is niggling you and it’s hard to shake off.

So, Dolly’s words of wisdom are apt, as finding out who you are is important as it’s your way to reconnect to your heart and soul. You haven’t forgotten who you are, you have simply put it away whilst you try to contort yourself out of shape to fit into the jigsaw puzzle. Yet, who’s puzzle is it? Is there only one? Are you really sure there isn’t room for your uniquely shaped piece to fit? In essence, this is a time for you to realign your heart and soul with all that you truly are, only then can you ‘do it on purpose’…


As you continue to gracefully ebb and flow with the ever-shifting landscapes of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to see new ways to re-shape and re-define your hopes and dreams. You have been on a lifelong quest of self-discovery and learning, seeking out new ways to live and thrive. You have probed the depths of your soul with honesty and integrity, facing up to the quirks and nuances you have discovered, willingly exploring new ways to live the best possible life. Although you often lose sight of your radiance as you juggle a plethora of things to do, people to see and places to go, when you step beyond the chatter of everyday life, you quickly reconnect to the power within your heart and soul. Of course, you also expect so much of yourself, and whilst this inspires and motivates you, it can also leave you focused on the horizon rather than on the here and now. Part of your journey of discovery is in finding the magic in each and every moment. Whilst you may still have dreams to achieve, every moment is important, including this one.

The ebb and flow may jostle you around, distracting and befuddling you, but when you take a deep breath, your soul realigns, and you can see clearly once again. Perhaps this is more of a reminder for you to stay centred as this really is your navigation beacon, it’s the force that guides you and leads the way. Yes, it’s as simple as conscious breathing, but that’s the point, you already have the tools you need to live the best life possible. Inner balance is something you’re a master at, even when the landscapes shift, and the currents turn into maelstroms. Balance is the key to being you and it will enable you to find the key to unlock the door to the next chapter of your life…


As you continue to contemplate the opportunity to re-write the rulebook of your life, there is a growing sense of apprehension as to exactly where to start. Although you have been waiting for an opportunity for what seems like ages, to have a chance to make some changes, now it’s arrived, you’re really not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in-between! This discombobulation is expected though as you’ve been stuck in a cycle that’s shaped and defined your life for so long. As a result, you have become part of the storyline, so it can be hard to see how to extricate yourself as it’s become engrained in your consciousness. In fact, it’s likely you’re not even aware that you’re in a cycle as it’s become so deeply engrained and a part of your everyday existence. However, intuitively you sense a need to make some changes and the reality of this feels quite daunting. Yet, don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling this way as you are a deeply intuitive soul and it can be hard to see where you end, and others begin, so making changes can feel overwhelming at times.

Whilst you are a master at giving yourself a hard time, perhaps this needs to be your biggest lesson: stop! It may be second nature to berate yourself, but it’s time to shift the focus towards more self-compassion and self-nurturance. Yes, it can be hard to turn your compassionate light inwards as it’s something you rarely do, but compassion has to start within. Showing yourself loving kindness is the next step on your journey, and this is your focus throughout November as you allow love and tenderness to radiate throughout your being. Remember that self-compassion isn’t being selfish, it’s simply a sign of your willingness to honour and respect yourself from the inside, out. It’s time for your inner light to shine brightly once again…