October 2019 Forecast

Message for October 2019

It’s quite hard at the moment to step back and look at the world without feeling a sense of despair at the chaos all around. So much doesn’t make sense and the clashing of actions, choices and opinions of others seem to have reached fever pitch. As individuals, we all have our own opinions, and those of a like-mind may come together, but it feels like the brick walls of opposition and anger have great power at the current time making it so challenging for those of us who are sensitive, intuitive and of a gentle disposition. Intuitively we know it’s not a time to fade out of view, but a time to stand strong, yet how do we face such ferocious energies without feeling overcome? Well, in many ways, it’s not what we do, but how we do it. If we buy into what’s trending on social media, the stories in the press, or the beliefs of those around us, we can get sucked into the frenzy, but there is another way: we can go within and listen to our hearts and souls to guide us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the twists and turns, but we each have the wisdom to shift our consciousness to different levels, away from the storm to a place of greater clarity, wisdom and knowing. It’s not always about rolling up one’s sleeves and charging into the affray, sometimes it’s about stepping back and finding another way.

In modern society we are living in an ever-increasing swirl of interconnectivity with smartphones that keep us in touch anywhere and everywhere, 24/7 news and the world wide web. In many ways, it’s great, but it can create a form of over-stimulation where it becomes hard to stop, pause and switch off leading to feelings of burnout and a sense of disconnection from the soul. This is feeding the frenzy and we each need to learn how to take time out, to switch the phones off and to step back from being constantly stimulated and bombarded by noise, anger and chaos. The more we can step back, the more easily we can reach the truth and see through the lies, chaos and games.

Beyond the chaotic maelstrom around us there is a sense of great change: an awakening and a shift away from the complex lives we’ve been living back to something simpler, but richer. It’s time to be honest with ourselves, to let go of the need to be a part of the mêlée in case we ‘miss out’, to face the discomfort of consciously choosing not to have our phones at our side and to realise the joy in being in nature or simply observing one’s own breath. Intuitively we know that it’s time to reach out to like-minded souls and to build up a kind of silent revolution where the power of intent, the desire for peace and the quest for love become the guiding forces in life.

October looks set to continue the theme of increasing unity as we connect energetically and intuitively with like-minded souls. It’s likely that many of us will continue to face the depths of our emotions as we reach deeply within in order to release layer upon layer of distraction, as well as setting ourselves free from the 24/7 interconnected, over-stimulated way of life. It’s time for simplicity now, but it’s also knowing that within simplicity is wisdom, courage and compassion…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to contemplate the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to find new ways to flourish and thrive. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to get life right, and whilst this is a natural and human thing to do, there is a sense that you have often placed yourself under great pressure in order to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. It’s almost as though you have never felt as though you were quite enough, as though your gifts and talents weren’t valued enough. Of course, looking back, you know that your gifts and talents are more than enough as you have immense talent, as well as so much energy and spark. It therefore seems important that you explore the reasons why you’ve struggled to feel enough.

What’s underlying this belief? Is it really a sense that you are not enough? Is it a question of feeling that others are doing better than you? Or maybe it’s a case of you feeling that you need to be the person that you feel you ought to be rather than the person you truly are? The latter seems likely, as you have spent a great deal of your life trying to keep everybody happy, very often at your own expense. Over time, the more you bend yourself out of shape the less in tune with your own needs you become. As a result, you can start to doubt your strengths and gifts, and feel somewhat discombobulated in life. It is therefore time for you to make peace with yourself, to acknowledge your gifts and to realise that not only are you enough, you are wonderful exactly as you are…


As you continue to unearth more of the many layers of your soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to understand why you so often give yourself a hard time, and why you often feel like you need to do more and be more in order to be happy or content. You are a complex soul, and very few others truly get to glimpse the magic and inner spark within you, as you usually keep it well hidden, not because you’re ashamed of it or are uncomfortable with it, but because you’ve never really been quite sure how to incorporate it into your life. It’s as though you feel that your inner spark is a separate part of you, but it isn’t, it’s the core of your being; it isn’t some unearthly force, it’s your life spark and your ‘va va voom’.

In many ways there are no words to describe your inner spark, because it’s an energy and creative force that goes way beyond vocabulary and understanding, and it inspires you to reach beyond the everyday and towards living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You have always been aware of this magic burning in your soul, but it’s important that you cultivate and nurture this energy because it’s the force that brings you innovative ideas and the drive that inspires you to take giant strides forward in life. It’s time now for you to take a big deep breath and reconnect to your inner spark; feel it tingling and soaring around your soul, as you finally realise that this inner spark isn’t separate, it’s a fundamental part of your being and it’s time to love it wholeheartedly as you begin to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


October looks set to be a month where you begin to reconnect more consciously to your inner essence, and where you finally realise that the answers to the questions you’ve been pondering actually reside in the here and now, rather than in the past or the future. You spent a great deal of your life wondering why things are the way they are, and whilst this has brought you strong sense of purpose and a greater sense of self, there is a sense that is has also tied you up in knots, because you now feel that everything should have an answer. Whilst intuitively you know this isn’t the case, at a deep level this really irritates you, because you really do want to make sense of everything. Wanting to evolve and grow is wonderful, and it’s clear that you have become a wise and reflective soul, but there is a layer within you that struggles to let go of this need to know, and this layer needs exploring now, because it’s driving a quest for something you intuitively know you can’t have, but it’s pushing you ahead regardless.

Why? Why do you feel you can’t find peace in the here and now? Why do you feel that you need an answer in order to make sense of absolutely everything? What’s driving your quest for answers? Sometimes the path to peace comes from living gloriously despite the inherently unknowable nature of the ebbs and flows of the currents of life. The harder you push for something you intuitively know isn’t possible, the more tied up in knots you become as you struggle within your soul. Let it go now and give your soul the freedom to breathe deeply…


As you continue to contemplate what makes your heart sing, there is a sense you are beginning to look beyond the pedestrian, everyday busy-ness towards the bigger picture of your life. For a long time now, you have focused some, if not all, of your energy on keeping on keeping on. Whilst you have accomplished a great deal, there is a twang of hollowness within you, as you don’t feel the heart and soul of these accomplishments; they are simply things to do, see or be. As a result, it can be hard for you to look at the bigger picture, because you are so focused on getting through each day and there is little time left to contemplate anything more. It seems as though you have lost sight of your infinite energy and intuitive awareness; your creative and spiritual wisdom has splintered off and stagnated.

Of course, none of this is lost, it’s simply hibernating, waiting for you to bring it back into consciousness. Therefore it seems clear that in order for you to truly see the bigger picture of your life, you need to reconnect to the bigger essence that makes you, you. Don’t be afraid to dream big as it’s your dreams that light up your soul and give you a true sense of purpose in life. It’s time to stop feeling quite so weighed down and burdened by the humdrum of the everyday, and instead find the time to breathe deeply into life, whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into you. You are a vibrant, passionate and colourful soul, so let this shine now as you move beyond the greyness and back towards the kaleidoscope of colour within your heart and soul…


You find yourself standing at a crossroads in your life and whilst it may seem obvious to keep moving forwards, there is a part of you wondering if the paths to your left and right might actually be more interesting. At the same time, going off-road and into unchartered terrain also appeals to the adventurer within you, as you seem keen to do something completely different. It seems you have many choices to make in connection to what happens next, but it is also important to acknowledge that whatever adventures lie ahead, where you are now, in this moment, is also a gift as it’s brought you to this crossroads of opportunity. It’s all too easy to focus on the horizon, wanting to get from where you are to where you want to be, but unless you are mindful of the present moment, you risk becoming lost and without a sense of direction.

Whilst it may be true that many a good thing has been discovered when lost, it seems wise for you to gain a clearer sense of where you are now as you’ve not quite finished the current chapter of your life. In other words, there are still i’s to dot and t’s to cross before you can draw a line and take the path of your choice. There’s a lot to be said for good preparation and intuitively you know this, it’s just that your eager, freedom-seeking creativity wants to run, play and have fun without the constraints of everyday life. October looks set to be a month for seeking out balance and for keeping a mindful eye on the present moment as both of these will stand you in good stead to make an informed and conscious choice when it’s finally time to take a giant leap forward…


As you continue to look beyond the distractions and diversions in your life, there is a sense you are beginning to realise just how valuable these are when it comes to gaining wisdom and understanding. As is often the case, it’s usually the things that disrupt the everyday flow that bring you clarity and insight, as these make you pause and take you away from keeping on keeping on, making you think about yourself and your life in new ways. It’s easy to see these disruptions as irksome, but also try to see them as a gift as they give you an opportunity to gain fresh perspective on your journey through life. There will always be twists and turns, as that’s a part of being human, but when you accept this as a natural part of the flow, rather than a disruption, you can begin to ride the waves more consciously and wisely. It doesn’t change the situation, it simply enables you to face it differently.

You have a very wise head on your shoulders, and even though you often doubt your wisdom, it’s time to take ownership of it now and learn to love it, for it’s a gift and a blessing. Even when you get caught up in the ebb and flow of life, your wisdom stays with you; you only need to pause and take a deep breath, and your wisdom rises up from within your heart and soul. You have had more than your fair share of distractions and diversions lately, and whilst you are now on calmer ground, you now have the opportunity to re-set the balance. Take the time to reassess your surroundings and realise that the more you open up to your inner wisdom, the more you will realise just how amazing you truly are…


At the core of your being resides your inner scales and these help you to weigh up the plethora of different choices and decisions you face each day. If someone looks hard enough into your heart and soul, they can see those scales oscillating up and down as you explore the possibilities and options before you. As a result, it takes you a while to make those decisions and choices. Many see this as indecision, but it really isn’t, it’s more a case of you being so open, that you can see every possible outcome of every possible choice at any one given moment in time – and that takes some processing! Your scales usually serve you extremely well, but it seems, as is the case with all mechanical items, they have grown slightly inaccurate over time and are in need of re-calibrating as you seem a little out of kilter.

Of course, your scales aren’t really mechanical, but they work in the same way as a pair of kitchen scales. Yet, how to re-calibrate something that’s an integral part of your essence? Well, close your eyes and intuitively you will know exactly what to do. There are aspects of your life which have become very out of balance with your heart and soul, and whilst they may feel integral to your life, perhaps they are not as tightly entwined with your essence as you tend to think? Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the need to let go, particularly when it involves the wants, needs or desires of others. You are a very generous and giving soul, but it’s important to remember to give to yourself as well. So, take the time this month to honour yourself and your needs, and to let those scales find the perfect balance once again…


October looks set to be a month for exploring happiness and the concept of hygge. Hygge is a Danish word that really doesn’t have an equivalent in English, and it’s therefore open to countless different interpretations! In many ways, it’s more of a state of being, rather than a feeling or a state of doing. In essence, it’s a willingness to be in the moment and to be conscious of that moment. There’s a simple, contentedness about hygge, it’s a warm feeling in your heart and soul, and it invokes a cosy, happy and almost reassuring glow within. Simple things can light up your soul from listening to a bird singing, to sipping fresh coffee or feeling the warmth of a crackling fire. It’s not the act of doing any of these, it’s the feeling or sense doing such things invoke. This seems so important for you at the current time as you have spent a long time exploring the path to happiness and seeking out dreams in order to achieve this.

Whilst you will always have dreams, your quest has left you feeling a sense of lack as you have never reached the horizon you have always strived toward. However, it’s important to realise that happiness doesn’t have to be on the horizon, it has the potential to be with you in the here and now. It’s time to reconnect with the simplicity once again; start paying attention to the little things that warm up your soul as these are the true source of happiness. When you stop chasing, and start being, you will quickly see just how complicated your life has become. Life isn’t about ticking off that ‘to do’ list or always pushing ahead, sometimes resting in the here and now brings you all the joy, happiness and hygge you need…


As you continue to observe yourself and your life, there is a sense that you are not only more aware of the magic and energy contained in a single moment, but you are feeling it as well. It’s as though your consciousness has shifted and metamorphosised into something richer and deeper, and you have awakened more as a result. You are beginning to strip away the inessentials in your life and stepping back from the distractions of having so many things to do, people to see and places to go, as you’ve realised that it’s cluttering your life to the point where you were unable to connect to your inner life force and sparkle. The light within you shines brightly, but you’ve felt unable to breathe into it lately as you’ve had too much to do. Yet, this inner force is the source of your inspiration and passion, and it’s the way you gain a sense of understanding as to why things are the way they are.

You are a naturally curious and inquisitive soul, but even this has been stifled by the plethora of distractions, yet now you’ve stepped back slightly, and can sense the magic and energy in every moment, suddenly many of those distractions seem unimportant and you may wonder why you were so worked up about them anyway! Don’t give yourself a hard time about this, as it’s your natural tendency to always have things to do, be and see, but it’s good you’ve realised the need to focus more on what’s truly important as it’s time now for you to set your life force free to flow into new adventures, ventures and dreams. Try not to stifle it with ought’s, must’s and should’s, just be in the moment and let your intuition lead the way…


October looks set to be a month for expanding your consciousness and awareness in order to think about what you truly want from life. It’s time to start feeling awake and alive as you shift your focus away from trying to get life ‘right’ from towards trying to live the best life possible. You have always been something of a perfectionist and whilst this has enabled you to achieve a great deal, it has also put you under a lot of pressure to do more, be more and achieve more. Whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, your expectations of yourself are like perfectionism with bells on as it’s quite intense. Although you know you expect a lot of yourself, you find it hard to find ways of easing up and letting go; it’s as though your foot is pushed down so hard on the throttle and your hands are so tightly gripped to the steering wheel that your muscles have seized in that position and you can’t let go.

However, this is just perception, as you intuitively know that you can slow down and let go whenever you choose, it’s just that your life has been on full speed for so long that you’ve forgotten how to unwind and relax. In many ways, your perfectionism is driven by this fast-paced way of living as it tightens up the coils within your heart and soul as you strive to push so hard to do, be and achieve more. It’s as though you feel that unless you are ‘bettering’ yourself, then it’s somehow not good enough. It’s clearly time to let go of such beliefs as you need to know that you are not only good enough exactly as you are, but you are also perfectly imperfect as well…


You have spent a great deal of time throughout your life scanning between your past, present and future in order to re-shape and re-define your sense of self and your dreams. It’s as though you collate together all of the incongruent and random experiences, as well as your choices and decisions, in order to make more informed choices about what you do next. Whilst this is a perfectly acceptable and understandable way of living your life, there is a sense that you can find yourself a bit lost amongst the details as you try to bring everything together into one cohesive mass as you feel that it’s only by seeing the whole, bigger picture, that you can understand yourself and then make choices as to what to do next. That really is quite some task!

As a result, you can feel lost because the cohesive mass is so vast and it’s beyond comprehension, yet it doesn’t stop you trying to make sense of it all as you attempt to bring the many different facets of your soul together. However, there are times when less really does mean more, as you don’t need to know absolutely everything about everything in order to make a choice or a decision. Sometimes why don’t you trust your phenomenal intuition to lead the way? Yes, it really can be that simple! Whilst it will undoubtedly be hard for you to switch off the maelstrom in your mind, it is possible, you just have to want to. This is an important opportunity for you to re-shape and re-define your life and to let go of the almost ferocious quest for understanding. It seems time now to take a big deep breath, to quieten your mind and to re-connect to living consciously, vibrantly and with love…


Right at the core of your being there has been something of a monumental shift over recent weeks and months. It’s as though, at soul level, the person you used to be has transformed into someone new, and as a result, when you look in the mirror you’re not quite sure what to make of your reflection as everything feels different. It’s hard to articulate as it’s such a deep process, but it’s almost like you are seeing the world with fresh eyes. Things that once seemed important now seem less so as you realise that your true goals aren’t based on the needs or wishes of others, nor are they based on things to do or be, they are based on an overwhelming desire to find peace in your life and to be happy, content and fulfilled. You’ve shifted away from the details and towards seeking out a state of being in your life that nourishes and nurtures you from the inside, out.

You have spent a great deal of your life giving and over-giving, but the time has come for you to channel your love and generosity towards yourself. It’s time to start thinking less about what you do but more about why you do it in order to focus on your true priorities. It’s also time to start embracing a more wholehearted acceptance of yourself and to acknowledge your true beauty, gifts and essence. You are a creative and spiritual being, with a need for space to breathe and re-focus in life. You simply cannot fix everyone and everything even though you want to, sometimes you have to let go and let be. Intuitively you know this, but now’s the time to accept it too. So, love yourself, honour yourself and set yourself free…