Planet Whispering…

Someone asked me recently what inspires my writing on here – do I simply interpret the movements of the planets or is there more to it? Well, I guess the answer to both, is yes!

I have trained in traditional astrology, and so I can (and do!) interpret charts, planetary movements and cycles, but on the whole I tend to work more intuitively with astrology these days. I trained in Experiential Astrology several years ago, and this approach made far more sense to me as it brought the energies of the planets to life. I see the planets and the signs as different forms of energy or archetypes and from this I work on a purely energetic level – the planets/signs or cosmic archetypes ‘talk’ to me – hence the term Planet Whisperer.

It is hard to put into words exactly how I work – but to give you an example with Uranus’s recently moving retrograde, I simply connect to Uranus and ask him how he feels about it! Sounds simple, but it takes practice! Some may call this channelling, that it may be, but this word is often over-used these days. I am not quite sure what it is, but the planets inspire me to write – so I guess that is the answer.

This slightly eclectic approach also enables me to use astrology quite innovatively for both healing and life guidance work.

Hope this goes some way to explaining how I work…