Pluto Power

Today powerful Pluto moves retrograde until September.

I was watching a programme on TV at the weekend about the Solar System, and poor old Pluto never even got a mention due to his demotion from planetary status a couple of years ago. I felt a pang of sadness that astronomically this planet seems to have lost its significance.

It is therefore somewhat ironic, that astrologically and energetically, Pluto seems to be getting more powerful as time moves on. This is not a planet to be ignored or ridiculed; Pluto is the transformer, the God of the underworld. He represents ending and beginnings in our lives – often dramatic, sometimes violent. This is a force to honour, not ignore…

As each of us move towards a more heightened sense of being (some call this Ascension, but I prefer to refer to it more along the lines of becoming more awake), Pluto is playing an increasingly more important role. When retrograde, the transformative qualities of Pluto become internalised and our attention becomes focused within creating a need for each of us to explore our inner depths and to acknowledge everything that resides there – dark and light (for we all have both).

Pluto is often seen as a dark force due to his role as God of the underworld and his ability to annihilate and destroy. Yet without this, there is no room for growth, self-discovery or balance in our lives. Honouring the completeness of who we are is key if we are to move freely towards a more enlightened way of Being.

So it seems that over the coming weeks and months, Pluto will open up our eyes to see the dark and the light within. He will be the catalyst of change for each of us to embrace the completeness of our Beings in order to become at One with our Selves and our natures.

This sounds challenging, and for many of us it will be. Yet we need to become complete in order to fulfil our potential and to be true to our Selves. We each have a role to play, and unless we can fully understand our Selves, then how can we maximise our potential and do the very best that we can?

Resistance to change is futile, yet if we fear it or try to resist it, then the transition becomes much harder to bear. Of course, sometimes we have to fight for what is right or stand up proud in the face of judgement; but remember that retrograde Pluto is about the transition within. Once we can fully face, acknowledge and embrace our complete Selves, then our power will flow freely and we can stand invincible and sure-footed in the stormy seas of the world around us.

This is not a time for self-doubt or for self-denial. It is a time to face the Truth of who we are and to take charge of our lives with confidence and pride. Pluto has a way of making us heed his will, at first these could be subtle nudges, but slowly and surely they get less subtle and more forceful – so it seems that resisting this introspective phase will serve no purpose in the long run.

Once we are fully connected to the wholeness within, we can let go of all those things that no longer serve us, and we can let go of the old in order to welcome the new (for we cannot have one without the other). It is a time to de-clutter our lives on every level, and to connect to the core of our Being in order to gain clarity about our unique purposes and paths ahead.

This is a time of empowerment, enlightenment and enrichment. To infinity and beyond!!!