Power to the People

A key theme for each of us for 2010 is empowerment, and I have been doing much meditation and reflection on this over the past few weeks. It is one of those words that sounds fantastic; but what does it actually mean for each of us personally? What does it boil down to for each of us?

Here is just one of many thousands of definitions: ‘’Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities’. (Wikipedia)

With Mars and Saturn retrograde all February, we continue to get a glimpse of empowerment when it comes to honouring the power that each of us have within. We are all powerful beings; this is not arrogant and it does not lack humility. It is a fact – of course we are powerful, that is the nature of who we are. What we do with that power is another thing though.

Many of us expend much of this power and energy on self-negating thoughts and beating ourselves up for not being good enough, not being slim enough or not being enough. Some of us wield that power to control or bully others. Others still, love this energy and power so much that they grab as much of it as they can from others (with or without their consent). There are some though who are contained, strong and well-balanced, but these individuals are very few and far between.

Honouring our power and the truth of who we are, are key steps on the road towards empowerment. Yet why are so many of us lost in negative inner dialogue? That is part of being human. The need to better ourselves leads to evolution and change, and the need to fit in makes communities not lots of lonely and isolated souls.

Taking this further though, it seems clear that both have lead to even more isolation for many of us. We can see with our own eyes that ‘progress’ is not always for the good of all, and that one can still be totally isolated living within a community (and maybe feel even more isolated as a result).

This is where empowerment comes in though. We are each being encouraged to find our own inner wells of strength to create positive change within ourselves and within the lives of those we touch in our work. Honouring our power enables us to focus less on berating ourselves for not being enough, but to celebrate that we are wonderful. This does not mean that we will ever stop striving, but it means that we will expend less energy on worrying and stress, and use it in more positive and life enriching ways.

Saturn and Mars Retrograde want each of us over the coming weeks to take some time out, to close our eyes and to feel the stillness and the power within. It is time to nurture ourselves and love ourselves, and to let our inner Lights shine brightly for all to see. And remember that empowerment also includes developing confidence in our gifts and abilities – so it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get stuck in, it is time to truly have the courage of our convictions and known the real meaning of empowerment.

‘You can change your beliefs so they empower your dreams and desires. Create a strong belief in yourself and what you want’. Marcia Wieder