Prison Break!

Despite this being a time of flux and unrest, there is a growing sense of certainty, clarity and purpose emerging. Like the daffodils breaking through the earth trying to reach the Sun, each of us seems to be vigorously working towards stepping into the full Light of Truth. This takes focus, determination, patience and belief, and it takes a great deal of perseverance!

Of course, the challenge whilst on such a path is to not become totally absorbed or lost in the process. Going with the flow is one thing, but losing sight of everything else is quite another.

This is a time to nurture, nourish and tend the garden within. It is a time to take care of ourselves in every possible way from the food we ingest to the air we breathe. Whilst there are many things that we cannot control (like the quality of the air we breathe), we can visualise clear fresh air entering our lungs even if we cannot physically fully experience it. The power of intent and belief is a strong one after all.

The garden within is more than just a garden, it is a vast and endless terrain, and it is important not to just focus on the tiny flower bed within sight. Why not explore the wild mountains or the ocean depths? Remember as an inner world, it is of our own making, so why limit it? In fact, the more we create and bring into being within, the more connected we become with the Divine, and the more we realise that we are Divine Beings, sparks of Divine Essence; part of the Whole.

Of course, in our inner world, everything is possible, and whilst the reality of everyday life may not appear this way, sometimes we have to shift our perspective in order to see a new way of reaching our goals. The more we believe that we can bring about positive change in our lives, then the more we can create positive change! Yet, so often fear and doubt keep us trapped in a self-built prison of restraint, restriction and lack simply because we dare not believe that we can have, do, or be more.

Letting go of fear and doubt is easy to say, but much harder to do, for it involves facing the fear and riding the anxiety in order to reach pastures new. Yet, until we do this, we remain stuck and frustrated at the self-created prison. Of course, this prison can be a delightful little garden, but it is a prison all the same. There is a vast, timeless and boundless landscape to explore, and sticking to a little patch of soil may feel safe, but is it truly satisfying?

Part of facing fear comes from being true and accepting that we just cannot push away those aspects of ourselves that we dislike. Acceptance means accepting ourselves in every possible way – the good, the bad and the ugly! This is not to say that we must resign ourselves to those aspects that we dislike, but in order to evolve, we need to accept their presence in the first place.

The more we tend our inner worlds, the more the outer world shifts into clearer focus. One does impact the other, and so often we look outside of ourselves for the answers or the solution. Yet the answers are within. This realisation is the key to true acceptance, for it helps us to see that we are not powerless, rudderless lost souls, but we have the tools for our own redemption.

Loving ourselves is the next step on this path, and it is perhaps one of the most challenging things to face. How many of us truly love ourselves? How many of us always think positive, loving, nurturing thoughts? Yet without love, how can we fully awaken and evolve into the amazing beings that we truly are? Love is the mesh that unifies, heals and nourishes, and it is love that is all around and within us now.

Take some time to breathe in loving energy, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it. Live as consciously as possible and step into the present moment wide awake with a love-filled heart and soul. Let love heal toxic and negative thoughts, and let love be the guiding light towards inner knowing and Truth…