There can be no denying that 2011 has been a year of contrast on just about every level of existence! Of course, there are still a few weeks to go and it seems that the cosmic twists and turns are likely to continue, and possibly even intensify now.

In some ways we have been on a journey within and without this year; we have sought out new depths within as our outer worlds have shifted and transformed. Whilst processes are ongoing, it seems clear that our perspectives are the key to how we embrace and manage such ebbs, flows and maelstroms.

When we look in the mirror, we may see the same face staring back at us, but look closer, look into the eyes, there is something different there. Whilst it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what shifts we have gone through during the last few months, it cannot be denied that we somehow feel different. Of course, being human, we want to understand this shift and we want to be able to rationalise things, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible. Sometimes, it is more important to embrace a new state of being rather than spend time looking back trying to make sense of it all. Being present in the current moment and living this new state of consciousness is where we need to be.

Whilst the changes may, on the surface, seem small and perhaps even insignificant, it is only when we look deeply within that we realise that we are no longer the same people that we were just a few months ago. We have stepped through a doorway in consciousness, and realised that, as divine sparks, we are awakening more and more to the infinity of possibility and potential that lies within. How we think, feel, act, meditate, and be, are all so important now for we need to live as consciously as possible now in order to embrace our magnificence.

Being magnificent is not ego based nor is it arrogance; it is a shift in consciousness to realising that we are all One. We are the Universe, the Universe is us. We are entwined and interconnected with all there is…

This is a time to remember. To remember that we are not isolated fragments in a fractured world, but integral parts of the whole. To remember that we shape our world through our thoughts, actions and beliefs, therefore everything we do has an implication. To remember that there are endless possibilities to explore, and as pioneering adventurers, we need to have the courage to step into the unknown. And to remember that we are usually the one that places limits on our own lives through fear or doubt, so the time to set ourselves free has finally arrived.

We are awoken. Time now to bask in the glorious sunshine of a new dawn…