Running on Empty

The energetic effects of all the recent planetary activity really seems to have left many of us feeling lethargic, tired, confused, forgetful, exhausted and forgetful. There is so much transformational energy about at the moment, it can be hard to establish exactly what is going on. Some days it is overwhelming, other days underwhelming, but most of the time simply whelming.

The best way to describe it is a feeling like we are running on fumes. The energy reserves are at an all time low to enable us to reach that deep space within to allow the transformation to complete, yet at the same time, life is busy and full and active, and without those essential extra energy reserves, it is hard to function in the real world.

Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron continue their sacred dance, but with Pluto and Uranus also retrograde, the full power of this is a great deal more potent than many people realised.

Two key themes seem to have arisen from the confusion:


To Be Continued…