Saturn in Libra

Saturn moves back into Libra today, after a spell in Virgo due to Saturn’s retrograde phase earlier this year. We had our first taste of Saturn in Libra in October 2009, so this we have already felt his presence in the sign of the scales, but now we finally get to feel the full force of this mighty planet…

Saturn has over the years been given a bad reputation; he is the planet that so many people dread. He was described as the Greater Malefic – the Big Baddie, which reflected his reputation as a planet of restriction, hard work and a lack of joy. I tend to see Saturn as a cantankerous old man, somewhat set in his ways but when you look beneath the grumpy exterior there is actually a great deal of wisdom there.

The fact that Saturn is so feared has actually created the problem in the first place – fear creates fear. Yet if we see the good in Saturn, he works with us helping us to achieve our hard-earned goals. Treat him without respect and he will not support or guide.

It is a time to roll up the sleeves and get some work done, and it is time to stop procrastinating and get on with things.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, which enables this powerful planet to filter through in a balanced way. And balance is the key over the coming months – achieving balance in all areas of our lives.

The challenge is to make some decisions and to move forwards with confidence. Live in fear, and they will build up creating obstacles. So, it is time to face our fears head on and to believe in our ability to succeed. Yes, the work may be hard and a little relentless at times, but if we keep the end goal in sight, we can tap into the inner strength within to keep us going and to help us to see things through to the end.

Saturn in Libra is closely related to the drive towards perfection, this can be hard to overcome, as the reality is that perfection is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve all (or even, any!) of the time. So, there is a need to relax the ‘tick box’ a little and to take a slightly more realistic and pragmatic view of things. Try not to see those little imperfections as failures, and certainly try to avoid seeing them as a reason to reject or berate…

What also seems clear is that clearer definitions of right and wrong will once again start to re-establish themselves as individuals start to speak up for their rights and the rights of others. The division of humanity by culture, religion, colour, wealth and gender are likely to see a great shift as the collective starts to draw closer towards union and harmony. The ‘blame culture’ in which we live will start to shift towards individual accountability and responsibility once again, that is taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions.

It is a time to think what we can do for both ourselves and for others, and less so what others can do for us. This is liberating and freeing, and will help each of us to take some big steps forwards in our lives.

Saturn is likely to challenge each of us on many levels making us question our belief systems, our paths in life, our relationships and our choices. Yet, without this we are unlikely to grow, develop and evolve.

It seems clear that if we are prepared to work with Saturn, then he will work with us and support us towards finding greater inner strength and resolve, and finally feeling like we are the masters (or mistresses!) of our own destinies…