September 2018 Forecast

Message for September 2018

It’s hard to believe we are now almost three quarters of our way through 2018, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Christmas only felt like last week! Although it’s been an intense year, I’m not convinced that it’s just down to the twists and turns, as it feels as though something much deeper is going on connected to a more nebulous – and hard to define – shift in perspective. Undoubtedly many of us have grown world-weary over the last year as we’ve seen so much negativity all around, and it’s started to creep within like ivy insidiously creeping over a building. For the more sensitive amongst us, this somewhat tenuous negativity has reached deeply into our hearts and souls, and it’s forcing a major re-think as to how we live our lives.

It feels as though we are nearing a crossroads: a point of shift where we move towards a position of clarity and make some important decisions as to how we react and respond to the changing currents. In some ways, this is connected to a need to move more freely with the currents in order to become one with them rather than trying to master them, but it goes deeper than this as there is a need for each of us to find our own point of inner balance: that space where we feel in sync with our heart and soul. It’s hard to articulate as it’s a state of being rather than something to do, go or get, but when we close our eyes and take a deep breath, we can begin to gain a sense of this balance as our breathing settles and we move more into the present moment.

This point of inner balance is akin to achieving that seemingly elusive sense of inner peace, but it’s not elusive as it’s our natural state of being. It’s just that life has a habit of steering us off course as we bend and flex with the winds of change.

Although we may feel that, as individuals, we can do very little to change the tide of negativity, it’s important to realise that it’s only by creating balance within that we can each begin to create a new wave of something far more life-affirming and positive. Whilst the pendulum of life will inevitably continue to swing towards both positivity and negativity, challenge and peace, it’s important to realise that whilst individually we cannot control this, we can control our response to it, and the more we reside in inner balance, the less we will be tossed around like a canoe in stormy seas.

Of course, inner balance isn’t just about saying ‘om’ a lot, it’s a way of being and a way of living that exudes into every corner of existence. It’s an intention to live with open hearts and open minds, to move beyond tolerance to loving kindness and acceptance. Whilst there is much angst and pain in the world, we cannot overcome this with retaliation and more pain, we need to find a new way now and one that will re-shape and re-define our very existence.

Life is a confusing mass of conundrums and challenges, and yet, in our hearts and souls we are vibrant, passionate and incredibly wise beings, and it’s time to honour this now in order to embrace a new day.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to focus on enjoying the ride rather than on the destination, there is a sense that you are beginning to see yourself, and your life, from a new perspective. It is undoubtedly challenging being you as it’s normal for you to be embracing more than one pathway and to be seeking out new terrain to ponder and explore. Pausing or stopping isn’t part of your genetic programming! However, the more you have focused on being more present in each and every moment, the more you are realising just how important the ride (the journey) really is, as it’s along the way where you learn so much and gain new wisdom and insights. At the same time, the ‘destination’ is always shifting and changing, as you are a fluid soul, and the horizon is a moveable force.

Of course, this can make life a little restless at times, but you seem to be in your element when living in the unpredictable, spontaneity of the unknown and pastures new. Yet, there is a part of you – and it might be a little-bitty part of you – that longs for peace! This little voice within has grown louder over recent weeks and months, as there is a need for you to rest for a while in order to gather your thoughts and to take stock of the life you are living and the life you want to be living. It seems there is a void between the two, so it’s important for you to re-align your journey in order to ensure you are still moving in the right direction. Living in fast forward has its advantages, but it’s also very easy to rush ahead without having the opportunity to pause, question and make tweaks. This is your time to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


You would be forgiven for feeling as though you are in an almost constant state of flux at the current time as you seem to take a step forward in one direction and then take a step in another, then another. This kind of square dance has one drawback, you’re always left in the same spot. However, whilst it would be easy to feel as though you are stuck, marooned in ‘fluxness’ (if there ever were such a word!), you’re not. If you pause for a moment and shift your perspective, you will see just how much you have shifted recently. Yes, you are now a world champion at square dancing, but you are also much wiser as you have found the wisdom in the present moment and allowed yourself to stop fighting the ‘fluxness’ and instead learn to love the dance. This may all sound a little twee, but it’s not meant to be. It’s simply a reflection of your courage to face the challenges you’ve been experiencing and to choose to grow through them rather than fight them.

This isn’t the same as giving up or giving in, it’s simply your willingness to be gentler with yourself and to allow yourself the room to pause once in a while rather than feeling as though you always have to be on the go with people to see, places to go and things to do. Whilst all of this ‘stuff’ won’t vanish overnight, some perspective will help you sort out the wheat from the chaff in order to prioritise your true priorities and to change your relationship in positive ways to those aspects you can’t leave behind. So, in many ways this ‘fluxness’ is a gift, as it’s allowing you to re-shape your life and to set some new boundaries when it comes to what happens next…


As you continue to shape and define your boundaries and sense of self, there is a growing sense of a more resolved, resilient and inspired version of you emerging. You have spent a great deal of time pondering over why you are the way you are and ruminating as to the true meaning of life. You have dug deep to try to make sense of your life, and, as your ‘butterfly time’ of transformation continues, you are stepping beyond the darkness and warmth of the cocoon of procrastination to the sunshine beyond. It may be early days for you to feel confident enough to spread your wings and fly, but intuitively you know you are moving in the right direction. Yet, do you yet have a sense of the magnificence of your ability to fly, metaphorically speaking? Have you realised the striking colours and vibrancy of your wings?

There is a sense that you have become so focused on the process of transformation that you have forgotten to notice just how much you dazzle and twinkle! Okay, you may not be one to show off, but it’s important you notice the new you emerging as there is a sense that whilst usually where one foot leads, the other follows, at the moment you seem to have mastered the art of trying to get your feet to walk in opposite directions. In essence, you seem out of sync with your sync and you need to try to get yourself realigned once again. It’s rather hard to explain this in any great detail, but intuitively you’ll get the gist if you close your eyes and take a big deep breath. These are exciting times and the more you can become one with your own footsteps, the more you will realise that your ‘butterfly time’ is the start of something tantalising and fantastic…


As your inner exuberance for life continues to bubble up to the surface, there is a part of you reading these words that scoffs at the very idea of inner exuberance! It’s as though the fizzle and sparkle has slowly been drained out of you through your determination to keep on keeping on. As a result of your dogged determinedness to push on, there has been little room to entertain the idea of even having any inner-anything anymore. Life has felt quite heavy and pedestrian, and you have lost sight of your courageous, inspirational and pioneering spirit. Yet, however much you try to ‘bah humbug’ away the notion of exuberance, you can’t help but feel it fizzing and popping inside. It’s been squashed inside for so long, it just wants to come out and play!

Admittedly your life is full of things to do, people to see, places to go and more things to do, but there is always room for your exuberant nature as this is the force that inspires you to push boundaries and to explore new terrain in your life. You are a passionate and vibrant soul, and it’s a shame to hide this away for the sake of keeping your head down and pushing on with life. You may get lots done, but it’s a though a cardboard cut-out of you is going through the motions rather than the real you. Maybe it’s time now for you to create a new mantra in your life, one that opens up the doorway to your inner exuberance, inspiring you to dust off your dreams and to contemplate what you truly want from your life. You may feel you don’t have the time nor the inclination to think about this, but if you don’t, who will? In short, September looks set for letting your exuberance fizz, bubble and dance…


There can be no denying that you are one of life’s pioneers. You thrive on the unpredictable and unknowable nature of life, and you blossom exploring new terrain, particularly when you have pushed against the currents to get there. It’s not that you like ‘difficult’, you just know that you learn so much when you push your boundaries and test your limits. There is something of an adrenaline junkie within you that comes alive when the going gets a little bumpy as you know these are the times when your true essence lights up. It can therefore be a little tricky to manage the more mundane side of life, as you can’t help but feel stifled when dealing with the everyday aspects of paying bills and doing the washing up. Whilst you know it can be ‘seat of your pants’ all of the time, you get easily bored without it. Yet, there is a part of you that longs for a more sedate pace of life. You know it’s there, but it’s easier to ignore it as it feels a tad inconvenient!

However, despite your passion for new terrain, there is a sense that this has left you feeling restless and directionless, as you work so hard to keep up the pace that you lose sight of what you’re doing and why. In short, the deeper meaning from your life seems missing and you are not quite sure how to pinpoint the reason why.  You have spent so long riding the currents, you have forgotten what solid ground feels like, so you haven’t set your anchor down for a long, long time. September looks set to be a month for you to ground yourself a little more and to realise that the passionate pioneering spirit is you, it’s not something you need to chase, seek or become…


As the seasons begin to ebb and flow once again, September looks set to see some similar shifts within you as you continue to open up to change on the many different levels of your life. On the surface, you are an earthy, intuitive soul, but deep within you are a volcano of energy and inspiration, waiting to be channelled into new goals and dreams. You have a fire in your soul that burns so brightly, it takes your breath away at times, and yet, you often dampen it out, as it somehow seems easier to move through life as a sheep like everyone else. A sheep? You don’t baa and following the flock seems incongruent to your essence. So, it’s time to ask yourself why? Why do you want to baa? Do you feel unable to let your true essence shine or do you simply prefer a life as part of the flock?

There is no right or wrong here, as you have to follow the path that’s best for you, but it seems important to at least ponder the questions now as you are on the brink of change and you need to have a clear idea as to what you want and what you don’t. It’s easy to see why you’ve become disillusioned and discombobulated as it’s hard to fit your uniqueness into a world where everyone seems to like placing people into logical boxes. Even though you live beyond the concept of being pigeon-holed, it’s hard to find ways to thrive when so many around you haven’t. So, you need to find ways to thrive and let your inner volcano burst into life with passion, energy and enthusiasm. You are a gifted and exceptional soul, and it’s time for you to realise just how special, unique and magnificent you are.


Sometimes it’s hard being you. On one hand, you are fully conscious of the need to live wholeheartedly in the present moment, but on the other, you like to dance around space and time, contemplating the meaning of life and thinking about where you want to be, ought to be and could be. Whilst you are undoubtedly beginning to feel the enrichment and connection of conscious living and being, it’s hard to live it when your mind is reaching into the past and future in order to try to make sense of life. Of course, this is innately human, but you cannot help but feel frustrated with yourself as you want to live in the moment, but your mind just won’t let you! You have spent a long-time pondering life and what it means to you, and you want so much to live the best life possible, yet you struggle to articulate what the ‘best life’ could be as it feels so nebulous and ambiguous due to the ever-changing currents.

How can you get a sense of your life when it never stays the same? Whilst, over time, you have accepted this as a part of being alive, it still frustrates you! Of course, your pondering has given you great context and meaning in life, but it has also reminded you of what you don’t have, and you can end up focusing on this at the cost of recognising everything you do have, and this shifts into sharper focus as you take the time to realise that you don’t have to stop dancing around space and time in order to live consciously in the here and now, you just have to have a balance between the two. Both are facets of your being and look set to guide you towards pastures new now…


Over recent weeks and months you have been aware of the winds of change gathering momentum deep within your heart and soul. It’s as though your hand has been hovering over a doorknob, and intuitively you want to open up the door and walk through, but you’re just not sure if it’s the right thing to do. So, you stand there, touching the handle, stepping back, touching the handle, walking away, walking back. There’s no doubt you seem tantalised by the door, and yet, your intrigue and anticipation haven’t inspired you to turn the handle. What’s stopping you? Is it the allure of the unknown versus the risk you may not like what you find? Are you happy where you are now, if so why are you still gazing at the door? Is it a case that you simply love the anticipation and just don’t want to know anymore?

Whilst all of these are plausible, none seem likely as you are too innately curious to not want to turn the handle and throw open the door. However, something is stopping you and it seems important to find out what, as all of this walking around in circles, looking at the door, is exhausting! Life is full of twists and turns, and you can never know what lies around each corner. This is a fact that usually sees you flourish as it’s the uncertainty of life that allows you to ebb and flow with the tides. Yet, this door has become a hurdle and you need to step back in order to realise that if you don’t want to turn the handle, you can walk round! There are always different routes to take, and the most direct may not be the best for you, so look at the bigger picture and trust your phenomenal intuition to lead the way…


Who’d be a unicorn? Sounds like a reasonable question, after all they are magical and elusive, majestic and powerful, yet are they the figment of the imagination or do they exist? If they do exist, then who would want to be so elusive that the line between existence and fantasy is so thin, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t? Of course, if one could be a unicorn, then life might look a whole lot different. Okay, so these words may seem rather strange, and you may, quite rightly, be wondering what on earth unicorns have got to do with anything. Well, in many ways, nothing at all, but in other ways, absolutely everything! Unicorns are the stuff of legends, their power and grace, beauty and magic travel through time and space. Yet, no one actually knows if they exist. You, on the other hand, also with power, grace, beauty and a sprinkling of magic, do exist, yet you spend so much time thinking you’d rather be someone, or something else! So, now do you get the unicorn question?!

September looks set to be a month for you to dig down right to the core of your being in order to gain a stronger and truer sense of who you really are. Although you know you are talented, wise and gifted, you often step back from this, preferring not to ‘own’ it. Why? Do you feel these gifts will hold you down and tether you? Does the idea of being brilliant worry your more bashful side? As a result of keeping your distance from your gifts, you are also keeping yourself away from living the life you were born to live. So, stop trying to be a unicorn or whatever else it is you’re trying to be, and be yourself. Let the magic begin…


In many ways, life is a cycle of paradoxes, conundrums and enigmas; it’s also full of inconsistencies, contradictions and impossibilities. Yet, there are also plenty of amazing, wonderful and incredible things as well. Of course, it’s easy to notice the more challenging things as they can take over and stifle the flow of your life, but it’s important to notice the good stuff as well or you run the risk of getting lost in a sea of confusion. Admittedly, life is confusing, but you can either ride the waves with conscious awareness or you can bob along like a piece of driftwood. Ultimately, whichever you choose, you may end up at the same destination, as the currents shape and define your path, but when you become more conscious on your journey, you begin to grow and evolve, learning with every step you take. There is no right or wrong way to travel through life, but you need to understand that it is a choice.

Becoming lost in a towering maze of paradoxical conundrums can be overwhelming, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn at the same time. Yes, life can be frustrating and downright unfair, but your strength and courage have allowed you to ride through some challenging times with honour and wisdom. You seem to have reached a precipice – a turning point – and one which looks set to define the shape of your life for some time to come. Do you remain lost in cycles of paradox or do you lift up your head to see the bigger picture? This is harder than it sounds, but you have the gift of intuition to lead the way. Trust your inner self to guide you and you will start to see your life from a very different, and life affirming, perspective…


Life is something of a mixed bundle of experiences: dreams unfolding, random happenings and seemingly inconsequential moments. Some of them are good, some are amazing, and some are not quite so good. Every moment whizzes past in the blink of an eye and yet there are times where you can remember vast swathes of moments running consecutively, and there are other times which have completely vanished from your consciousness. Of course, despite the many good and not so good experiences, most of the time, life just plods on day after day, and these moments don’t really enter your consciousness as they are a part of the daily ebb and flow. When you step back to look at the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you can start to see patterns within all of those seemingly random moments, and you notice the ebb and flow of the currents throughout your life. Now, whilst in many ways, knowing this doesn’t really change a great deal, it can help you to look beyond the everyday in order to reconnect to your dreams.

It’s easy to get caught up on the treadmill of life and this takes you away from your creative passion, but you have a gift, and it’s important for you to find ways of expressing this as your gift isn’t just about you. Your awareness, your vision and your wisdom are far-reaching, and whilst it may not be your main focus to share this with others, there is a sense that it’s an inevitable part of your path as your light simply shines too brightly to be hidden away. You seem ready now to become the conductor of these swirls of experiences in order to channel them into digestible wisdom and understandable insights that will not only help you make sense of life, but will help a great many others as well…


As you continue to explore the watery depths of your heart and soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to rather enjoy lurking in the depths! For a long time, you resisted your inner world as the storm raging at your core felt unruly and too unpredictable, and you feared it overcoming you if you dived in. Over the years, you began to realise that these depths were nothing to fear as they are an intrinsic part of you, and, as a result, you tentatively started to dip your toes into the water. Whilst it has been unquestionably hard for you to learn to love the stormy seas and watery depths within, you have reached a point of understanding with yourself as you have realised that it was only your fear that was creating resistance, as the gifts carried in those stormy seas are breath-taking. This storm is your passion and creativity, it’s your intuition and inspiration, it’s your empathy and emotion, allowing you to connect with others at such a deep level.

In some ways, you may resent the storm as being so open can feel like a curse, but you have grown to accept its place in your life and the more you’ve accepted it, the more you have found a sense of peace deep within the core of your being. You have spent a great deal of your life being the one everyone else relies on, you have been the support, the listening ear, the champion of others. This has been rewarding but it has to change now as it’s time for you to put yourself first for a change! This isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity, as you’re ready now to embark on a new journey and channel all of that phenomenal inner energy with tenacity, grace and confidence…