Sweet Soul Music

We are all part of the Universe, we make up the whole. We are all energy, and as energy beings we are infinite (for science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed).

We know this, this is not news, but how many of us truly know this? How many of us have really thought this through? We are infinite, we are the Universe, we are One. Wow…

It can be easy to become lost travelling down the myriad of different pathways through life, we can lose sight of our gifts, dreams and our Selves, and so it is not surprising that we can forget Truth.

Yet, whilst we are One, each of us has own our ‘note’ in the orchestra of life, each of us has our own part to play in the Whole. When we are in touch with our cores, we allow our note to play sweetly, vibrantly and joyfully, but when we are out of touch, this note can become discordant and out of tune.

When we listen to the wonderful orchestra of the Universe, humans are but tiny specks of the Whole, animals are also specks, and the Earth is another speck. Yet these ‘specks’ are no less significant than anything else. Yet there is discordance and imbalance; we all know that the Earth and all those who dwell on her are out of kilter. We feel the pain and suffering all around, yet what can we do?

It seems that the most positive thing we can do is to go within, to re-tune our ‘notes’ and to play our music as sweetly and joyfully as possible. When we are in tune, we know ourselves, we live in Truth, we embrace our full potential and our hearts sing. Re-tuning our notes is contagious, it spreads, for as one person starts to sing sweetly, others follow suit.

Once we are in tune with ourselves, we can help to re-tune the Whole; from humanity to animals to the Earth, and we can make the Uni-Verse whole again.

So, it is time to reconnect to our ‘notes’, to our true sense of Self and to embrace our infinite potential as enlightened, spiritual souls…