Taking A Chance…Embracing Life

Saturn has been retrograde since the end of December 2008, and today (the 17th May) he finally moves direct.

Retrograde Saturn has been strongly connected to each of us understanding our inner relationships to responsibility and authority – in particular in relation to our own fathers. We have been pushed into being more accountable for our own lives and the decisions that we make and whilst this has been challenging for some it has been necessary in order for us to be able to parent our inner selves.

Moving direct, it becomes time to put these new lessons we have learnt into practice. It is time to be more assertive and confident as we move through life, and to not be afraid of taking more responsibility for our choices in life.

Fate always has a hand in life, but at the same time, we all have choices and unless we accept responsibility for our own choices, how can we ever learn? It is all too easy to look to others for guidance and help, and offering this is human and natural. Yet after accepting this guidance, the ability to own that choice is not always so easy. When things go wrong, it is easy to seek outside sources for blame or reprimand, but we also need to go within to seek the source of that experience and to accept at least some accountability.

Many of us are full of ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s’ in life, and this is so restricting and limiting. If we spend our lives in fear of moving forwards and afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decisions and so end up never moving forwards or making choices, we end up paralysed and unable to function. This is the harsh side of Saturn – the side that restricts and constrains – yet this is a choice, and it is up to each of us to decide just how happy we are to be constrained?

Freedom comes at a price, and that price is accountability and responsibility. Be happy to accept that taking chances in life can be risky, but without that risk how can we experience reward?

This is not to say that we all need to throw caution to the wind, but it is about taking a deep breath and filling your space in the world. Holding back is akin to a withering flower, still alive but clinging on, living on the edge of life or death. There is no joy in living on a precipice – the way ahead may be unknown and may be full of risk, but if we want to grow and learn we have to take that decision to try.

So Saturn moving direct will certainly be an expansive time for those souls truly willing to be fully accountable, responsible and wiling to take a chance on life, love and joy.