The Cosmic Bottleneck

The cosmic bottleneck of energies continues to ebb and flow as we experience another Grand Cross of energies involved Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mars.

The energy feels heavy and stifling, and yet there is a subtle underlying sense that things are moving. This movement is hard to detect, and the more sceptical amongst us will doubt it’s even there, but the intensity is shifting focus, and there is a stronger sense of clarity, vision and purpose emerging.

This is not a time to fight the current though; it is a time to ‘go with the flow’ and to observe the trends in our lives to see where we will soon need to make changes. Neither is this a time to charge ahead with our plans, it is a time to think, ponder, plan and to consider our options, it is a time to prepare so we can be ready to act at the perfect time.

At the same time, another theme is emerging. Each of us have our own unique paths in life, and yet, there is a sense of a convergence of ideals and dreams. Coming together with like-minded kindred spirits is important now, and each of us should be open to finding our collective of people to be with.

This is not about leaders, egos or taking control though, it about coming together in balance and harmony, to work together as one. Allowing few to dominate or lead will defeat the object – we ALL have as much to offer as the next person, and so we need to form circles rather than hierarchies, where we are all equal and share the responsibilities.

Be open to this now, ask Spirit to call your circle together – place the intent to the Universe, and allow it to happen. Be in the stillness, in the calm within.


So, in many ways this is still a time of treading water, of standing still – yet it is in the stillness that we can find out so much about ourselves. If we struggle, trying to get ahead, we miss the beauty of the present moment, and we miss the lessons and the insight to be gained now. ‘Going with the flow’ maybe Taoist in philosophy, but it is a philosophy that we can all do well to adopt. This is not about giving up, for surrendering to the flow of the Universe is very different, this is about having faith that the Universe will carry us and guide us…

Remember to listen to the stillness, and to ‘Go with the flow’. Try to ride the storm of the tiredness and fatigue that so many of us are struggling with – see it as the Universes’ way of slowing us down, helping us to let go of repeating patterns in our lives and helping us to focus on what’s truly important.

Have faith and trust in the Universe to listen, and allow your vision of your future to become clear within you, so you can be ready to make it a reality when the Universe unleashes the bottleneck of energy in the weeks to come…