The Journey Home

As we continue to excavate and dig deeply within, it seems that many of us have found ourselves in unfamiliar territory as we have opened up our minds, bodies and souls to the Truth of the closets, the nooks and the crannies within. Such intense self-reflection and introspection has taken us into some long dark nights of the soul as we have explored our spiritual cellars and vaults, and found the courage to pull back the cobwebs to reveal the Truth of what lies within.

Such an experience has left many of us feeling as though we are on the outside peering into the windows of our lives; slightly disconnected and out of sync with reality. It is as though our inner worlds and outer worlds are moving at different speeds and it has been immeasurably difficult to bring the two back into alignment. As a result, many of us have felt discombobulated and unable to ‘make sense’ of the feelings of discord and fragmentation both around and within.

At the same time, there is great confusion; on one level we feel fragmented and disconnected but on another level we feel more integrated than ever before! It is therefore no surprise that so many of us are feeling out of sync because, in Truth, we are out of sync.

On one hand we are becoming ever more intimate with the Universe but deep within ourselves we cannot know where this will take us in life. As we look at our realities we feel discontent that we are not living in heaven on earth nor do we have all that we perceive we need in order to be truly happy, and yet this is a sign that we are missing the point, for as soon as we start to feel incomplete that we do not, as yet, have it all, we move further away from heaven on earth to a place of increasing discontent; we get trapped on a cycle of diminishing opportunity.

Of course intuitively we know that life is full of infinite possibilities and yet we can so easily disconnect with this as we focus on the discord and try to ‘fix it’ as best as we can. This is human nature, but it also leaves us tied up in knots as we focus on trying to move away from being out of sync rather than simply observe the process and trusting that we are out of sync for a reason. We all know that our beliefs shape, define and create our reality, so, if we focus on the problem (i.e. being out of sync) then we make this the centre of our world.

Perhaps we now need to consider the benefits of what being out of sync can bring us? We may feel a sense of discord and a sense that we are on the outside looking in, and we may feel like we are somehow behind soundproof glass or indoors within our Selves, but instead of trying to resist this altered state, maybe we need to become even more conscious of it in order to see where it is trying to lead us in life? In other words, what are the fringe benefits of our current situation and can we shift from feelings of struggle to feelings of acceptance, empowerment and re-alignment?

The overall energy and vibration at the current time is quite inspirational and liberating, but the more we focus on feeling disconnected, the less able we are to catch the wave and enjoy the ride. Life might not be a bed of roses, for roses have thorns, weeds grow and all flowers wither and die in the fullness of time, but this is a part of life. So, instead of fighting the natural flow perhaps it is time to travel with it and allow the separation between inner and outer world to continue as intuitively we know that this is the right path now. Of course, we have no idea where such a path might lead, but we know that we are no longer happy to live a life of two halves or one of discord.

When we perceive our disconnection as discord, we intensify that feeling, but when we go with the shift as though it was part of the natural cycle then everything changes. The current shifts are happening for a reason and although we may not, as yet, fully understand the context of this, intuitively we know that it is part of our spiritual evolution. If we can surrender to this wholeheartedly and embrace the infinite possibilities that being out of sync can actually bring us, we begin to realise that we are not in fact moving towards fragmentation but moving towards coalescence and unification as the lives that we once lived no longer reflect our Truth. In other words, we are not moving out of sync but we are moving towards a new level of synchronisation instead.

This might be hard to comprehend as we seem to be moving away from all that we know, but this is the point as all that we know is changing. We are just not the same as we were last week, last month or last year, and the reality that once seemed so right now seems obsolete and out-of-date. As a result, once we become fully conscious of this, we realise that moving out of sync is a blessing for it is bringing us back home…