The Mighty & The Strong

Jupiter enters Taurus today and he remains there until 2012. This is a strong and empowering placement for mighty Jupiter marking a time of self-reliance and inspiration. It is a time to affirm our inner strength and to tap into that vast well of knowledge within in order to guide us forwards on our paths in life.

The more we can become aware of our strengths and gifts, the more confidence and faith we can muster in ourselves and in our paths ahead. Life feels exciting, adventurous and full of beginnings and new opportunities. Life may still feel chaotic and confusing, and it is likely that we will continue to face the spectrum of emotions with some intensity for the foreseeable future, but deep within each of us a strength and power is emerging, building like the magma in a volcano. If we can channel this energy we can control the flow, if we ignore it or try to force ahead, then we may have an incontrollable explosion of energy on our hands.

This is a time to harness our power within and to work with it to transform our lives. As our perspectives continue to shift, it seems clear that the more work we do on ourselves, the greater the impact this will have on the collective.

Despite the challenges, imperfections and difficulties of life, it is important to also see it as a rich rewarding place, a place where bliss, joy and happiness are possible and achievable. How we choose to think about life is just as important as the choices we make, actions we take etc. It is time now to apply our philosophical and spiritual concepts to the context of everyday life. In short, we need to walk our talk, and live our ideals.

As a new chapter of practical, grounded and focused hard work begins, we need to cut out the daydreaming, and to focus instead on the real priorities and dreams in our lives. Jupiter is a gentle and giving planet, full of wisdom and abundance carrying the keys to success. So, work with him, and he will support each of us on the path ahead…