The Sunshine After The Rain

There can be no denying the intensity and vigour of the wave upon wave of shift lapping the shores of our souls at the present time. Whilst there are times when we can feel lost in the currents, there are other times of crystal clear clarity and vision which inspire us to have faith and to keep on, keeping on.

With the vim and vigour of these shifts amplifying now, they are ricocheting deeply into our hearts, souls and lives, opening us up to the full majesty and magnificence of divinity. When we truly feel ourselves as a part of the Divine, everything changes; to reach such a stage takes courage and strength, for it involves going within and validating the Self. At the same time it involves letting go of the need for external validation and becoming truly at peace with our Selves. This is not about ego; it is about acceptance and openness.

When we step beyond fear and open up to our natural and divine state of being, we loosen those shackles that have bound the mind like ivy around a tree, and we begin to feel the power of free thinking and positive intent. This goes beyond positive affirmations, to a place of deep inner knowing and faith.

It is important to realise that every single one of us is a part of the Whole, and, as a result, we all have access to Divinity and to the power within. Of course, it is how we use this power and embrace this Divinity that ultimately shapes and defines our lives, and our destinies.

With such powerful shifts lapping the shores of the soul, it is understandable that so many amongst us are feeling lost, alone, uncertain and confused. Opening up to our Divinity is not for the feint hearted, for it involves opening up all of the senses and the soul to the true awe and power of the Divine and of our Selves. Whilst it would be great if this process was all ‘sweetness and light’ and fluffy pink bunnies; for most of us, it isn’t. There are likely to be days when the dark nights of the soul feel endless, and there are likely to be days when the senses go into overload where it is hard to take in the vibrating, heaving mass of energy in every single corner of existence; it is as though we become ‘too awake’ and our senses cannot take it all in.

However, there are also likely to be days when we see the new dawn breaking and we feel clarity in our hearts and souls. There will also be days when the world will feel more ‘alive’ than ever before: every tree, every leaf, every insect, every grain of sand – everything moves into sharper focus and brighter colour, and we become even more aware of the vibrations and the energy of Creation. Such moments instil hope and faith, for as well as sensing the world around us, we also sense the world within us and feel a growing sense of peace that we are becoming Whole and embracing our true state of being.

So, when we have those days or those moments which stop us in our tracks and open up our hearts and souls to the wonder of All, we should embrace the moment and become One with the magic and the inspiration.

These tumultuous times are challenging us on so many levels, and it is all too easy to feel like pawns in a massive game of Universal chess, but when we connect to the stillness that lies at our cores, we re-centre and the changing currents start to dance with us and through us, rather than around us to confuse us.

On those days when the rains come, we can feel the heaviness of the grey skies and the chill of the damp or we can accept that the rain is playing its part in watering the soul, just as it waters the land and gives life to the crops. We can resist the rain, but it is an integral part of the cycle of life; once we accept this, we become One with it. So, when the shafts of sunlight dance on the glistening water drops as the rain starts to ease, we can finally feel the joy of being fully conscious and awake…