Venus Retrograde

Venus, the Light of Beauty, moves into a retrograde phase today; she will remain retrograde until April the 18th. Venus has close links with the Earth, and her cycle is strongly connected to the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and all that…

Intuitively, I tend to describe retrograde phases of planets as times when the energy or ray of the planet becomes internalised with processing or release to be done. Venus’s strongest attribute is beauty, and I wonder if this is now a time to go within to see the beauty that resides there in all of us?

Venus’s celestial dance around the Sun, weaves threads of learning, insight, self-discovery and challenges. How many of us, look in the mirror and pay ourselves compliments? It is easier to denigrate, to discount our beauty. There is a famous saying that beauty is only skin deep, well physical beauty maybe, but beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. After all who defines what true physical beauty is, the catwalk size zero models, or the glowing earth mother with lumps, bumps and stretch marks?

The key with Venus Retrograde is to see beyond the stereotypes, and to see the things about ourselves that are truly beautiful. Going deeper, we can look into our souls (the eyes are the windows to the soul after all), and see the beauty within.

It is interesting that throughout this retrograde phase of Venus, Saturn is also in Retrograde. I wonder just how significant this is? Saturn retrograde is helping us to take full responsibility for our own lives, to become our own inner parents and to let go of parental issues from the past that may be holding us back. If we can embrace this, then surely part of this process is in acknowledging our beauty and grace? We need to own ourselves, to love ourselves – every single bit from the cellulite to the grey hairs.

It all comes down to how we think – we need to think positively in order to create positives in our lives. Like attracts like, so any negative thoughts we have only create more negativity. It is of course hard to love excess weight, scars, stretch marks and other signs of wear and tear that our bodies experience, but even if we take small steps towards accepting ourselves, and changing our own inner dialogue to something much more nurturing and loving, then we are likely to see changes in the world around us as well.

We are in a time of accelerated spiritual growth and learning, of stepping into a higher consciousness. It is a time for Cosmic Truths, a time to Dance with the Universe in harmony, as one. It stands to reason then, that until we can be nice to ourselves, how can we truly step onto this path and embrace one another without judgement or ego. It is a challenging time, but it is also a time to finally step out of the shadows and shine…

Remember how important it is to have faith in ourselves and our dreams, and to have the courage to journey into the unknown without guarantees. This is the key to embracing life. A lack of faith in yourself or in life means that you only cling to what you know rather than open the doors to the possibilities of what might be. Very often in life our greatest failure is in aiming too low, so work with Venus to love yourself, to be open to the idea that you truly are a special, gifted, beautiful, talented individual – because you are.

So remember, love yourself, love your soul, and love everything about who you are. Weave a web of love within you and around you – you owe it to yourself after all…