What the Winds Bring, the Current Takes Away

As we continue to feel wave upon wave of insight, wisdom, shift and change lapping the shores of our souls, there is a growing and undeniable sense of strength rising up from within us as we begin to find a new level of balance and alignment from the shifting sands. It seems that the more we allow ourselves to become One with the waves, the more we are realising that the sands are our true foundations in life; the rocks and the foundations are those things that we cling onto in the hope that we can resist the currents and keep hold of all we know and love.

Yet intuitively we know that nothing is every truly permanent, however much we wish it to be. Continents drift, rivers carve out valleys and mountains turn to dust over millennia. Although we know this, it is still hard to accept the impermanence of life as it can somehow feel defeatist. However, it seems that it is through the act of accepting of impermanence where we can find our true strength and ride those shifting sands with a deeper sense of knowing and wisdom.

‘What the winds bring, the current takes away’ is an age-old Hebridean saying which highlights the fragility of life. We can never know what lies around the next corner, but rather than allowing this uncertainty to keep us tangled up in knots of angst or uncertainty, the time has come to become One with the winds and the currents in order to ride with the changes rather than against them. Such action allows us to be more present in life as we can take each breath and every step consciously and somehow more deliberately.

Allowing ourselves to become that grain of sand takes faith and courage as it means letting go of so many of the storylines and beliefs that have shaped and defined our lives for so long. Letting go of the hand rails and having trust in life feels inevitable, but it is only natural to hold our breaths in uncertainty as it feels contrary to all that we know and all that we have created in our lives.  Life is a fragile balance of ebb and flow, we often take much for granted and our expectations as to what constitutes a happy or a ‘correct’ life can be exceedingly high. Whilst it is only right to have ideals and expectations that push boundaries, we can run the risk of placing conditions on our lives that we cannot be happy until we have achieved all that we feel we should achieve in order to be Whole.

When we merge with the ebb and flow of life, we do not become pieces of driftwood floating aimlessly along with the currents, but we become conscious awakened souls, embracing every single moment with presence, vitality and awareness. There is a significant difference in the vibration of these two states, and the more we can connect to the vibration of conscious living, the more our lives will expand as we let go of those storylines and beliefs that keep us anchored in fear and uncertainty. Of course, becoming One brings no guarantees; it doesn’t smooth over the cracks or take away the pain, but it enables us to lean into the discomfort in order to become empowered and inspired by it, rather than defeated and diminished by it.

So, as we feel those waves lapping the shores within, we have a choice: we can either try to cling to what the waves are washing away or we can feel invigorated and refreshed by the blank canvas appearing at our feet. Sands shift, life changes and stuff happens, but the more we can be mindful of our reaction to all of this, the more we can not only release those old storylines and patterns, but let go of the need to create new ones. The time is now upon us to let go of the fear of the impermanence of life in order to grab every single moment whole-heartedly with passion, love and conscious awareness.

The days of sleepwalking are over as we each have a choice now: accept the ebb and flow of life, or resist it and fight the currents. Whichever path we choose, we need to accept responsibility for that choice; own it and be accountable for it. Remember that what the wind brings the current takes away; become One with this now and feel the power rising up from within…