Who Pressed Pause?

Whilst writing the horoscopes for the month ahead, it occurred to me that after a long phase of life being in ‘fast forward’, someone had kindly pressed the pause button, followed by the ‘slow play’ button, and life is now moving in slow motion – every action seems to take forever…

The planets have really given us all a lot of work to do this year, they have made us face our true Selves, made us deal with our anger and pain, made us face responsibility, made us own our power and made us pretty damn exhausted.

Of course, from a ‘higher’ perspective we know that all of this work has been necessary in order to progress along ‘the path’, but on a practical level it has been frustrating and draining.

Over the coming weeks, Uranus moves direct ‘encouraging’ us to express ourselves freely and openly, and not to be held back by the limiting beliefs or prejudices of others. Mars then moves retrograde and this will ’encourage’ each of us to truly stand in our power and acknowledge our strengths and potential.

I use the word ‘encourage’ lightly, as these days the planets seem to enforce such changes whether we want them to or not. It is all part of the path towards enlightenment, a raised consciousness or ascension.

I fondly look towards the end of 2009, ending with a Cancerian Full Moon, and lunar eclipse. It looks set to give us one last chance to fondly look back at the trials and tribulations of 2009, and then leave them there.

Moving forwards is about carrying less baggage on all levels, and letting go of the inessential. This is not callous or cold, but necessary if we are to travel lightly enough to reach our final destination.

So, whilst the pause and ‘slow-play’ buttons might seem frustrating at the moment, be thankful for them and get some rest, for it looks like we will be moving into 2010 clinging onto the back of a rocket aiming onwards and upwards…

…and remember the saying ‘reach for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the stars’…